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Kenvell Process Equipment

The machines supplied from Kenvell Process Equipment are: Vibratory Sieves, Vibrating Sieves, Gyratory Sifters, Grading Sieves, Screeners, Sifters, Separators, Tumbler Screening Machines, Bag Dumper Stations, Rectangular Screeners, Centrifugal Sifters, Iron Removers, Magnetic Separators, Non-ferrous Material Separators, Sensors Sorters and Recycling plants.

Spray Nozzle Washing System. Clean-In-Place (CIP) spray wash system employs spray CIP nozzles strategically placed to emit cleaning solutions, rinsing solutions and/or steam for sanitizing the interior of the screening chambers without the need to open or otherwise disassemble the unit.

Spray Nozzle Washing System

The spray CIP nozzles do not block the flow of material and are easily mounted under the mesh or on the cover of the vibrating sieve, creating the perfect combination for reduced downtime. Flood nozzles can be mounted horizontally behind the pipe spray which reduces the possibility of damageor loss by positioning the nozzle out of the flow of the screen material. Sliders Cleaning System. The most frequently used screen cleaner is a set of sliders or sliders rings, which are individual plastic rings that slide under the screen surface on a slider-support surface or a perforated metal plate.

Sliders Cleaning System

The separator’s vibratory motion gently bounces the sliders upward against the screen’s underside as they travel radially around the screen, cleaning the entire screen. According with the material’s properties, the sliders will clean the screen by one of these methods: Sliders rings are one of the simplest cleaning system and require almost no maintenance; when they’re worn, you can simply replace them.

Balls Cleaning System. A set of balls made of rubber, polyurethane, silicone, or Viton is the most frequently used screen cleaner and is also very simple and effective.

Balls Cleaning System

The balls are typically supported under the separator screen by a second coarser-mesh screen. The entire assembly is called a ball tray. Because the balls are heavier than sliders or slider clusters, the separator’s vibratory action must have a larger vertical motion to throw the balls up against the screen’s bottom surface. Along with the ball’s greater weight, this larger vertical motion imparts more energy to each ball impact on the screen than sliders or clusters do.

As a result, balls are typically used for coarse-mesh screens that can withstand higher impact energy and aren’t recommended for fine-mesh screens, which can be damaged by the ball impacts. Remeshing Service. High quality mesh is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a company to provide your vibratory sieving equipment and screen meshing services.

Remeshing Service

If the mesh breaks, is low in tension or is damaged, remeshing can often be a more economical alternative to replacing the entire mesh screen. A perfect stretching and orthogonality of screen mesh apertures are essential for a good output and performance of the machine. We fit and replace screens using special equipment to ensure technically perfect results. Features: our fast priority Screen Meshing and Rescreening service is designed to reduce waiting times to an absolute minimum. In addition to reconditioning the rings supplied with our own machines, we are also able to recondition other types of square or rectangular grids or rings. Vibrasonic Deblinding. The Ultrasonic System and Ultrasonic Sieve KSONIC models, through the application of a ultrasonic frequency directly on the sieving screen (mesh <200 micron), helps to separate the fine dust that for particular physical characteristics are not separable with the only mechanical action of the vibrating sieve.

Vibrasonic Deblinding

Ultrasonic systems and Ultrasonic sieves prevent blinding and blocking of mesh and maintain consistent flow rates, and has been designed so that it can be retrofitted onto any new or existing vibrating sieve/screeners. The Ultrasonic sieve system allows separations of sticky powders with meshes ranging from 250µ up to 25µ. Vibration Spiral Elevators. Vibration Spiral elevators provide extremely flexible processing of a range of materials.

Vibration Spiral Elevators

They are ideal for food and dairy products, and often eliminate the need for a dryer or cooler. Carrier vibration spiral elevators are recognized throughout the industry for reliable performance and easy maintenance. Features: The construction of the vibration machine consists in a helical track with a constant pitch housed and fixed on a central pipe support usually built in stainless steel AISI 304. The transport of the materials is trough an uphill motion produced by unbalanced motors which generates a boost oscillating amplitudes and frequencies subsidiaries. The proper calibration of the motors and the robust construction of the machine makes that the material can be transported with a constant layer and that it can stay on the path up to the final discharge.

Centrifugal Sifters. The Centrifugal Sifters KCS model are used for safety screening, removal of foreign material , to blend mixtures, eliminate clumps and conglomerated material.

Centrifugal Sifters

The centrifugal action of the impeller provides the machine with the ability to achieve high capacity separation on fine meshes down to 20 microns. Available constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or stainless steel AISI 316. All the range of centrifugal sifters are available with ATEX certification, FDA, IQ-OQ, GMP procedure are available and special finishes for pharmaceutical and food industries. Available with the following models: KCS 600 – KCS 900 – KCS 1200 – KCS 1500 – KCS 2000. Vibrating Sieve Feeder. The Bag Dump Stations KVS model is used for safety screening in order to avoid any contamination due to possible presence of foreign bodies into the raw material sacks/bags.

Vibrating Sieve Feeder

Manual bag dumper station with built-in safety screening vibrating sieve and integrated dust extraction. Fume extraction hood, sacks support grid and mesh screen removable for an easy and fast cleaning. The range of sack tipping stations are available with ATEX certication, FDA IQ-OQ procedures, GMP and finishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Rectangular Vibrating Sieves. The KVR Rectangular screeners and Vibrating channels are used for the separation, classification and safety screening of liquid and powders.

Rectangular Vibrating Sieves

The dual function, namely the transport and screening, enables this machine to be used in various application (quarries, mines, raw materials, recycling etc.) Possibility to integrate up to 4-stage screening. Tumbler Screening Machines. KVT Tumbler Screening Machine has a three-dimensional movement for classification, separation, dedusting and safety screening of dried products in powders or in granules.

Tumbler Screening Machines

It allows up to 6 separations. Tumbler screeners are available with ATEX certication, FDA IQ-OQ procedures, GMP, BFM fittings, Jacob fittings and finishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Following models are available: 600 (Ø 600 mm) – 1200 (Ø 1200mm) – 1600 (Ø 1600 mm) – 2000 (Ø 2000 mm) – 2250 (Ø 2250 mm) – 2600 (Ø 2600 mm). Pharmaceutical Vibratory Sieves. The Pharmaceutical Screeners KVP model are also provided with a trolley for an easy movment and are used for the separation of the pharmaceutical powders. All components of the sieves in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316. The internal parts of the sieve are mirror polished (Ra <0,05) with silicone seals certified for pharmaceutical use.

Easily removable and washable thanks to the use of closures with quick clamps. Check Screening Machines. KVC Low profile Check Screeners are round separators used for the safety screening and check screening of powders and liquids by removing the oversize contamination. The full range of check screeners are available with ATEX certication, FDA IQ-OQ procedures, GMP, BFM fittings, Jacob fittings and finishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Available in the following models: ø400 mm – ø500 mm- ø600 mm – ø800mm – ø900 mm – ø1200 mm – ø1500 mm – ø1800 mm – ø2250 mm. Vibrating sieves. The KVV vibrating sieves are used for the separation, classification, scalping, dedusting and selection of powders and liquids. Allows to achieve up to 5 different particle sizes, extremely robust construction and ease to disassembly. All our range of vibrating sieves are available with ATEX certication, FDA IQ-OQ procedures, GMP, BFM fittings, Jacob fittings and finishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Vibratory Sieves. Kenvell Group: Separation Equipment and Screening Technology.