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The 7 different types of driving personality – Which one are you? If you notice the cars in traffic, you will realize that not every driver acts the same way behind the wheels.

The 7 different types of driving personality – Which one are you?

But then, is there any pattern to be observed? This post can throw more light on the matter. 1. Trait 1: The Avoider These drivers are a little too cautious. While defensive driving’s rightfully considered a safe practice, these drivers act a bit too unusual as if other people on the road are menacing hazards to be shunned. Avoiders are often scared to speed, merge, or go near other vehicles. 2. Many drivers deal with the stress of driving by simply not thinking about it.

These drivers are completely indifferent to people (or vehicles) around them and are often too distracted to act on time. The only time they come to their senses is when the unthinkable happens, i.e., an accident. 3. These drivers typically don’t get mad over others’ driving mistakes. Instead of reacting negatively to such driving errors, they simply accept them and move on. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Selling your Personal Number Plate: Exploring the Pros and Cons of a DIY Sale. People buy private plates for a variety of reasons, and as we discussed previously, number plates can make great investments.

Selling your Personal Number Plate: Exploring the Pros and Cons of a DIY Sale

But what should you do when you want to sell your cherished number plate? Well, of course we are bound to recommend our own sales services aren’t we, receiving all the benefits described in our seller's area, for free! Plus of course there are other options, but one thing’s for certain, the DVLA won’t buy it off you, or sell your personalised number plate for you, as its not within the Governments’ policy to do so. Sell Your Private Plate The Easy Way! As we wrote in a recent article, private number plates can make great investments, but what do you do when it comes to the time to sell?

Sell Your Private Plate The Easy Way!

Well, at plates4less we excel in the buying and selling of plates, and we can help you sell yours for FREE! Well, for starters, it’s free – it always was, and we see no reason to change that now. You don’t need to pay anything to advertise your registration mark with us. In the event of a sale it’ll be the buyer who pays any seller service fees, and we keep these amongst the lowest in the industry (we aren’t greedy like some other firms!) , meaning the buyer pays less and you, the seller, gets more!

Using our state-of-the-art Supersearch tool, you can find registration marks similar to your own, allowing for more accurate and attractive pricing. Using our sales service means your plate will be advertised 24/7/365, right up until it’s sold! 6 Key Aspects That Can Seriously Undermine The Resale Value Of Your Car. Know the FIVE Important Things Before Renting a Car. Renting a car has a variety of benefits.

Know the FIVE Important Things Before Renting a Car

It is one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to get around while avoiding additional transportation costs. If you are on a vacation, along with the benefit of saving money, renting a car also allows you to enjoy your trip by eliminating the requirement to follow the schedule of public transportation. However, renting a car involves making a series of choices.

From insurance policies to the regulations involved, renting a car isn’t an easy procedure. If you are not careful, you might go wrong and end up getting tangled in the process. In this article, we are going to address some of the important things that you should know before renting a car. 1. Top 7 tips to Get Your Customers Review Your Car Dealership Business. Customer reviews are highly influential for any business.

Top 7 tips to Get Your Customers Review Your Car Dealership Business

They play a vital role in building business credibility. A review tells the readers about a customer’s experience with your business. It provides a fresh perspective to your potential customers about how your business can be of help to them and why they should choose you instead of other car dealers. In fact, 88% of people have been found to trust online reviews from other customers. This means your brand is defined by the experience you have provided your customers. 1. The Different Types of Blended Petrol and Ethanol Consumption in the UK. A few days back, I read something fascinating in the newspaper.

The Different Types of Blended Petrol and Ethanol Consumption in the UK

I read how ethanol has replaced petroleum fuels in Brazil, and how the country’s transport sector has become overly reliant on this environment-friendly and cost-effective fuel source. Good for Brazil! An afterthought. Natural Gas Vehicles – The Pros and Cons. Using alternative energy sources means doing the environment a favor.

Natural Gas Vehicles – The Pros and Cons

The more we put safe energy to use, the bigger will be our contribution to the sustainability of the environment. Transportation is among many industries that consume the maximum amount of energy. We all drive cars, which require fuel. The fuel on which a car runs fall into two categories; renewable and non-renewable. Everybody recommends fuel that comes from renewable sources because we can use them at our whim and they’ll still be available for us to use. 5 Tried And Tested Tips To Buy A Used Car.

If you are looking to go for a used car purchase, you are far from being alone.

5 Tried And Tested Tips To Buy A Used Car

More than 40 million used vehicles change hands every year in the UK. With so many options in your hand, it might be difficult for you to choose the right one for your purpose. The following tips can help. How can you use Private Number Plates as the Perfect Tools of Marketing For Your Business? Although private number plates are often purchased by individuals as an indicator of their personalities, hobbies, and interests; an increasing number of businesses are already realizing the potential of these plates in marketing their services or products to the masses.

How can you use Private Number Plates as the Perfect Tools of Marketing For Your Business?

For example, Pimlico Plumbers, a popular plumbing company based out in London, is well-known for having their own personalized vans with “meaningful” number plates. They have BOG 1, DRA 1N, LAV 1 just to mention a few.Morrow Brothers, one of the largest sellers of beer kegs in the UK, owns A1 KEG and 1 KEG as their branded personalized number plate. There are countless other examples. Save Fuel On Your Driving – SEVEN Fuel Efficient Driving Tips.

The condition of your car and the way you drive around may have a massive impact on the amount of fuel you use.

Save Fuel On Your Driving – SEVEN Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Below are a few tips that you can use to save fuel and money at the same time. 1. Drive with optimal tyre pressure Driving with ideal tyre pressure can make a massive difference in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Reduced tyre pressure symbolises an increase in contact between the tyre and the road. Top Tips And Tricks To Deodorizing A Car. Most cars develop smell after some time for a host of different reasons starting from food to pets, and various other sources. Luckily, deodorizing a car is not an extremely difficult job and can be done within a few systematic steps, provided you know the right technique and the equipment for the purpose. We have discussed the very same things in this article for your reference.

Have a look. 1. Look for sources If you smell something unpleasant in your car, the first obvious thing that you should do is to look for its sources. Look on the floor for anything that can create such disgusting smells inside the car, such as food spills, dirty clothing, etc. Finally, toss out any prominent causes of bad smells, such as old napkins, food wrappings, etc. Top 5 Tips On Choosing Attention-Grabbing Number Plates. Planning to invest in a customized number plate for your ride? This is not a new trend – thousands of vehicle owners have already invested in such customizations. However, remember that choosing the best number plates is not easy. There are so many options to choose from. Will green plates get the go ahead? Recent developments, however, have given us ultra-low-emission vehicles (or ULEVs) which produce far less pollution. In order to highlight the number of ULEVs on our roads, and to raise awareness of these environmentally friendly vehicles, the Department for Transport has proposed the use of green number plates.

What’s more, these green plates would come with incentives such as qualifying for reduced parking rates, and the benefit of using bus lanes, all in an effort to encourage people to switch to green. There are three designs that have been proposed for the new plates, ranging from a green stripe on one side, or a green dot, to an entirely green-coloured plate, though whether it will be the front or back or both plates getting the green treatment is unknown at this stage. Whatever the design, it would make for quite a striking visual difference on the roads, as the only other acceptable variation of plate colour are the older black and silver plates issued prior to 1969.

DVLA Online Services: Let’s Understand Together. DVLA introduced some online services by which you safely protect confidential information such as the reference numbers and codes, displayed on your documents. When these documents are not protected, you are at risk as unscrupulous people can steal your rights from the information they get from your private number plate. To conceal the information associated with a private number plate of a vehicle, DVLA’s brought its online retention facility in 2015. DVLA provides services for other automobile related tasks.

These include taxing, stating a SORN, etc. Rental Automobile Number Plate: What’s that? We tend to customize the registration plates to make the personalized number plate of the private or commercial car stand out. Yellow lettering on a black number plate gives a right combination of color contrast. We can spot such a number plate on rental cars from a distance.

Indian car owners and dealers are looking for this new customization in number plates. But it is seen that this variety of personalized number plates are not commonly found on Indian roads. Salient Features of the ‘20’ Series Number Plates You Must Know. The concept of registration plate formats first came into force in 1903 in the UK. There have been numerous changes since then in the format of number plates. The new registrations are released bi-annually. Things you Must Know About Release of Number Plates in the UK. The system of number plates was first introduced in France in 1893, followed by Germany in 1896. In 1904, the system was adopted in the UK when the Motor Car Act made registration mandatory. The first series of registration number plates were issued in 1903 and ran until 1932. Specification for UK Motorbike Number Plates You Must Know.

Bikes registered before January 1st, 1973 show nostalgic ’black and white’ plates. Help Protect Your Vehicle from theft with a Private Registration Mark! We at Plates4Less supply personalised registration marks and number plates to thousands of happy customers, so we were very interested (and disappointed) to read a recent article from the Daily Express that claimed such items "may be dangerous" and "could put your car at a higher risk of being stolen". These days, it’s no longer ‘news’ that the news is untrustworthy, and with many articles churned out to live short lives online, it is perhaps unsurprising to find them poorly expressed and riddled with inaccuracies.

While the article in question does refer to research from a "third party", it offers little by way of statistical data. Even if there was a clear statistic to accompany their claims, it is worth noting that correlation does not imply causation, a misconception known as a questionable-cause logical fallacy (or cum hoc ergo propter hoc, if you want the fancy Latin for the term!). Do Germany Number Plates Follow Similar Rules as the UK Number Plates? Catch the Glare on Roads With Private Number Plate - Postesy. Uncover the Know-How of automatic number plate recognition. There are probably, plenty of discussions around you concerning automatic number plate recognition of personalized number plates, and it can be not very easy to find the answer you’re looking for.

White and Yellow Number Plates: From the UK perspective. Numerous countries across the world have different specifications and rules to be followed by the vehicle owner for number plates. In most countries, this comes under the preview of the traffic administration. It is mandatory to follow the law of the land. Personalized Number Plates: In-vogue. Number Plate Cloning. Embed Code. A VALENTINE'S PLATE GIVEAWAY! Exciting Ideas on the Most Fitting Cars of 2020 for Your Brand New 20 Series Number Plate. Retention of Personalized Number Plates: Full guidelines. Would you Consider Putting Your Money on a Private Number Plate in 2020?

Free Number Plate Valuations: Is it possible? Trading Private Number Plate: A Lucrative Business. 4D Standout Plates Available Now! Choosing the Numbers on Your Plate Numerology. Get Your Cheap and Dateless Private Number Plate: A complete guidance. Valuation of Your Number Plate: Know the Details. Show Your Bossy Side With Personalized Number Plates. Personalized Number Plate: The Glamour You Can Carry. DVLA SORN Scam Awareness: How To Spot A Scam. The Future Is Now Modern KITT Cars. Assigning personalized registration plate to a vehicle: HOW? Guide for YOU: Private number plates. Recognize Cherished Number Plates Like Never Before. Buying 20 Plate: Guides and Tips. Is There any Difference Between Legal Plates and Show Plates? The UK Number Plate System A Brief History. Can You Find The Owner. Why Go For A Luxury Car. Are Personalised Number Plates Displaying Sexual Messages Controversial? Find it out. Is a Private Number Plate a Lucrative Investment?

Are There Any Cons of Private Number Plates? Few Unknown Rules Attached to Private Number Plates that you Must Know. Bypass the Number Plate Scam Smartly. Here is how. Adding a Private Number Plate to a Leased Car. Selling a Car With the Private Number Plate. How Can You Get Replacement Number Plates? Making Money From a Private Number Plate. Give your car that special touch: Fix a Private Number Plate. Are You a Number Plate Expert? Why Go For A Luxury Car. Spot the Cloned Number Plates Before Anyone Else. Private Number Plates Can be Bad for You. Pressed Number Plates: What are they? SCAMS Alert! Report immediately. Is Your Private Registration Number at Risk? Recycling A Car. Can Private Number Plates be Available for Cyclists. The Story of Vanity Plates. Market Your Business Through Personalized Number Plate.

Picking up a Private Number Plate? Wait and mind what to do and what to avoid. Do You Want to Keep Your Private Number Plate? Do You Want to Sell Your Number Plate Privately? Can You Get Instant Valuations of Number Plates Free? Can You Get Instant Valuations of Number Plates Free? by Kent Charlie. Want to Know About the Coolest Private Number Plates?

Top 6 Car Accessories to Buy in 2019. The Best Driving Video Games. Record-Breaking Number Plates! Let’s Know Them. The Best Driving Video Games. Music To Drive To. Now You Can Have Your Child’s Name on Your Private Number Plate. The Advancement of Technology in Private Number Plates. You Can Make Your Own Number Plate. 3D and 4D number plates:- Here’s what you need to know. Are Tinted Number Plates Legal or Illegal? Add Something UNIQUE to Your Personalized Plate. Are the personalized number plates substandard? Private Number Plates:- Are they weird? Car Shows. Private Number Plate- The Psychology Behind It. Car Shows. Formula 1 Facts and Stats. Novelty Number Plate- for off-road. Get a Temporary Number Plate. Private Number Plate - Start Your Journey.

Private Number Plates: Can I transfer it to my motorbike? Interesting Information About Custom Number Plates to Read. Retention Guide – Private number plate. Dateless number plates: The Craze.