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Ken Seeley

Ken Seeley Communities provides an individualized treatment approach to ensure long-term recovery. Our programs are uniquely tailored to each patient. The primary goal of our day treatment program in Palm Springs is to continue to identify the underlying issues that may influence drug or alcohol use and develop a plan for recovery.

Buprenorphine Withdrawal. Dual Diagnosis Alcohol and Depression. A dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is struggling with both a substance use disorder and a coexisting mental wellness disorder.

Dual Diagnosis Alcohol and Depression

Dual diagnosis is a complex and prevalent condition that impacts about 25% of those with a drug or alcohol addiction, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Wellness Services Administration. Of those, the most common is the dual diagnosis alcohol and depression combination. There are two ways the dual diagnosis alcohol and depression can develop. In some cases, the individual is experience a major depressive episode and may turn to alcohol as a means of self-medicating their emotional pain away. Soma withdrawal. It’s the same old story.

soma withdrawal

Soma is yet another prescription medication that was said to be safe and non-habit forming…until it was discovered that it is indeed prone to abuse and addiction. Soma is a popular muscle relaxant that is prescribed for relieving pain associated with muscle injuries, such as sprains or strains, and is, unfortunately, often misused. The problem with Soma is, as with other pharmaceuticals, that tolerance to its effects increases with time and more of the drug is needed to produce the positive effects.

As dosage escalates the individual can become addicted. Soma abuse has similar effects to benzodiazepine abuse, including the very unpleasant soma addiction withdrawal symptoms. Adderall overdose. Adderall is a prescription stimulant originally designed to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, but is also recreationally used as “the study drug.”

adderall overdose

Adderall is known to stave off sleep and increase energy levels and the ability to focus in healthy individuals, explaining why young people misuse the medication as a tool to keep up with their classwork. A report published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry shed light on the misuse of Adderall among young adults, citing that 60% of all Adderall consumption was by 18-25 year olds. In fact, the article states that emergency room visits among young adults for Adderall-related visits had increased 156% from 2006-2011. Adderall overdose psychosis, seizures, and coma are included in those statistics. Intervention. Witnessing a loved one’s life falling apart due to drug or alcohol addiction is nothing short of heartbreaking.


Trying to reason with the addicted person—pleading, begging, reasoning, sobbing, or yelling—may have fallen on deaf ears. Hopefully at some point the loved one sees the light and agrees that he or she needs professional treatment for their substance use disorder. Others, however, may be stuck in denial, still believing they are in control. Check In with Big Book via TeleHealth Online. The free Zoom video conferencing software allows for up to 100 people to attend a meeting that lasts up to 40 minutes in length.

Check In with Big Book via TeleHealth Online

Most online A.A. meetings are utilizing these free services and keeping the meetings within that time span. Even though the meetings lack the personal connection provided at a live in-person A.A. meeting, the online facsimile does give members much needed connection amid these troubling times. Barbiturate overdose. Barbiturates are prescription sedatives that have taken a back seat to benzodiazepines for treating anxiety and insomnia.

barbiturate overdose

Even though these drugs are not prescribed frequently, they are still available and therefore represent a potential drug of abuse. When someone either accidentally or intentionally overdoses on barbiturates, it constitutes a medical emergency that requires immediate intervention. Barbiturate overdose treatment involves multiple actions to attempt to minimize the drug’s effect on body systems. Medical personnel will administer various emergency measures to prevent potentially deadly barbiturate poisoning. Once barbiturate overdose treatment is successfully completed, the individual will transition to an addiction recovery program.

Someone who has developed a chemical dependency on barbiturates will need to undergo a supervised medical detox and withdrawal program prior to beginning addiction treatment. Ken Seeley Communities. Heroin pupils. Drug addiction can often be spotted just by the appearance of the individual’s eyes.

heroin pupils

Of course there are several other physical changes that can give away the fact that someone is struggling with addiction, but the eyes may offer the most revealing evidence. Sore neck after smoking ice. The level of dental damage will depend upon the severity of the ice addiction.

sore neck after smoking ice

Occasional users will likely not suffer from this problem, at least not to the extent that a heavy ice user will. A study out of the University of California, Los Angeles in 2015 found that, when examining the dental condition of 571 meth users, 96% had cavities, 58% had untreated tooth decay, and 31% had six or more missing teeth.

In addition, 40% of the meth users reported feeling self-conscious about the state of their teeth. Generally, women meth users have higher rates of cavities and tooth loss than males. Signs and symptoms of meth mouth may include: Residential Drug Treatment Programs in California. The DTs. Alcoholism can completely upend a person’s life, as well as negatively impacting the people closest to them.

The DTs

The disease takes on a mind of its own after chemical dependency develops, wiping out any semblance of free will. No matter how desperately someone may desire sobriety, the deeply embedded addiction triggers and behaviors are usually impossible to overcome without professional help. It is never too late to get needed help for an alcohol use disorder. Residential Drug Treatment Programs. Norco Withdrawal. Palm Springs Rehab. Addiction Facilities. Ken Seeley.