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Hey I am a girl. I post a lot of photos I hope I get many views

Do you know how to create a private message – warrenkr23
What profile should I look at now – warrenkr23

I love this simble.

Who did you vote for the super bowl? – dubosesm23

School stuff


Ok 1. click the home button with the house on it 2. then click the star in the corner – kennardkm23
Do you have the app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – kennardkm23
You do them diff on witch you have – kennardkm23
Do you have a app or a computer – kennardkm23
Ho do you put a pic on your thing – collinssk23

Neon. Jokes.

Whaat i your true friend code now p only one person can use it ONCE – kennardkm23

Dare you.

What is your user private message it – kennardkm23
I have more tha one account and that will make us true friends du lolz – kennardkm23
TYPE IT IN ON WIZARD101 LOL you have 2 days lolz – kennardkm23
What is true friend code OMGOSH – kennardkm23
Irfjrerftudkosderfuesikoe2sikodeiskoerdiksodirufjeksx – kennardkm23
Cool ( cool was with my tounge – kennardkm23
It took forever for me to do it – warrenkr23

What 2 things do you see in this.

It is a young lady and a old witch – kennardkm23
I just found led in my hair XD – tackettkn23

Mexico cancun.

TV stuff

Animals. Selfies. SOME OF MY FRIENDS STUFF. Keep calms. Playing GAMES.

  1. kennardkm23 Feb 2 2015
    don't worry about it cause YOU ARE NOT ON IT
  2. kennardkm23 Feb 2 2015
    Thanks about the comment on the batman pic
  3. thecuteanimalover2 Jan 31 2015
    I made a account. I didn't mean to soo ;]
  4. thecuteanimalover2 Jan 31 2015
    I am not warrenkr23 I am Janneyem23
  5. tackettkn23 Jan 24 2015
    that's what I been trying to say
  6. tackettkn23 Jan 24 2015
    No I'm on my iPhone 4 so not ramsom
  7. kennardkm23 Jan 23 2015
  8. walkermr23 Jan 22 2015
    hay kek do not text my phone laynee gets all the text you give me and she gets the text before me does that soundfare I think not