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123inkjets coupon code 15% off 10% off free shipping on crayon compatible ink and toner. Why the Internet has no love for Twitter’s ‘like’ button. Twitter doesn’t have any love for it’s users, apparently. But the platform does at least have a heart—or, as they call it now, a “like.” On Tuesday morning, with a simple tweet, the company announced one of the biggest changes to its platform yet. The “favorite” button—symbolized by a grey star that illuminates in gold when clicked—runs synonymous with the platform’s brand identity. It’s a feature that, along with the 140 character limit and retweeting ability, solidly defined Twitter as a distinct, crucial player for social media in its early days. The switch from "favorite" to "like" runs counter to the company's vision to eliminate any confusion or ambiguity about what it means to use the function.

One of the key distinctions between Twitter and Facebook was the “favorite” versus the “like.” One of the key distinctions between Twitter and Facebook was the “favorite” versus the “like.” It could not be more clear. Sierra trading post coupon 20% See newly unearthed photos from Nirvana’s Nevermind promo shoot. Photographer Kirk Weddle is most well-known to Nirvana fans as the man who shot the famous baby-in-the-pool photo that graces the cover of Nevermind. But that image isn’t the only one Weddle captured for the band. On October 28, 1991, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic met up with the photog at a Los Angeles pool to take some promo shots based on the already-well-recognized cover image.

“I remember Kurt was like, ‘Fuck! I have to get in the pool?’” Weddle recalled. “He was not a water guy at all.” Even so, Weddle managed to capture nearly 200 images of the band in and around the water, even with their instruments. Take a look at some of the pictures in the gallery below, and head to the Modern Rocks Gallery website for more and to place an order. Nirvana Nevermind Promo Shoot by Kirk Weddle. Can The Microbes You Leave Behind Be Used to Identify You? When you touch a surface, you leave behind fingerprints—distinctive swirling patterns of oils that reveal your identity. You might also deposit traces of DNA, which can also be used to identify you. And you leave microbes. You are constantly bleeding microbes into your surroundings, and whenever you touch something, bacteria hop across from your skin. It’s increasingly clear that everyone has a unique community of microbes—or microbiome—living on their bodies.

We share species and strains but the exact roll call varies from person to person. A few studies have suggested so. More recently, Lax and fellow student Sean Gibbons spent two days swabbing their mobile phones, the soles of their shoes, and the floor around them, on an hourly basis, to many strange looks. But what would happen if you scaled these studies up to larger populations? They only managed to recognise a third of their volunteers in this way. “That’s a floor. Consider what happened with Netflix.

Shop With Sierra Trading Post By Taking Advantage Of Sierra Trading Post Coupon 20% Reading Earth’s Destiny in the “Blood Spatter” Around Other Stars. Ever notice how pretty much all superhero movies are origins stories? Everyone wants to know how Batman and Wolverine and the Hulk became who they are. But there aren’t too many superhero-in-old-age stories out there, with balding, hunchbacked super-oldsters hobbling around assisted-living homes. The same goes for the Solar System. The question of how the Solar System formed has been pondered by scientists for hundreds of years. And it is by no means a solved problem; the study of planet formation remains a thriving subfield within astrophysics.

But there are just a handful of researchers studying the future of the Solar System. The Sun has been around for four and a half billion years. It turns out that the Sun does change; it just takes its time. Unuplusunu via Wikipedia”> The Sun will remain a red giant for a few hundred million years. The planets’ orbits will adjust to the changing Sun. Here is how we think the story goes. In 6 billion years, the Sun will be a white dwarf. In Abortion Law's Wake, a Patchwork of Services Rises. Sarah Frankie Linder At 17 years old, Lenzi Sheible was kicked out of her home in Houston. She lived on friends’ couches before moving in with her boyfriend; neither of them had much money. She had one year of high school left before she would move to Austin for college and a fresh start.

Then came the pregnancy scare. Sheible remembers two weeks of uncertainty and dread. She wasn’t actually pregnant, but she said that if she had been, and hadn’t had the option of an abortion, she probably wouldn’t have gone to college and would’ve had a child she wasn’t ready for. “An unexpected pregnancy would have derailed me,” she said four years later. Sheible brought her story to the Capitol in 2013, when she testified before a legislative committee as lawmakers spent weeks debating a bill that eventually forced more than half of the abortion clinics in Texas to close. The 2013 legislation requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Natalie St. St. Brand your life with quality second hand stocks by taking advantage of Sierra trading post coupon 20%

This scientific paper has 2,863 authors. How? The scientific journal eLife published a paper on viruses last month– specifically, the genetics of bacteriophages: viruses that infect, and replicate within, bacteria. By sequencing the genomes of individual bacteriophages, or phages, the authors were able to glean information about the genetic makeup of the viruses more broadly. This particular study, however, is noteworthy beyond its scientific contributions because it was authored by no less than 2,863 people. This puts the study in league, amount-of-author-wise, with the Higgs boson discovery paper (about 6,000 authors) and the report on the first completed human genome sequence (more than 2,800 authors). In this case (unlike with the Higgs Boson and human genome papers) the bulk of the authors listed are undergraduate students, participating in something called the Science Education Alliance Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science, or SEA-PHAGES, program.

Some bacteriophages from the phages database. Tumblr Has a Hardcore Meth Scene. One of the denizens of Tweaker Nation, mid-hit. Tumblr is perhaps best known for fandom, social justice, and porn. Nestled among those huge scenes, though, are countless more intertwined enclaves that represent every marginalized or obscure subculture imaginable—including one for proud users of methamphetamines, who remix the hipster aesthetics of tattoos and filtered selfies with hardcore drug use. On one recent day, Tumblr’s self-proclaimed “Prezident of Tweaker Nation”—a digital landscape that sprawls across a constellation of interrelated Tumblr tags and an official account—was having a full-on freakout. Someone had told her, via anonymous message, that it was “fucked up” for her to post graphic sexual and drug content, since she has children. “I have two kids, actually,” she says, taking swigs directly from a liquor bottle and smoking a cigarette, daylight shining through a closed curtain in the background.

For others, though, the fun is long over. Things You Should Learn About Sierra Trading Post Coupon 20%