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Simple & Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes. Spooky Halloween Bloody Mary Recipe. StackPath. Roasted Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes Recipe. Your Back to School Meal Checklist for 2019. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Your Back to School Meal Checklist for 2019

The service requires full cookie support in order to view the website. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. Amfissa (Amphissa) Olives. 7 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids. Making kids school lunches is just one of those great joys in life, right?

7 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Our checklist goes something like: Something they will actually eat Something they haven’t already eaten like 4 times this week Reasonably healthy Can be thrown together in the time between making coffee and finding the car keys Here are 7 tips we hope will make packing those back to school lunches a little less stressful, and healthier for your kids! 1. Picholine Olives. Cerignola Olives. What are the Best Olives for a Martini? The dirty martini has been a classic for decades.

What are the Best Olives for a Martini?

And for good reason — the combination of gin, vermouth and olive brine is cocktail perfection. Whether you’re mixing cocktails for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s or Singles Awareness Day, an Oscars party or just your monthly book club, the dirty martini won’t fail you. But there's a burning question many people ask: With so many different varieties available, what are the best olives for a martini? When it comes to martini olives, you want something that can stand up to the bold flavors of the cocktail itself. Nicoise Olives. 5 Ridiculously Easy Appetizers for a Crowd. If you start with olives or almond butter, you’re already well on your way to making a delicious holiday appetizer. We’ve taken it one step further and developed 5 super-easy recipes so you can spend less time cooking, and more time enjoying family and friends.

Everything you need is right here — just be sure to grab a cash back offer from Ibotta before you head to the store! 1. Almond Butter Cranberry Sauce and Manchego Cheese Crostini Ahh, the holiday sweetness of cranberries alongside the savory bite of Manchego cheese... Easy Nicoise Salad Recipe. Easy Back To School Lunch Ideas: One Lunchbox, Three Ways. We all love the idea of making delicious, healthy lunches for our families every day, but... yeah, that's just not going to happen.

Easy Back To School Lunch Ideas: One Lunchbox, Three Ways

Finding something everyone enjoys seems practically impossible. But we think we’ve found a solution — one lunch, three ways. Prepare the same basic lunch, but swap out a couple of ingredients to make lunchboxes everyone will enjoy — or at least a lunchbox no one will complain about ;-). Keto Snacks - 10 Easy Ways To Satisfy Your Cravings. The keto diet gained serious momentum last year as more and more followers enjoyed benefits including weight loss, reduced inflammation and increased energy.

Keto Snacks - 10 Easy Ways To Satisfy Your Cravings

If you're new to Keto, here's an overview. As with every health regime, a little pre-planning can go a long way. Most of us tend to plan for the three main meals of the day, but planning for snacking is just as important since that’s when many of us are at our hungriest — and when we tend to fall off the health bandwagon. Once you get a handle on keto's guidelines you won't need to overthink your snacking too much. Frozen Almond Butter Banana Pops.

Tropical Mango Almond Butter Smoothie Pops. Easy Vegan 7 Layer Dip Recipe. Hot Chili Peppers. Cocktail Onions. Whole Golden Greek Pepperoncini. Red Roasted Peppers. Capers. Sweet Cherry Peppers. Sliced Sweet Banana Peppers. Hot Sliced Jalapeño Peppers. Shop Pimientos. Information Security in the Age of BYOD. Your company’s data is probably one of its biggest assets and probably one of its biggest liabilities.

Information Security in the Age of BYOD

I don’t need to tell you this. Our social media feeds are filled with stories about data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams or some other sort of attempt at mass identity fraud via system vulnerabilities. In a world dependent on electronic systems and practically shaped by the 24-hour news cycle, there is no forgiveness for any error in data security. The loss of any sensitive information can be a huge black eye and lose your business the trust of customers, stock-holders… even your own employees. And there are very few protective layers between your data and the bad guys. Security vs. When thinking about information security, the first idea that comes in mind is the protection of information, whether it’s stored onsite or on the cloud.

3 Steps to Wrangling All of Your Enterprise Software Systems. Got Pressure? Keep Your Help Desk Cool When the Heat is On! “Managing the productivity pressures of the I.T. service desk is a walk in the park!

Got Pressure? Keep Your Help Desk Cool When the Heat is On!

It’s never presented even the most remote challenges,” said no I.T. manager ever! Ask around and what you’re likely to hear is something along the lines of, “ITSD productivity challenges are like a pressure cooker, full of testing and taxing daily activities.” These daily activities are ever increasing, change contantly, and require doing more with fewer resources. All the while, you must continue to efficiently ensure an exceptional experience for demanding customers. Managers are held increasingly accountable to stakeholders to deliver the expected results on-time and on-budget. Contact Us - Dr. Enoch & Dr. Lamei - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics. Tips For Oral Hygiene And Flossing With Braces - Drs. Enoch and Lamei - Orthodontics for Children & Adults. Foods To Avoid When Eating with Braces - Drs. Enoch and Lamei - Orthodontics for Children & Adults. Low Sodium California Black Olives.

Sliced California Black Olives. Chopped California Black Olives. Automation and AI Empower NextGen Help Desk Agents. By now, chatbots and virtual assistants are part of the IT Services lexicon, but have these evolved to a level where they can meet your service desk needs?

Automation and AI Empower NextGen Help Desk Agents

In addition, are self-service approaches a good fit for those you wish to serve? Many companies are finding that chatbots are not meeting expectations; 71% of consumers said the chatbot they interacted with could not answer their question or help them, according to the Chatbot Consumer Report. Customers also have different needs for agent-assisted and self-service help desks depending on the scenario in which assistance is needed. While bots, IVR, virtual assistants and natural language processing (NLP) can provide cost savings, are those savings offset by a poor customer experience when complete information is not provided and the problem isn’t solved?

According to Gartner contributor Kasey Panetta, “the most common mistake with AI is to focus on automation rather than augmentation of human decision making and interactions. QA Services Have Evolved. Has Your Organization? QA services and testing are as old as the computer itself.

QA Services Have Evolved. Has Your Organization?

With the focus on automating wherever possible, automated testing might seem like a no brainer. However, many factors must be considered before implementing automated testing. Organizations must ensure that projects are appropriate for automated testing and business requirements are clear. Glossary of Acronyms, Words, and Phrases Used in the World of Rural Outsourcing. • A o Application Service Provider (ASP) – An ASP is a company that provides computer-based services to an enterprise or an individual over a dedicated network.

Glossary of Acronyms, Words, and Phrases Used in the World of Rural Outsourcing

An example of this could be – access to specific software applications like a CRM. o Agile Model – A combination of iterative and incremental software development methodologies, that primarily concentrates on process adaptability and customer satisfaction. These types of methods work by breaking the product into smaller incremental builds which are then provided in iterations. • B o Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – It is the process of contracting of secondary (non-primary) business functions and activities to a third-party facilitator. BANG! The Drum School. Drum Lessons for Adults. Students who want drum lessons have been coming to us for a while now.

Why is that? Learn How To Play Drums: The 11 Pillars of Drumming. Contact Us: Drum Lessons Near You. We’ve been here on the outskirts of Times Square for a while now, and we know the neighborhood pretty well. Many of our students travel to come see us and if that’s the case for you, it makes sense to consider doing some other things while you’re here. One of our favorite things to do besides playing the drums and teaching drum lessons is eat! Let us give you a little “taste” of where you might go to have a bite before or after your lesson.

Drum Lessons For Kids: 3 Fun Ideas. 1) Coloring Activity Kids need to know what the different parts of the drum set are. We’ve been using a coloring game to teach them. The coloring page has a cartoon-ish looking line drawing of a drum set, with spaces for the kids to write down the names of each drum or cymbal. And the fun part is the coloring—they can color each drum or cymbal with any color they like. They simply have to name the part of the drum set that they are coloring (that’s how we sneak in the learning part), and tell us why they chose that color. Some examples of the answers we get? Beginner Drum Lessons: 3 Simple Drum Beats. If you want to play drums and think you can’t or that it’s too hard or you’re scared…fear not! This beginner drum lesson is for YOU. In the video and PDF worksheet that are included in this lesson, I’m going to show you, in the simplest, easiest way possible, how to play three rock beats.

Although this is a “beginner” drum lesson, the three beats I’m going to teach you here are real rock and pop beats that lots of professional drummers (including myself) use and will continue to use. The first beat you’ll learn here is on many hit records including “Back In Black” by AC/DC and “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. The approach we’re going to take in learning these beats is a purely physical one. Just to clarify one point…I’m not suggesting that learning to read music isn’t important.

Experienced Drum Instructors. Part of the reason that people like coming to us is that we take the hassle out of finding a drum instructor. Office Construction Companies. Branded experiences aren’t only for retail stores; just as shops utilize in-store branding to appeal to the senses of their customers, today’s corporations often attempt to apply branding to their employee offices. Corporate Construction Companies. Corporate construction is different than residential building – and construction companies typically focus on one of the two.

Corporate construction can include buildings such as office buildings, skyscrapers, corporate storage facilities, corporate warehousing, industrial construction and more. It can include installs, design and maintenance of structural and mechanical elements. Understanding Retail Construction Services. Black and White Pizza Recipe. Where to Buy Lindsay Olives & Products. Mini Chicken Meatballs Recipe with Almond Butter Sauce. Service for Wheelchair Vans in New York - Westchester Mobility. Financing for Handicap Cars & Conversion Vans for Sale - Westchester Mobility. Trade-in Any Vehicle Towards a Wheelchair Accessible Van. ADA Wheelchair Vans & Accessible Vehicles for Sale - New, Used & Pre-owned. VMI’s innovative selection of accessible vehicles and ADA vans are designed with extensive input from customer. As an authorized VMI dealer, Westchester mobility will work with you to find the best vehicle to meet your needs.

About Westchester Mobility Vans - Mobility Dealers NYC. Westchester Mobility is one of the few, major mobility dealers in the NYC surrounding area. We formed our commercial ambulette mobility division in 2001, creating opportunities to work closely with organizations and companies with a focus on serving the needs of the disabled community, offering mobility wheelchair vans, cars and accessories. TMJ Treatment - Dr. Enoch & Dr. Lamei - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics. Children with Braces - Dr. Enoch & Dr. Lamei - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics. The Best Braces Treatment For Adults Drs. Enoch and Lamei.

Invisalign Braces - Dr. Enoch & Dr. Lamei - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics. Corrective Jaw Surgery - Dr. Enoch & Dr. Lamei - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics. Creative Workspace Construction. Rebranding Construction for Retail. For retail stores today, a brand is everything. It is not just the image, it’s the total experience passed onto the wide audience that visits its multiple locations. It’s much more than a logo on a sign. Buildrite Construction. Also called “vanilla box,” a white box build out represents a building’s interior (such as for a store or office) before the TIs (tenant improvements) are implemented. Spanish Queen Olives Stuffed with Red Peppers. Organic Kalamata Olives. Kalamata Olives. Almond Butter Teddy Bear Toast Recipe.

Healthy Almond Butter Apple Slice Snacks. Sweet & Spicy Almond Butter Popcorn Recipe. Corn and Green Bean Salad Recipe. Whole Spanish Queen Olives. Sliced Golden Greek Pepperoncini. Crispy California Pasta Cakes. Moroccan Spiced Olives Recipe. Roasted Chicken With Chimichurri Sauce. Sicilian Style Pitted Olives. Easy Skillet Penne Pasta Recipe. Simple Italian Style Pasta Salad. Best Macaroni Salad With Olives Recipe. Roasted Vegetable Couscous Recipe. Portuguese Potato Hash with Linguica Sausage Recipe. Portuguese Potato Hash with Linguica Sausage Recipe.

Olives: Keto's Little Helpers. You’ve likely heard buzz around the very high fat, very low carb keto diet. While health professionals (rightfully) advise us to be wary of fad diets, as more research emerges, following a ketogenic diet seems to have staying power. If you’d like to dig deeply into the technical aspects of the diet there’s a fantastic guide here.

At a high level, the goal of eating this way is to change your body from burning carbs as energy to burning fat so it isn’t stored. To become a “fat burner,” aka entering ketosis, carb intake is restricted so the body stops relying on glucose – what it typically uses as a primary fuel source. Beyond being able to fit into skinny jeans, proponents of the diet claim a number of long-term health benefits. Fat is Back The days of packaged “diet” foods are numbered as Americans have become more educated and empowered about their health. Plant sources, like olives, are a great store of these healthy fats. The Good Fruits “Wait, What Do You Eat?!” Get the recipes. Pasta Rustica Recipe. Olive and Brie Pizza Recipe. Game Day Skillet Nachos. Game Day Skillet Nachos. Anchovy Pasta With Lemon And Olives Recipe. Gouda Pizza With Smoky Olives and Bacon. Questions To Ask An Orthodontist In 2018 - Drs. Enoch and Lamei - Orthodontics for Children & Adults.

Dr. Enoch's Orthodontic Blog - Harold O. Enoch D.M.D., M.S. - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics - Orthodontics for Children & Adults. Trade Promotion Management. Revenue cycle management companies. Retail Sales Analytics and Distribution. Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Almond Butter Sauce. Green Olive and Almond Tapenade Recipe. Dr. Enoch's Orthodontic Blog - Harold O. Enoch D.M.D., M.S. - East Cobb/Marietta Orthodontics - Orthodontics for Children & Adults. TMJ Treatment Options - Drs. Enoch and Lamei - Orthodontics for Children & Adults.