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Diaconate policies of cpc st louis. MNA: Disaster Response. Benevolence. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. - Galatians 6:10 There are IPC members/friends who are in need of help with simple home maintenance, such as changing light bulbs, painting, sweeping steps/sidewalks, changing air filters, mowing a yard, gardening, minor plumbing repairs, or maybe someone has a need for general carpentry such as wheelchair ramps, door repair or other general repairs.

This could include a door that sticks, a plumbing problem, a burned out light bulb. Interested? Redeemer City to City : Resources. Mercy Ministry News. Mercy Recources at Olive Branch, Presbyterian Church - Philadelphia, PA: Articles about Mercy Ministries. Diaconate - Who We Are and What We Do The Diaconate, a group of men and women nominated, trained, elected and appointed by Redeemer elders and members, exists to contribute to the building of a repentant and rejoicing community through loving, truth-telling relationships where practical, visible needs are being met while hearts are being changed through encounters with Jesus and one another.

Diaconate -

We express in practical ways Christ's command to all believers to love our neighbor as ourselves. The Diaconate is a ministry of mercy that reaches out to people in Redeemer's congregation who are in crisis or in challenging circumstances and offers help in assessing their needs and working together to find solutions.

Unlike elders, who are responsible for teaching the Gospel, administering healing prayer, and overseeing the church, the Diaconate (deacons and deaconesses) focuses on extending mercy and compassion. Church Disaster Mental Health Project: Training Resources.