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Kenex Stencils was established in 1977 by Allan P. Roach and his partner in North Ryde. Kenex Stencils focuses on safety line marking in factories, complete basement packages including cleaning, scrubbing, line marking, and sealing. We also specialize in our range of long-life products which we are exclusively licensed to giving us control over quality and supply. Visit us now.

Characteristics Of A Good Line Marking Company. Safety Management Plan. If you are a business owner, your number one priority should always be the safety of your employees.

Safety Management Plan

This is why a lot of industries are opting for an expert safety management plan that allows them to ensure complete workplace safety. Although not every business owner thinks the same way about safety management plans. A lot of them think that investing their money and time on a safety management plan is not worth it, which is an utterly wrong notion. The Need For Car Park Line Marking on Behance. In today's modern world where almost everyone owns a car, the need for car park line marking at crowded public places is not an option but a necessity.

The Need For Car Park Line Marking on Behance

Line marking is mostly required at places such as your malls, buildings, airports, amusement parks, etc. Although as a parking space owner or even as a driver you tend to question whether or not investing in line marking is the ideal thing to do? Parking spaces, if not always can sometimes get very busy and make entry and exit of the vehicles quite difficult. In times like this, proper quality line marking comes in handy to guide the traffic flow accurately. However, the benefits of car park line marking isn't just limited to this. Different Types Of Road Line Markings. Are you a safe and educated driver?

Different Types Of Road Line Markings

If you think you are, then you probably are aware of what road-line markings are and what do different markings indicate. Whenever we talk about line marking in Sydney or anywhere else, we often talk about how crucial they are as far as safety and organization are concerned, but before that, the drivers must understand the markings only then it will be the most effective. This is why for all those who are not quite sure about road marking, here we are going to shed some light on its different types to help them. Whether you are a driver or a property owner looking for a line marking service, this information is going to prove beneficial for you.

Find out more below: • Longitudinal Markings The first and most common type of road line marking is the longitudinal markings. What To Know About Line Marking Your Warehouse? If you have recently opened a warehouse or are renovating the old one, one of the first things that you must do is call a professional line marking service so that you can get your warehouse space organized.

What To Know About Line Marking Your Warehouse?

Proper planning and organization of the warehouse is the key to allow uninterrupted workflow plus it ensures the worker’s safety as well. As the owner of the warehouse, it is your responsibility to figure out how you can effectively carry out line marking, what are the crucial things to keep in mind, etc. Although for those who are relatively new at this, it might get a bit confusing, to begin with. Basic Tips For Car Park Line Marking. Car park Line Marking in Brisbane. How To Choose A Car Park Line Marking Contractor? - KENEX STENCILS. For a commercial property owner, one of the most crucial service to get done is car park line marking.

How To Choose A Car Park Line Marking Contractor? - KENEX STENCILS

By doing so, they can not only ensure proper organization of their parking space but also the safety of the drivers. This is why choosing your line marking service provider becomes vital.Most people tend to take the need to pick a quality contractor lightly which proves costly in the long run. No matter the service you are seeking, choosing your provider must be done wisely. Workplace Traffic & Safety Management Plan. What To Expect From A Car Park Line Marking Service? Concrete Sealing Brisbane - Kenex Stencils. Major Benefits of Seal Coating A Parking Lot : kenexstencils — LiveJournal. Whether we talk about your home or your business establishment, seal coating your parking lot is a must.

Major Benefits of Seal Coating A Parking Lot : kenexstencils — LiveJournal

And besides that, it is equally important to get it done from a professional concrete sealing in Brisbane so that you can ensure quality work and money well spent. However, a lot of property owners are either unaware or simply ignore the need for seal coating. One of the major factors that lead to damage in your parking lot is the constant exposure to chemicals and environmental conditions such as rain and UV rays. Concrete sealing protects your parking lot and driveway from such damages. If you want to learn some other major benefits of seal coating your parking lot, go through the following points: Driver’s Safety If you own a parking lot, it is your responsibility to make sure that there are no safety threats to the drivers coming to your area.

Makes The Parking Lot More Appealing. The Significance Of Car Park Line Marking. Road Line Marking Sydney - Kenex Stencil. Choose the Experts of Concrete Sealing in Brisbane. Safety Management Plan. The value of sensory paths - KENEX STENCILS. Line marking can be used in a variety of settings and the development of sensory paths for children is definitely one of the most exciting.What is a sensory path?

The value of sensory paths - KENEX STENCILS

Sensory paths are colourful, interactive trails which guide children from one site to another and promote different types of activities or movement. They can be created indoors or outdoors. To the casual observer, they may look like artwork in a school hallway or another form of playground equipment in a neighbourhood park or school playground. However, teachers and researchers know that sensory paths are much more than this.What do sensory paths achieve? Essentially, sensory paths help children build sensory pathways in their brains. Line Marking Services in Gold Coast. Hardware & Machinery. Traffic & Safety Management Plan.

Line Marking Services in Sydney. Car Park Line Marking in Sydney. Concrete Sealing in Brisbane. Traffic & Safety Management Plan. Line Marking in Brisbane. Top 5 features of an ideal traffic management plan: kenexstencils — LiveJournal. A traffic management plan is an important tool for any organisation with a mix of people, equipment and vehicles at their place of work or on a worksite.

Top 5 features of an ideal traffic management plan: kenexstencils — LiveJournal

Its aim is to create a safe working environment by planning and controlling how vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and plant, such as forklifts, travel around a particular location. A traffic management plan - also known as a workplace traffic management plan - forms a critical part of an organisation’s overall safety management plan as it focuses on reducing traffic hazards and preventing injury and collisions. A safe working environment provides the backbone for successful business operations. As a result, well-designed traffic management plans are crucial for a range of businesses including those in warehousing and manufacturing, shopping centres, mining and construction. To be effective, a traffic management plan should have the following five features: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Safe Work Australia website hyperlink -

Carpark Line Marking. Workplace Traffic & Safety Management Plan. Warehouse Line Marking Services. Line Marking services. Get the Best Line Marking Services in QLD. Industrial Concrete Cleaning, Concrete Sealing Sydney & Brisbane. Get the Best Line Marking Services in Sydney & Brisbane. 4 Things To Include In Your Workplace Traffic Management Plan: kenexstencils — LiveJournal.

When setting up your workplace, you need to keep many important things in mind including a compliant workplace safety traffic management plan.

4 Things To Include In Your Workplace Traffic Management Plan: kenexstencils — LiveJournal

Many people misjudge the significance of traffic management that not only leads to an unorganised and inefficient site, but also increases the chances of accidents that can sometimes prove fatal. Some workplaces understand the need for a traffic management plan, but fail in executing the plan. To help you with this process, here are a few things you must consider to ensure that your workplace traffic is under control: Convenient Vehicle Routes Understanding and identifying how vehicles (moving and stationary) operate within your site is critical.

Installation Of Signs Where Needed Signage is a great communication device to drive behaviours around a worksite. Separate Pedestrian Zones Don’t be ignorant of the need for demarcating pedestrian zones. Workplace Traffic & Safety Management Plan. Traffic & Safety Management Plans. 4 Major Advantages Of Car Park Line Marking In Parking Lots. Concrete Sealing Sydney and Brisbane. At Kenex, we’re passionate about doing a job well.

Concrete Sealing Sydney and Brisbane

In order to get professional results for your space, we highly recommend concrete sealing after cleaning. We offer sealing for a wide range of spaces, from multi-level carparks for shopping centres to industrial warehouses. Why do we recommend this service? Here are just a few reasons: You’ll increase the durability of your space Concrete is a porous material, so liquids can eventually wreak havoc and start causing damage. It’s perfect for workspaces that are bound to get messy For spaces where spills, dust and chemicals are likely to accumulate, adding a sealant will go a long way in terms of simplifying the clean-up process. Make that ideal first impression From car showrooms to warehouses to a shopping centre car park, you’ll want any visitors to have a positive first impression. Sealing of concrete surfaces eliminates dusting, closes porous surfaces, protects line marking paint and ensures ease of cleaning.

What Makes The Need For Line Marking So Important?: kenexstencils — LiveJournal. Our surroundings consist of countless things, some of which we notice and understand the value of, some of which is doing its job without getting acknowledged. Today, here we will discuss one such key aspect of our society that is car park line marking and other similar markings. The use of these markings is very crucial in various places, for example, roads, parking, walkways, etc.

We all know how busy the roads are nowadays, which is why you can never take these things for granted. If we talk about the road construction firms, line stripping and marking are among its main applications. In case, you still aren’t able to realize the significance of line marking in our society, let us help you make up your mind. Car Park Line Marking Sydney NSW. Workplace Traffic Management Plan.