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IntelThin -- Core Chips for Ultra Thin Lapto

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Intel Launches New CPU for Ultra-Thin Laptops. Intel has just announced a new line of processors dedicated to the ultra-thin market. This consists in 6 processors (CPUs) from low-end with the Celeron U3400 to the high-end Core i7-660UM. Because all these processors are ultra-low voltage, or ULV as Intel call it. According to Intel, All processors and accompanying chips (graphics, IO…) should be capable of handling media, even the low-end ones. The Core ix Series still feature Turbo Boost, Intel’s automatic overclocking capabilities that increases the frequency of the CPU when needed. Overall, Intel announces performance improvements between 35% and 100% over previous CPUs for ultra-thin computers (depending on the task). Can Intel prime the ultra-thin laptop pump? Intel's move to extend its Core processor family more into ultra-thin laptops is likely to bring more of those devices to market at lower prices.

Can Intel prime the ultra-thin laptop pump?

The chip giant said Monday it is extending its Core processor family to ultra-thin laptops in a move to increase performance and give users "faster response times and less waiting. " John Morris has all the details, but the big win here is that ultra-low voltage (ULV) chip prices will be lower as Intel looks to head off AMD's ULV platform at the pass. Simply put, there will be multiple new ULV models hitting the market at once with a focus on the consumer. Intel said it has 40 design wins for its Core ULV processors (statement). AMD's upcoming Nile platform has 26.

That selection will be welcome. Gallery: Intel promises ultra-thin laptops (photos) In addition, all of Intel's ULV processors will support Turbo Boost, which Intel claims will boost performance for certain applications. Morris writes: Intel announces new ultrathin laptop chips. Intel on Monday introduced new low-voltage Core processors for the ultrathin laptop segment.

Intel announces new ultrathin laptop chips

The laptop designs in this segment have been symbolized to date by the less-than-one-inch-thick Apple MacBook Air and Dell Adamo--which use Intel processors that draw relatively little power compared with standard mobile processors. But those are pricey, luxury notebooks beyond the price range that Intel is targeting with the newest processors. "It will fit the consumer system price point. Very affordable systems," Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel, said during a video conference Monday morning. Though Eden refrained from citing specific prices, the consumer laptop segment typically ranges from about $500 to $1,000 for systems with screen sizes between 13 inches and 15 inches diagonally.

Asus, Gateway, and Acer already have systems ready for launch, Eden said. The new chips expand an existing line of ultra-low-power processors. Intel Shrinks Core i7 CPUs For Ultrathin Laptops. Intel officially outs Core i3, i5 and i7 ULV processors for thos. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS · The number 32 is key -- Intel's chip design and unique manufacturing dubbed "32 nanometers" delivers 32 percent slimmer laptops and more than 32 percent better performance. · Smarter, faster processors offer the perfect balance of style and performance.

Intel officially outs Core i3, i5 and i7 ULV processors for thos

Ultra-thin laptops typically are approximately 0.8 to 1 inch thick and 1 to 2 pounds lighter than traditional laptops. · Chips include a multitude of new technologies to enhance performance while offering great battery life, such as Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, which intelligently provides an immediate boost when needed for certain software and Intel® HD integrated high-definition graphics. SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 24, 2010 – Intel Corporation introduced new Intel® Core™ processors today, extending the availability of its award-winning Intel Core processor family to more stylish, ultra-thin laptops.

About Intel Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. PRESS KIT - Ultra-thin, Ultra-portable Laptops.