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Corp. Eve Online. Formación. Videos. Finding Cloning. This service will help you quickly find the nearest (from your location) stations with cloning wanted NPC corporations.

Finding Cloning

This page is accessible through InGame browser so it is possible to look up info of the corporations and, using "set destination", direct the autopilot to selected stations. In InGame browser also possible automatic definition of your location. Input your location. The service is working in a test mode. If you have any questions, concerns or some ideas, we will be happy to hear from you on our forum.


Compra Caracteres. Eve tools - Market prices, reprocessing, manufacturing calculator, price check. Welcome to EVE Online Hold'Em. EVE Agents - EVE-Online Agent finder. Wormhole. Incursion. La POS. Salvageo. Come Play Eve. Mission Reports. Buying. S EVE Online section. Especificos. Fiteos. Welcome to THE HUNT for Recruites. Eve-Online Training Academy. Eve University. EVEWiki. UniWiki. EVE Online Game Time Codes ETC GTC - BattleClinic Deep Space Supply. EFT tutorial. EFT (EVE Fitting tool) is an out of game tool that allows a pilot to plan his/her "ship fit", ie which ship the pilot flies, which weapons and modules can be fitted, and what would be the relative performance for pilots using various fits.

EFT tutorial

EFT can model all ships, modules, rigs, implants, and wormhole effects in game for any number of characters. Downloading EFT Gripen always posts a link to the latest version of EFT in the EVE-Online forum thread here: Get Yourself in the Machine To know how a ship setup reacts, what its characteristics are, and if you can fly it, you need to have your skill set imported into EFT. To create a new character in EFT, follow these steps: Go to the View menu and choose "Character Editor". Source(s): EFT tutorial Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination Choose a Ship Go to File and choose "Open Ship Browser". You now see a list of all the ships. [USE] - [key points] Examples: Setting Up You can download an "All Level 4" character here. Damage. PvP.

PvP is seriously cool in Eve.


PvP in Eve is amongst the most harsh of MMOs I know. When killed you lose your ship, which can be worth 100M, 500M, 2.0B or even more. You do not lose 'experience' or skill points, though. (Unless your clone is out-of-date). PvP in Eve involves destroying opposing ships and structures. When you are involved in a kill as victim or winner, you receive a 'killmail'. The scale of Eve PvP is incredible.

EVE Insider. Edited by: AtheistOfFail on 05/07/2010 15:13:20Edited by: AtheistOfFail on 05/07/2010 15:12:50So you finally got that EvE subscription you wanted and you did all the tutorial missions?

EVE Insider

And you finally joined a corporation that's active in PvP but you have no idea what to do? Welcome to the beginner's guide to being useful in PvP. Although most new players consider their place in the battlefield to be unneeded and don't think they can help in any way, most of them are wrong. Any player can assist his or her corporation in PvP operations regardless of time ingame, amount of skillpoints or even what class of ship they fly. This guide is designed to let new players get their feet wet into the art of PvP and allow some of them to continue to other combat activities.

Now, to start off, you will have to deal with a few basic facts of PvP life.1) You will die (just a matter of when) <- this one's usually number 1 for a few reasons.


EVE Online. » Comunidad Hispana de EVE Online. EVElopedia. EVE Online - Comunidad Hispana » Página principal. Skills guide - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki. The pain was doubly difficult for Renund to take.

Skills guide - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki

Sure, he had a brand new body, and his memories were intact, but damn! The loss of his Command Cruiser was a heavy financial burden to pay. The double came from the annoying synthesized voice that insisted he pay another 20 million ISK to update his clone for a “future emergency”. It galled him. He winced harder when he remembered the expensive implants in his last head that were now so much space dust. EVE takes an approach to character skill growth that remains distinctive among MMOs. Skill advancement is essential to a pilot's progress in EVE - the more you progress in an area, the easier it is to reach your goals within the game. Training Skills When a new pilot is created, he starts with some basic skills. Skills continue training even when you are logged off. You can only train one character per account and one skill per character at a time. Skill Requirements Skills Settings On the Character Sheet's Skills area is the Settings tab.

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