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Websites that have compiled numerous useful links for me to look back on for new tools

InDesign Scripts. We offer you a wide array of scripts which cover many aspects of automating InDesign.

InDesign Scripts

While these scripts are not as comprehensive or polished as our commercial products, many of them can be very useful and save a tremendous amount of time. These scripts represent a considerable effort on our part, and while we are offering them as free downloads, please consider making a donation. There is no greater incentive to continue offering free utilities such as these than a little monetary compensation. Please visit our forum to learn more about scripting. This is a simple script to help make it easier to install scripts. This startup script adds a menu item which toggles adornments which show where text have style overrides.

This startup script adds a menu item to your swatches panel that allows you to add hexadecimal swatches (among other cool things). Did you ever wish you could have numbered lines in InDesign? Here are two scripts which help with the tedious task of fitting text. 20 Free Must-Have Scripts for InDesign Users - Excerpted from InDesign Magazine, August/September 2012 (issue 49).

20 Free Must-Have Scripts for InDesign Users -

Subscribe now! In addition to the HTML version of the excerpt below, you can also download the excerpt as a PDF that retains the full design of the magazine. This PDF is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader. Congratulations: By starting to read this article you have taken the first step towards making your life far easier! I’m going to uncover a secret that can transform you from a regular InDesign User to a super-powered force of nature! One of the best ways to apply this rule is to find a script or plug-in that does your work for you. If you want to install a script you have downloaded from the internet (it should have a .js or .jsx extension), right-click the Users folder in the Scripts panel and choose Open in Finder (or Open in Explorer in Windows) from the context menu.

Put your scripts inside the Scripts Panel folder (not the Scripts folder). Named HTML Color Codes Reference Chart. Free Projects you can Sew for Your Pet. Wildlife and Natural History - Master of Links. is always looking for Web sites that present accurate, useful information for those interested in Wildlife and Natural History.

Wildlife and Natural History - Master of Links

If you have problems locating any of these sites, or would like to suggest an additional link, let us know. Birds The Backyard Birdwatcher: George H. Harrison, eNature's birding expert, is an award-winning nature writer, photographer, PBS television host, and the author of a dozen nature books, including The Backyard Bird Watcher. He is field editor for National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Sports Afield magazines and contributing editor to Birds & Blooms and Birder's World. Wild Bird Watching: Birdwatching information about the mating, nesting, and feeding habits of common North American backyard birds. Expert advice on bird-watching, backyard bird feeding, bird gardening, bird identification, bird travel and cool birding products. The Virtual Birder The Virtual Birder offers several interactive virtual tours. Mark W. Content Curation Tools - Cataloguing. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and accompanying map, is comprised of both business grade tools that support organizations’ content marketing strategies, as well as personal curation tools that can be used by individuals for hobbyist or organizational purposes.

Content Curation Tools - Cataloguing

Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market. Curation is a great way to support your created content strategy, publish content consistently and keep track of your favorite information sources. Enlightened content marketers are using a content mix that is only 65% created, with the remainder being 25% curated and 10% syndicated.

My hope is that this map will help you or your organization navigate the growing world of curation and find a tool that best fits your content needs. The Purpose of this List Disclaimer Trap! Know of any other great content curation tools?