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How Social Media Is Ruining Politics. Our political discourse is shrinking to fit our smartphone screens. The latest evidence came on Monday night, when Barack Obama turned himself into the country’s Instagrammer-in-Chief. While en route to Alaska to promote his climate agenda, the president took a photograph of a mountain range from a window on Air Force One and posted the shot on the popular picture-sharing network. “Hey everyone, it's Barack,” the caption read. “I'll be spending the next few days touring this beautiful state and meeting with Alaskans about what’s going on in their lives. Looking forward to sharing it with you.” The photo quickly racked up thousands of likes. Ever since the so-called Facebook election of 2008, Obama has been a pacesetter in using social media to connect with the public. Story Continued Below And then there’s Donald Trump.

The more established among this year’s candidates have been slow to learn this lesson. Clinton’s predicament is a particularly painful one. Watch: Why social media is Donald Trump's most powerful weapon. Donald Trump on the Issues. Democrats, Republicans Agree on Four Top Issues for Campaign. Story Highlights All rate the economy, terrorism, jobs and healthcare as importantRepublicans put more priority on fixing government and the deficitDemocrats rate climate change, inequality as more important PRINCETON, N.J. -- Republicans and Democrats agree on the importance of the presidential candidates' positions on the economy, terrorism, jobs and healthcare. Beyond these, however, the two partisan groups differ significantly on the importance they assign to other campaign issues.

These data, from Gallup's Jan. 21-25 Election Benchmark survey, are based on Americans' responses to a question asking them to rate the importance of the candidates' positions on 15 issues. Overall, Americans rate the economy, terrorism, jobs, healthcare and education as most important. The detailed results are at the end of this article. The economy, terrorism, jobs and healthcare clearly are the four issues that share higher-than-average importance among both partisan groups. Climate change. Bottom Line. Trump vs. Clinton: how the rivals rank on Twitter, Facebook, more. Who's winning the social media race for your vote? Trump is in the lead with raw numbers, while Clinton out-glosses her rival with slick, produced videos. Jefferson Graham reports on #TalkingTech.

LOS ANGELES — In the presidential campaign waged on social media, Donald Trump already has the most votes. That's probably of little surprise to people following Trump's frequent, off-the-cuff Tweets from @therealdonaldtrump. But Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has her own pockets of strength — notably YouTube, which showcases highly produced campaign videos. And she's got a presence where Trump is nearly absent, including Snapchat and LinkedIn. Social media has made a bigger impact in this election cycle than any other in history, both for breaking news and as a way for citizens to directly connect to candidates. “Conflict sells,” says Michael Cornfield, an associate professor at George Washington University, about why Trump’s tweet rants have been so covered by the media.

Not necessarily. From Trump’s controversial words, a pattern: outrage, headlines, and then denial : hillaryclinton. The 20 Most Controversial Donald Trump Tweets. The Don’s got it all. The money, the golf game, the flow — he’s infallible. Everything he touches turns to gold, which he then makes fun of for being less prestigious and sought-after than platinum. If you’ve never checked out Trump’s Twitter account, you’re really missing out. Dude shoots out hot takes on the reg. Savage. It’s true. @mplefty67 said what we were all thinking. Trump’s a research doctor, too! This is bullshit! Donald might throw a lot of mean words out there, but he knows kids use Twitter, and he knows when to censor himself. Trump, telling it like it is. I always wondered why he put quotations around ‘extremely credible source.’ #GetOurScientistsOutOfTheIce #Trump2016 It’s been a couple of years, wonder if Robby Pats ever tossed Trump an IOU?

Trump looks out for his own. Ye… Wait, what? Smart move by trump to secure the anti-vaxxer vote. If you look past the insult, you can clearly see that Trump supports marriage equality (if it involves leaving Arianna Huffington). Trump Twitter rant: Donald Trump quintuples down. Awake at 3 a.m. ET, Donald Trump picked up his phone and began tweeting about "made up lies" in the media. Just two hours later, he opened up Twitter again and quickly went from venting to slandering a former beauty queen -- shaming her for a sex tape for which the campaign has not provided evidence.

Trump's conduct since the first debate has been astonishing for a major party nominee just 39 days away from the election. Instead of zeroing in on his strongest points from Monday night on jobs and trade, he's cited fake polls, resurfaced Bill Clinton's marital scandals from the 1990s, floated a conspiracy theory about Google searches and attacked 1996's Miss Universe. And after Hillary Clinton raised allegations that Trump called 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping," Trump has kept that controversy alive by refusing to apologize, instead seeking to discredit Machado and justify his apparent comments and similar ones he made in interviews at the time.

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