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Detroit Statistics

Detroit, MI crime rates and statistics - NeighborhoodScout. FAQ on NeighborhoodScout's Crime Data Frequently Asked Questions + Q.

Detroit, MI crime rates and statistics - NeighborhoodScout

Can I get a Custom Crime Report for my business address? + Q. Can I license your crime data via an API? Q. A. Back to top Q. A. Q. A. *Because the maps are designed to illustrate the variation within the city or the state, the colors are not comparable between maps To see the actual, absolute crime risks for a neighborhood, you must click on the map to open the neighborhood reports, where we reveal the detailed crime data (neighborhood crime data is reserved for subscribers). Q. A. We insist on using Final, Non-Preliminary data for our analyses and analytics, rather than basing our research on preliminary data that may need to be updated or have errors in it.

Currently, the latest Final, Non-Preliminary crime data with complete national coverage available is the 2014 year total data, released in final form in November, 2015. The 2015 data will be considered Final, Non-Preliminary sometime in the fall of 2016. Businessinsider. Detroit to close 51 parks. By Shannon Jones 4 February 2013 Detroit’s Democratic Party Mayor David Bing announced Friday that his administration will close 51 city parks and sharply cut back operations at recreation centers by the spring.

Detroit to close 51 parks

The cuts mean that only 57 of the city’s more than 300 parks will be in operation this year. Those that remain open will see reduced staffing and maintenance. Romanowski Park in southwest Detroit is slated to be closed The park closures are in line with the plans of the Bing administration to deny services to so-called unviable neighborhoods, forcing residents to move out. One life-long Detroit resident told the WSWS, “Recreation is an important part of a child’s development. “I believe the closing of these parks is part of a plan to turn the land over to private developers at a cut-rate cost.” Brushing aside the anger of city residents over the park closures, the Bing administration proposed that community groups adopt parks and carry out maintenance such as lawn mowing.

Detroit has America’s worst transit system. Could the Regional Transit Master Plan save it? Joshua Lott/Getty Images If you think Detroit’s population decline has been bad—the city had 1.85 million residents in 1950 and just 710,000 in 2010—consider the total disintegration of its transit network.

Detroit has America’s worst transit system. Could the Regional Transit Master Plan save it?

At the end of World War II, Motown and its environs were home to the largest municipally owned streetcar system in the United States. Regional streetcars, buses, and commuter rail counted an annual ridership of 490 million. Henry Grabar is a staff writer for Slate’s Moneybox. Today, the streetcars and commuter rail are gone. More drastic service cuts hit Detroit public transportation. By Debra Watson 1 May 2012.

More drastic service cuts hit Detroit public transportation

Census bureau: Detroit is poorest big city in U.S. Michigan is among 12 states that saw a decline in the percentage of people living in poverty in 2014 though the state’s poverty rate remained higher than the national average, according to a U.S.

Census bureau: Detroit is poorest big city in U.S.

Census Bureau report released Wednesday. Detroit was the most impoverished major city in America with 39.3 percent living below a poverty line of $24,008 for a family of four. But Flint topped the list of Michigan’s poorest cities with 40.1 percent of residents living in poverty. Michigan’s poverty rate declined from 17 percent in 2013 to 16.2 percent last year, according to the annual American Community Survey.

Detroit, MI Unemployment Rate. Federal aid to Detroit: In reality, more than $2 billion; but, to what end? Clifford Thies Clifford F.

Federal aid to Detroit: In reality, more than $2 billion; but, to what end?

Thies is the Eldon R. Lindsay Professor of Economics and Finance at Shenandoah University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Boston College. Latest posts by Clifford Thies (see all) A Bloomberg piece asserts that federal aid to Detroit amounts to only $108 million; and, in contrast, federal aid to Colombia is much higher, $323 million. First, before we go any further, aid to Colombia should be ended. Private citizens pick up the slack as Detroit cuts public services. With the city of Detroit now $2.5 billion in debt and the cancellation of city services, teams of private citizens are helping to provide basic services.

Private citizens pick up the slack as Detroit cuts public services

To avoid bankruptcy, the city is being run by an independent emergency manager. Payments on unsecured debt were already canceled last month in an effort to save money and spend what they have on services such as the police force and fire departments. But with the lack of funds come the dismissal of several city services, which has spurred a measure of civic pride, Fox News reports. After the city abandoned a long awaited light-rail project, 26-year-old Andy Didirosi was “pissed” and chose to fund a transportation plan himself.