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DIY Pallet Wine Rack. Teen Bedding, Furniture & Decor for Teen Bedrooms & Dorm Rooms. Color palette: yellow and plum. DIY Dresser Dress-up! 15 DIY Ideas. Posted by on onsdag, april 25, 2012 · Leave a Comment Storage in our homes is often a challenge…and finding storage options that are both practical and personal even more so!

DIY Dresser Dress-up! 15 DIY Ideas

Old dressers and chests are abundant in attics and thrift stores, but more than often dingy and uninspired…This post features 15 doable D.I.Y ideas & tutorials on the crafty tricks that will dress up any old dresser into the Cinderella of your home – Enjoy! Clever Corner DIY Solutions. Posted by on tisdag, augusti 28, 2012 · Leave a Comment Let creativity sprawl into each and every corner of your home – literally!

Clever Corner DIY Solutions

Narrow corners are surprisingly often overseen and deemed ”impossible” to make something out of…Challenged by this ‘fact’ (further enforced by the lack of pre-made corner solutions from furniture retailers) I thought I’d gather a bunch of corner D.I.Y ideas proving the ‘corners are impossible’ notion wrong… DIY - En lekfull hyllning till PRÄNT.

Ombre DIY Ideas. Posted by on onsdag, augusti 29, 2012 · 2 Comments Oh la la, ombre!

Ombre DIY Ideas

Dip you toe (and your stuff) into the DIY dip dye and ombre trend. There’s lots and lots of awesome adaptations floating around the blogosphere! Here’s my lil’ pick of ideas to crank up the hotness of old stuff in an instant…enjoy! Pics via Ikea Livet Hemma, BrooklynLimestone & HeimaStore. Cut-in-half D.I.Y - Double the trouble, twice the fun! Posted by on tisdag, september 18, 2012 · 3 Comments I gotta tell y’all, the D.I.Y blogosphere is indeed where the magic happens!

Cut-in-half D.I.Y - Double the trouble, twice the fun!

The round-up of ideas in this post aims to prove my case by gathering of bunch of projects that I refer to as 2-in-1 magic makeovers. The featured projects shows how to make the most out of less (with a little help from a circular saw!). With a little luck, this boost of creative split vision might make ignite a lil’ spark of inspiration and make you think twice about tossing that odd old table in the attic/basement/garage. The projects may be double the trouble but they’re most definitely twice the fun, Enjoy!

Hacky Hanger DIY - 10+ Crafty Ideas on how to repurpose old hangers. Posted by on fredag, september 7, 2012 · 4 Comments Coat hangers are super easy to come by, you’ve probably got a bunch of old ones stacked at the back of your closet or in a dusty box in the attic, am I right?

Hacky Hanger DIY - 10+ Crafty Ideas on how to repurpose old hangers

Instead of leaving them to that drab destiny, plunge into the pool of inspirational D.I.Y ideas featured in this post! Top15 Pallet D.I.Y Ideas for the Bedroom. Posted by on torsdag, november 24, 2011 · 5 Comments In the ScrapHacker blog i´ve previously featured tons of D.I.Y pallet furniture ideas, including Top 10 pallet Coffee Table Ideas, Pallet Coffee Table D.I.Y instructions, Top 15 Pallet Sofa Ideas, D.I.Y instructions for a Pallet Sofa Bed, D.I.Y Pallet Dining Tables…In order to make the palette of pallet home ideas complete, I figured I should write a feature on Pallet Bed Ideas.

Top15 Pallet D.I.Y Ideas for the Bedroom

Pallet bed hacks are perhaps the most straightforward ones…All you need for some D.I.Y action are some pallets, some paint and a mattress. Wheels are cool, but not necessary. Lighting: High/Low Bracket Light. Older Lighting: High/Low Bracket Light by Julie Carlson Issue 45 · Scandinavian Rustic · November 8, 2011.

Lighting: High/Low Bracket Light

Pretty pen pots. Yesterday I showed you a sneak peak at how I am getting on with organizing my craft room.

Pretty pen pots

Today I am sharing with you the quick, easy, cheap simple idea that is... Pretty pen potsTools and Materials Empty tin canTilda flower garden & Winter Bird Printed 230 gsm paperDouble sided sticky tapeScissors Pretty pen pots, How-to step by step Wash and dry the empty tin can. Dip-Dyed Baskets - Martha Stewart Crafts by Technique. DIY Hanging Coat Rack. Add charm and storage with a painted branch.

DIY Hanging Coat Rack

Find unique products and stores you've never heard of. Find unique products and stores you've never heard of. Decorations. Johnson trading gallery moves to queens. My friend of has moved his base of operations to Queens.

johnson trading gallery moves to queens

It might seem like a surprising move, but Paul is always two steps head of the. Paint lid swatches. I love seeing how companies advertise their paint hues. In addition to traditional (and still awesome) paint chip cards, there are so many creative directions to go in. Simple yet inspiring, these photographs from Serena and Lily showcase the available paint colours with plenty of glossy dimension and clean little captions. Scarf Hanger [Organization] Build a Painter’s Ladder Shelf.

PDF version A free standing storage tower, with varying size shelves. perfect for tight spaces that need extra storage, but still plenty of elbow room. Handmade from this plan >> Dimensions Dimensions: 54" tall x 24" wide x 16" deep (approximate) TOO by Blu Dot Stories Bookcase - White/Yellow/W. Google Image Result for. Organize It. 21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture.

- ScrapHacker. Posted by on torsdag, januari 26, 2012 · Leave a Comment It´s easy to stumble across beautifully aged vintage suitcases these days. I like them, sure, yet, with no specific long-term area of use other than the decorative ”it-item” du jour, it seems most of them will stay put in that market corner…unless, that is…some creative hackers come up with a straightforward way to re-use them… I´m thinking the upcycled pieces by Cape Town based studio ReCreate and designer Katie Thompson might have facilitated the vintage suitcase shift upward in the thrift store hierarchy…Or, what do you think about these suitcase re-makes? Skillful upholstery and turned legs complement precious cases. ReCreate don´t stop at chairs. All pics (except top) from ReCreate. Hats Off to the Bowler Hat Pendant Light - DIY Inspiration. Posted by on fredag, januari 27, 2012 · 2 Comments Hats off to this bright and lightheaded idea: The Bowler Hat Pendant.

The Bowler pendant lights, designed by British designer Jake Phipps and named after “Jeeves and Wooster”, have received a warm welcome as a hacky statement piece, equally cool hung alone or grouped together. The retail price is about €200, but I´m thinking some straightforward D.I.Y action could score you the look for next to nothing since hats tend to be a dime a dozen at your local thrift store. 34 DIY headboard ideas. The headboard is now looked at as a mainly decorative element in our bedrooms. As it usually happens, it all started from a practical reason/purpose.The headboard, a piece of furniture that is attached to the head of the bed, was initially an element that isolated sleepers from drafts and cold. Back then the buildings were less insulated and thus such a feature was needed. The headboards were made of wood because it’s a material that’s less conductive than stone or brick for example.

With time, this function has been lost and replaced by a purely aesthetical function. Brand New Branches - 10+ D.I.Y ideas for Twig Tweaking. Posted by on tisdag, januari 24, 2012 · 4 Comments Rising tall, with arms stretching out as if to serve, the shapes of trees & branches are naturally endowed with excellent coat rack skills. Top 15 Before & After Furniture Re-Makes - DIY Inspiration.

Recycling Cassette Tapes, 10 DIY Ideas from - ScrapHacker. Bottle Lamp DIY - Top Looks & Ideas - ScrapHacker. DIY Organizing Ideas! 10+ DIY Ideas to boost your Spring Cleaning. New Life for Ladders, 10+ DIY Ideas. Posted by on måndag, juni 4, 2012 · 19 Comments.