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101 Pretty Printables {free}

101 Pretty Printables {free} These pretty printables are fabulous and free…you can’t go wrong with that! Decorate your home with quotes and flowers, throw a party that looks like a million bucks or wrap a gift with the perfect tag. Oh my gosh…you are going to love these!!! There’s a little something for everyone. I wish I could share a photo of each one, but my blog would most likely blow up…ha! Make sure your printer has color ink before you start, and feel free to share this list with all your friends…they’ll love you for it!


Freebies downloaded from may be used in personal projects. They may also be used commercially as part of a design or craft for sale, or modified as such, but never to be resold as-is, (ie. digital collage, printables.) Exception: Any free downloads posted via, or will require permission from those parties for commercial re-use, but not for the original intended use as described in the post or article. share FREEBIES
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