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Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks - English Works. What is The Bechdel-Wallace Test and Why Does It Matter? Recently, the lack of female representation behind the scenes and in front of the camera in the entertainment industry has become a hot topic.

What is The Bechdel-Wallace Test and Why Does It Matter?

Whether it’s pay discrepancies between actors and actresses or the lack of diverse characters, we’re finally talking about what’s been apparent for so long: women aren’t represented in the media to the degree that they exist in the world. Recognition of the issue has grown throughout 2015 and for good reason! The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that in popular movies across 11 countries, only 31% of speaking roles are occupied by females. Enter the Bechdel-Wallace Test. In 1985, cartoonist Alison Bechdel wrote in her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, that one of the characters only went to a movie that met the following requirements: It has to have at least two women in itThe women must talk to each otherThe women must talk about something other than a man However, The Bechdel-Wallace Test isn’t perfect.

To the graduating class of 2013: Remember this when you get your results. Photos are deceiving.

To the graduating class of 2013: Remember this when you get your results

The photo of me (and my perm) below was taken on my last day of high school in 1989. And I look deliriously happy. I was, of course. For starters, I didn’t have to wear that uniform anymore. High-5 to that. Of course what you can’t see is that I’m also completely terrified. So yeah – I remember that last term. Joking. But think about it. You will not be a success or a failure in life based on your year 12 final grades. For senior students, it feels like their whole future is resting on these year 12 exams. Now don’t get me wrong – high grades are valuable. And then there are life’s late bloomers. “I was a late bloomer in every sense of the word.

Site of Salem witch hangings confirmed by researchers. The Boston site known as Proctor’s Ledge, where 19 people accused of witchcraft were hanged in 1692, has finally been confirmed by researchers who spent years combing through records to pinpoint its exact location.

Site of Salem witch hangings confirmed by researchers

A wooded area that now overlooks a Walgreens will be commemorated with a modest tribute. “This is part of our history, and this is an opportunity for us to be honest about what took place,” Mayor Kimberley Driscoll told the Boston Globe. Historians first believed that the hangings occurred at the peak of Gallows Hill, but later found through eyewitness accounts, aerial photography, and images created with mapping technology, that the deaths occurred at the base known as Proctor’s Ledge. At the time of the hangings, the area was public land where sheep openly grazed. In addition to the 19 people hung at Proctor’s Ledge, where no bodies are buried, five others died in jail and another was crushed to death for witchcraft.

Read the full story at the Boston Globe. Related: Hashem Al-Ghaili - Journal. Periodic Table of Storytelling. Creative Classroom / Character Analysis. Character Analysis – Type (or print really neatly) your character analysis.

Creative Classroom / Character Analysis

Include: CHARACTER NAME, AGE, FAMILY, BACKGROUND. Answer: Make a catalogue of 5 of that character's major lines and comment on what these lines tell.Answer, what are my character's super objective, objectives, obstacles and tactics? Bring in real-life parallels.Answer, who is your character and what do they stand for or believe in? How would your character keep their personal space?

Draw a picture of your character's costume. 1. 2. Examples of the Rule of Three. Beware of nominalizations (AKA zombie nouns) - Helen Sword. This lesson was based on an op-ed Helen Sword wrote for the New York Times entitlted Zombie Nouns.

Beware of nominalizations (AKA zombie nouns) - Helen Sword

Would you de-zombify the following sentence? (Hint: Your rewritten version should include a clearly defined human subject – e.g. “writers” – and at least one active verb): “The anesthetization of readers through an abundance of nominalizations is often the consequence of laziness rather than intentionality.”Can you rephrase the following sentence in zombie-speak? : “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.”

(Martin Luther King)For an operationalized assessment of your own propensity for nominalization dependence (translation: to diagnose your own zombie habits), try pasting a few samples of your prose into the Writer’s Diet test.