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17 Formative Digital Assessment Tools That Help You Know Students. A big benefit of doing formative assessment properly is that we get to know our students really well.

17 Formative Digital Assessment Tools That Help You Know Students

But why is this important? It has to do with the fact that teachers don’t actually create learning, but rather encourage and facilitate it. Only learners create learning, but teachers guide the process by responding to student performance. This is where knowing our students well through assessment comes into play. Tony Vincent of Learning in Hand provides a list of terrific digital assessment tools in Know Students Better: 17 Tools for Formative Assessment.

If The Characters Of Pride And Prejudice Could Text. State Library Victoria. How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills - Abundant Life. Photo Credit Competent note taking is one of those study skills that students are rarely taught in high schools.

How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills - Abundant Life

I, like many others, learned note-taking the hard way by the sink or swim method in college. As my older kids get closer and closer to finishing high school and heading out to the world of the college lecture hall, I have been researching exactly how to teach them this valuable skill. This post will list several different ways to learn to take notes but there is really no substitute for practice. Taking good notes – notes that will be useful for studying from later – require that the note taker evaluate, organize and then succinctly summarize the information being presented. General Note Taking Tips. Absolutely Brutal - Journal. Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers. Enlightenment - that is what Islam truly needs. Last Friday, in these pages, Waleed Aly excoriated both Tony Abbott and that embarrassing buffoon running rogue in the US Republican primaries, Donald Trump.

Enlightenment - that is what Islam truly needs

He deplored their ignorance about Islam and the muddle entailed in the conservative Catholic Abbott calling for a reformation and revolution within Islam. But then he added "this isn't really a conversation about Islam"; it's about a dubious brand of "self-described conservative" populist politics. Very well, then. Let's actually have the conversation about Islam that we have to have.

Let's begin with Aly's striking observation that "Islam's own version of the Reformation already occurred in the 18th century", giving birth to Wahhabism, the religious culture of the nation state of Saudi Arabia, al-Qaeda and Islamic State. Lisa Wilkinson delivers impassioned speech at Allison Baden-Clay rally calling for domestic violence reform. December 18, 2015: Lisa Wilkinson has read out a touching tribute to Allison Baden-Clay, showing her support for more to be done to stop violence against women.

Lisa Wilkinson delivers impassioned speech at Allison Baden-Clay rally calling for domestic violence reform

TODAY show host Lisa Wilkinson has spoken to a packed Brisbane rally protesting Gerard Baden-Clay's conviction downgrade from murder to manslaughter, calling for justice for Allison. Wilkinson spoke to more than 1000 people at the rally in Brisbane's King George Square held this afternoon, telling the crowd she was "humbled" to be asked by Ms Baden-Clay's family to speak. Watch the video in the player above to see Lisa Wilkinson's speech in full. Matilda in the Making - Pregnancy Time Lapse. Jezebel. Mind-Blowing Video: The History and Future of Everything - Time. Women Prophets in the Bible: Remembering the Oft Forgotten. Within the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), there are numerous prophetic books that are named after Israelite and Judean men who were prophets: from Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel to Amos, Hosea, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zechariah.

Women Prophets in the Bible: Remembering the Oft Forgotten

However, there are no prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible that are named after women. None. Target and Kmart sell $2 school uniforms, but at what cost? Major Australian retailers Kmart and Target have come under fire for selling $2 school uniforms while factory workers are paid below levels that can cover basic living expenses.

Target and Kmart sell $2 school uniforms, but at what cost?

Women in the World - Journal. Kevin McCloud: Slumming It (2010) - Ep1 (Full) Step Inside Salvador Dali's Surreal Paintings With Trippy VR Video. iReleaseEndorphins - Timeline. Mental_floss. Michael Myers - Journal. 7.30 - Journal. "If Jesus & Holy Week were Covered by 24 Hour Cable News" by Nathan Roberts - The Salt Collective. All too often, the speed of the 24 hour news machine reduces complex stories to bite size talking points.

"If Jesus & Holy Week were Covered by 24 Hour Cable News" by Nathan Roberts - The Salt Collective

Journalists and talking heads seem to take one look at a news story and then grind the details through their pre-existing narratives. It got me wondering how Cable News would have spun Holy Week. And after a week of 24 hour coverage how would the public feel about Jesus’ crucifixion? The Deer's Cry. Oscar Romero. Knowledge of Today - Journal. 10 surprising facts about the Black Death. Here, writing for History Extra, medieval historian Samuel Cohn shares 10 lesser-known facts… 1) The Black Death (October 1347 to c1352) did not eradicate a third of Europe’s population Open almost any textbook on western civilisation and it will claim that the Black Death felled one-third of Europe’s population.

10 surprising facts about the Black Death

Art Makes You Smart. Photo FOR many education advocates, the arts are a panacea: They supposedly increase test scores, generate social responsibility and turn around failing schools.

Art Makes You Smart

Most of the supporting evidence, though, does little more than establish correlations between exposure to the arts and certain outcomes. Research that demonstrates a causal relationship has been virtually nonexistent. A few years ago, however, we had a rare opportunity to explore such relationships when the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened in Bentonville, Ark. Through a large-scale, random-assignment study of school tours to the museum, we were able to determine that strong causal relationships do in fact exist between arts education and a range of desirable outcomes.

Refugee Advocacy Network - Journal. The Undercurrent. Does History Have To Be Boring? – imaginED. By Dr.

Does History Have To Be Boring? – imaginED

Theodore Christou In 2009, I began my academic career as an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. Animated Bayeux Tapestry – HeritageDaily. Solving one of the longest cases of mistaken identity, University of Alberta PhD candidate Greg Funston recently described a new genus and species of toothless dinosaur from Alberta. Long thought to be a more common ornithomimid, Apatoraptor pennatus instead turned out to be a member of the notoriously enigmatic caenagnathid family. “This is my first time naming a new dinosaur,” says Funston of the prestigious honour. “It’s really exciting on a personal level, but what I am most excited about is what it means for this field of paleontology. In future studies, it will help us to better understand these dinosaurs.

MAV Museo Archeologico Virtuale di Ercolano - Fondazione CIVES.