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Not All Great Innovators Had Advanced Degrees

07 may 2020

Not All Great Innovators Had Advanced Degrees

The world has been, and will always be changed by highly-educated individuals. Having said that, some of the biggest innovators didn’t even have any sort of certified, formal education.


Keep in mind, InventHelp Innovation this list isn’t to thwart new inventors away from finishing their degrees.


Leonardo da Vinci

The most classic example of a novel inventor would be Leonardo da Vinci, who also happened to be without a formal degree. While studying on his terms, he didn’t receive formal education like other kids, likely due to him being an illegitimate child.


He exceeded in art, science, and philosophy, but his inventions are what made the biggest impact on his legacy.


Of course, he wasn’t without any sort of education. He went under a 10-year apprenticeship with Verrocchio, where he learned essential technical skills.