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How to generate new ideas: 5 steps leading to innovation

25 july 2020

How to generate new ideas: 5 steps leading to innovation

As changes accelerate in markets and in technology, through InventHelp companies must continually innovate to be competitive, to grow, and to remain relevant to their customers. Here are 5 steps to improve the way you generate new ideas and InventHelp Technology technologies.


1. Foster a culture of innovation


It is a culture that encourages employee participation and trust, and that allows you to try new things, adapt them, and learn. Your team must see that management values, encourages and rewards ideas. We cannot be content with fine words. Employees will easily know if their contribution is really sought after, or if everything that is said about innovation is just fine to talk.


2. Identify challenges and gather ideas


You are now ready to start collecting ideas. . It's common to start by identifying a challenge - for example, new technology, and unmet customer need, a production bottleneck, a product or price problem - and then brainstorm ideas for meeting this challenge.