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Kristin kelly. Free Hashtag Report. For complete details on our plans, click here.

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#AKASocialTV presentation · kekelly_ Free Hashtag Report. For complete details on our plans, click here.

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Twitter Reach Report Results for AKASocialTV. Do you use other forms of technology (iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc) while watching live TV? Welcome - Ad Age Digital Conference 2012. LoS Angeles!

Welcome - Ad Age Digital Conference 2012

The Ad Age Social Engagement/Social TV Conference, Los Angeles In a sequel to the first Social Engagement/Social TV Conference held in New York in April, Ad Age is bringing the conversation west, to the geographic heart of the entertainment industry. On Wednesday, Oct. 17 in Los Angeles, we'll host major players who are tracking and facilitating social engagement across all platforms in a must-attend, partial-day event that will provide actionable insights in a fast-paced format. We'll share the latest findings and solutions for marketers and media professionals, with particular focus on the Social TV phenomenon and the dual-screen experience, as well as state-of-the-art consumer-brand engagement strategies across Facebook, Twitter and beyond.

THE big event. Is social media distracting for shows like ‘Mad Men?’ Social TV gives live viewing an edge over time-shifted [with chart] Social TV, in which audiences use social networks while they watch, is causing some viewers to opt for live broadcasts over time-shifted shows, according to a new study from iModerate Research Technologies.

Social TV gives live viewing an edge over time-shifted [with chart]

The research firm found that more than half (58 percent) of viewers who habitually engage socially while watching television report that they watch more live TV because they need to be part of the conversation in real-time. People in this group, defined as viewers who engage socially ten or more times a week, also are more active consumers and influencers than average. In fact a third of them said their primary reason for being Social TV viewers was either to give feedback to the television network or show support for their program.

Other motivations include the desire to be relevant and recognized, be part of a community, maintain relationships, and to virtually hang out with friends. Startup TweetTV raises $750K in angel funding. 20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week. We've had a little flip-flop this week.

20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week

March Madness didn't stack up in the social realm as successfully as last week. No matter, three of the college basketball tournament's games still managed to sneak onto the charts. But here's the real stinker: The Mad Men season five premiere came in under SpongeBob SquarePants. I'm going to assume that's because all of you were too engrossed in whiskey-soaked plot lines to bother tweeting.

At least, that's what happened in my apartment. On the contrary, Mad Men was actually the most social television premiere so far in 2012. Gen Y Says: "I Want My Social TV!" Social TV App Makers Disagree On Why Viewers Should Check In. Users who want to advertise what they're watching and share recommendations for TV shows and movies with friends have plenty of choices.

Social TV App Makers Disagree On Why Viewers Should Check In

Apps and mobile sites including GetGlue, Relay, Philo, Miso, etc. all hope to siphon conversation about TV, movies and even books and music from social networks like Twitter. But there seems to be disagreement on how to do this and why users should want to share their thoughts on an entertainment-specific platform instead or in addition to Twitter and Facebook, where friends are most likely to see them. Some believe the value comes from talking about what you're watching and sharing recommendations with friends. Others hope to motivate users with badges and tangible rewards. The Future Of Social TV Is Now. Social "check-in" service GetGlue waited until nearly halfway through January to release its 2011 infographics.

The Future Of Social TV Is Now

That same day, it closed a $12M round of financing led by Rho Ventures, with participation from TimeWarner Investments, RRE Ventures and Union Square Ventures. At the end of 2011, GetGlue hit two million users and logged 100 million check-ins. The site is only two years old, yet it has grown 1000% year over year. The million user mark came in April 2011. From just January to September 2011,it saw an 800% increase. TV Check-In Apps Get Social. Jeremy Lin and Pinterest weren’t Social Media Week’s only hot topics.

TV Check-In Apps Get Social

Also dominating discussions was the maturation of second-screen experiences, especially when tied to TV’s biggest events. “Check-in is not the goal; [it’s] the beginning for us,” Patrick Albano told Adweek. Albano is vp of social mobile and innovation at Yahoo, which last spring acquired TV check-in app IntoNow, which recognizes shows through audio fingerprints and then delivers content.

The Oscars, of course, broadcast live, is the perfect opportunity for prolonged engagement. Mobile app GetGlue is covering the event big time, having started with the Jan. 24 nominations announcement. The staggered check-in program continued last week with adding a GetGlue widget that consumers can use to check in ahead of the telecast for an exclusive sticker.

THE EXPERIMENT. Connect with your friends around the shows you love. Oscars 2012: Miso, GetGlue and Other Social TV Apps Take Aim (Updated) GetGlue.