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50 Cal Machine Gun VS. 250 Watermelons. Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons (Score) Meytal Cohen - The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin - Drum Cover. Feelin "Funktastic" about now...Time to put on the phones and listen to some tunes...Keith Page's Status: Feelin "Funktastic" about now...Time to put on the phones and listen to some tunes... Dream Theater live @ Budokon...very nice I must say!Keith Page's Status: Dream Theater live @ Budokon...very nice I must say! The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. Dream Theater - The Great Gig in the Sky [ Pink Floyd ] ] Home [Scene Six] [Live Version] by Dream Theater on Spotify. Ask Me Anything! Mozilla Firefox 7 Aims to Delight Developers - Application Development.

City girls just seem to find early how to open doors with just a smile....Keith Page's Status: City girls just seem to find early how to open doors with just a smile.... 10768-000814-7d43d8d64f89dca7db7b084f4e48ab11.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x282 pixels) 2011 911 Turbo S with M & M full exhaust system. Chaîne de InsideLineVideo. Top Gear - Skoda Yeti road test - BBC.

2011 Mustang GT Borla Exhaust. Annoying Orange - Fruit For All. Ford Mustang **Roush 427 R** **435 Horsepower** Chicago Cars Direct HD. 2011 Corvette ZR1 Walkaround - Edmonton Motors Ltd. Pagani Huayra - Jonny's Geneva Diary. Pagani Huayra - Finally On The Road. Civil War Macaroni and Cheese Recipe. Today, as I write this, marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of America’s Civil War, with the bombardment of Fort Sumter .

Civil War Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I recently took my 13-year old nephew to visit our nation’s capitol, including visiting Robert E. Lee’s house at Arlington National Cemetery, and a day wandering the battlefield at Gettysburg. The National Military Park Museum at Gettysburg is not to be missed, by the way. Not only does it give you a clear and thorough understanding of the 3-day battle that took place there, but the photos and relics on display give us a fascinating glimpse into what life must have been like back then. And it wasn’t really that long ago. So, what did they eat in the 1860s? Along with recipes for okra soup, indian pudding, gumbo and brown bread. According to the Civil War Recipes book, the following “maccaroni cheese” recipe first appeared in Godey’s Lady’s Book magazine in 1861 (circulation 150,000).

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed. If you’ve got work that requires engaged thinking–like reading, writing, or even just a serious phone call–stop juggling and start single-tasking. Here’s how. Ever wondered what it takes to be a part of Cirque du Soleil? Getting to be a one of a kind performer is no small feat. For four months, 16×9 followed Cirque Du Soleil scouts as they scoured the world, searching for the best of the best. Wikipedia: Cirque du Soleil (“Circus of the Sun”) is [...] You’re far less in control of your brain than you think, study finds You’ve probably never given much thought to the fact that picking up your cup of morning coffee presents your brain with a set of complex decisions. Just six months of exercise can improve memory, language, thinking and judgment problems by almost 50 per cent, says a study presented today at the Canadian Stroke Congress.

You're invited to join Dropbox! A Nightmare to Remember - Mike Portnoy (DRUMS ONLY) [HQ]‬‏ HOME - Mike Portnoy (DRUMS ONLY) [HD]‬‏ Amazing Drum Solo‬‏ Mr Blue Sky‬‏ Sade (13/17) - No Ordinary Love‬‏ Annoying Orange - Juice Boxing‬‏ Montrose reunion 2005‬‏ Hammer Of The Gods - The Wanton Song ( Led Zeppelin Cover )‬‏ Hammer Of The Gods "Thank You"‬‏ The Ashes Challenge - Top Gear - BBC‬‏ Suspect in Bryan Stow beating may have tried to conceal identity with new tattoos [Updated] Following a morning raid and several hours of questioning, LAPD detectives on Sunday afternoon formally arrested a man on suspicion of being one of the two assailants in the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.

Suspect in Bryan Stow beating may have tried to conceal identity with new tattoos [Updated]

[Update, 5:46 p.m.: LAPD officials publicly identified the suspect as 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez. Ramirez was booked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $1-million bail.] LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, speaking at a news conference, declined to name the suspect, saying his identity will be made public when he is booked Sunday evening. Several police sources confirmed the identity of suspect to the Los Angeles Times. The Times is not identifying the 31-year-old man at the request of senior Los Angeles Police Department officials, who said it could compromise a fast-moving search for the second assailant and the woman who drove the men away from the stadium.

Tip led police to suspect in Dodger Stadium beating. Mobile. Wall Street's Russian-style Corruption. Windows 8 Is Gorgeous, But Is It More Than Just A Shell? (Video) Yesterday, Microsoft showed off Windows 8 for the first time, and it’s gorgeous (check it out in the video above).

Windows 8 Is Gorgeous, But Is It More Than Just A Shell? (Video)

It’s also the biggest change to the look and feel of Windows since Windows 95. Windows 8 is all designed around a touch interface, with tiles replacing icons and swiping replacing drag-’n-drop. Instead of a Start button that pops up at the lower lefthand corner of your screen, you are greeted with a grid of tiles as the new Start screen. The tiles also function as mini-apps, displaying realtime information and updates which might spur someone to launch an app. You can switch quickly between running apps with a flick from the side panel. With this new touch user interface, Microsoft is hiding the complexity of Windows, but that complexity still exists underneath. Microsoft is very much responding to Apple with Windows 8, and they are doing so in a thoughtful way. Jay Leno's Garage - Nissan GT-R‬‏ 300 Bikers Foil Westboro Baptist Church’s Obama Joplin Protest.

Grooveshark Mobile Music. NASA's Next-Gen Spacesuit Could Have an In-Helmet Display. From the company that brought you head-up displays in ski goggles Recon Instruments' Transcend Goggles Recon Instruments Though NASA holds the keys to some of the most sophisticated technologies ever to make it into low Earth orbit, the spacesuits that astronauts wear up there are still in many ways similar to those worn during the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s.


Brush Fire Refill 3, Santee, CA.AVI‬‏ Mickey Mouse Mountain aka Magnolia Boulders in Santee, California‬‏ Santana High School‬‏ Liqurious. Grilled Tri-Tip Steak with Bell Pepper Salsa Recipe. If you don't have a grill, you can prepare the tri-tip by browning it in a hot cast iron pan on the stove top, then placing it a 325°F oven until the internal temperature of the steak/roast reaches 130°F.

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak with Bell Pepper Salsa Recipe

Method 1 Prepare the marinade in a large bowl, stirring together all of the marinade ingredients. Place steak in the bowl and coat on all sides with the marinade. Let the steak sit in the marinade and come to room temperature while you prepare the grill. (No need to marinate the steak more than 20 minutes or so.) 2 Prepare the grill for direct high heat. 3 When the grill is ready and hot, remove the meat from the marinade and dry it all around with paper towels. 4 Place the tri-tip on the grill, on the hot direct heat side. 5 Cook the tri-tip until a meat thermometer reads 130°F when inserted into the thickest part of the meat (15-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the meat). 6 Prepare the salsa by combining all of the salsa ingredients into a small bowl.

First Test - Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione‬‏ Tramontana Supercar hunted in Dubai!!!! (1)‬‏ Dream Theater - Time [ Pink Floyd Cover ]‬‏ Freeport Jam‬‏ Scion FR-S Concept World Debut Unveil at 2011 NY International Auto Show‬‏ Paul Revere. Revere was a prosperous and prominent Boston silversmith, who helped organize an intelligence and alarm system to keep watch on the British military.

Paul Revere

Revere later served as a Massachusetts militia officer, though his service culminated after the Penobscot Expedition, one of the most disastrous campaigns of the American Revolutionary War, for which he was absolved of blame. Following the war, Revere returned to his silversmith trade and used the profits from his expanding business to finance his work in iron casting, bronze bell and cannon casting, and the forging of copper bolts and spikes.

Finally in 1800 he became the first American to successfully roll copper into sheets for use as sheathing on naval vessels. Early years 1765–1774: the gathering storm of revolution "The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th, 1770". In November 1773 the merchant ship Dartmouth arrived in Boston harbor carrying the first shipment of tea made under the terms of the Tea Act. Weiner dog versus kitten FIGHT‬‏ Ferrari Enzo start up and accelerate!‬‏ Meet The Padres: Kyle Phillips‬‏ Santee, CA 92071 Month Weather Report. Dispensary or Collective Medical Marijuana. Find your local dispensary or collective by entering your address below This is a list of all Pre-ICO, Measure D open collectives in the City of Los Angeles.

Dispensary or Collective Medical Marijuana

If the collective is closed or moved — let us know and we can update it. Snoop Dogg - Smokin,Smokin Weed ft Nate Dog,Ray J& Slim Thug‬‏ Tennessee Makes 'Offensive Online Pictures' Illegal - WTF Is Wrong With This State?! A new Tennessee law makes it a crime to “transmit or display an image” online that is likely to “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” to someone who sees it. Violations can get you almost a year in jail time or up to $2500 in fines. It's official. We're over Tennessee. In order for us all to properly channel our outrage, this absolutely idiotic piece of legislation is going ot need a catchy name akin to the Don’t Say Gay Bill. How does Don’t Open Your Eyes On the Internet Bill sound to you? Audi R8 vs Porsche 997 - Top Gear - BBC‬‏

Four door supercars - Top Gear - BBC‬‏ Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing. Top 10 Misused English Words. Humans Many people who’ve had to proof read documents start to develop a kind of compulsive “tutting” at misused words.

Top 10 Misused English Words

Here’s my top ten words that are misused by either professional writers or public speakers who, let’s be honest, should really know better. I’m not being paid for this, so I don’t feel so bad if there are mistakes! “Refute” means to “disprove with evidence” and yet it’s commonly used, even by professional writers, to mean “rebut” which carries a similar meaning but isn’t quite so strong, as it can also mean “argue against.” The example here (“Simon Cowell refutes ‘scandalous’ claims he helped billionaire hide assets from wife he was divorcing”) is from a recent Daily Mail article. 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Full Test Video - Inside Line‬‏ KY Man, Allegedly High On "Bath Salts," Caught Drinking Hand Sanitizer. Earlier this year we reported on the emergence of people experimenting with a chemical powder known as “Bath Salts.”

KY Man, Allegedly High On "Bath Salts," Caught Drinking Hand Sanitizer

To some it would seem that it goes without saying that ingesting various combinations of man-made chemicals in an attempt to get high is not a good idea. But there are still some who need this vital piece of advice. Bahad Mahmound was supposedly spotted in a Louisville, Kentucky grocery store gulping down liquid hand sanitizer. Naturally this prompted a call to the police, who found Mr. Mahmound in the parking lot yelling.

Authorities say Bahad was high on “Bath Salts” – leading to his bizarre behavior, which included running from the police and spitting on an officer before getting tazed. Bozzio-Levin-Stevens - Spiral‬‏ Bozzio Levin Stevens - Endless‬‏ Fast Food Billboards In The Ghetto. Dixie Dregs: A Documentary‬‏ Dixie Dregs - Kat Food‬‏ Steve Morse Band - Rock'n'Roll Park‬‏ Jeremy sees The Light - Ferrari vs Porsche 911 - Top Gear - BBC Autos‬‏ Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak video‬‏ 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200‬‏ The Ten Worst Haircuts Ever. The Hidden World Of Star Wars Stormtroopers. This must have taken a lot of dedication:

The Hidden World Of Star Wars Stormtroopers

Deer Crossing. Best Newspaper Article Ever. J Geils Band - Looking For a Love Live‬‏ James labrie smashed‬‏ Bonnie Raitt - Not The Only One‬‏ Bonnie Raitt Tangled and Dark‬‏ When the Water Breaks Pt. 1 - Liquid Tension Experiment [ Live in LA 2008 ]‬‏ Mike Portnoy: Honor thy Father‬‏ Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin cover (Paul Gilbert & Mike Portnoy)‬‏ The Rover - Led Zeppelin cover (Paul Gilbert & Mike Portnoy)‬‏

Rush YYZ cover song... Mike Portnoy , Paul Gilbert , and Sean Malone.‬‏ Mike Portnoy's tribute to Keith Moon‬‏ Mike Portnoy's Backstage Tour‬‏ Mike Portnoy's Stage Tour‬‏ Burnout Super Test, Part Four: 1 Series M Coupe vs. Challenger SRT8 vs. Mustang GT - Inside Line‬‏ Shit Happens‬‏ Terry bozzio new solo 6/20/11‬‏ NFL Fantasy Files Deluxe Version‬‏ 2012 Fiat 500 - First Test‬‏ James May's Fiat 500 vs BMX bandits - Top Gear - BBC autos‬‏