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Survcast - Latest published stories. SMS Studio - SMS Gateway, SMS Voting, SMS TV Chat, SMS Server, SMS Router, SMS Info, SMS Radio. SMS Voting & SMS Polling. Most reliable SMS polling and Text voting service since 2006. over 10,000 polls created SMS polling or Text voting web based software enables you to vote by text.

SMS Voting & SMS Polling

TXTImpact offers a most economical way to capture audience responses though easy to use web based SMS polling service. Create multiple choice questions with any number of choices or open end response. Allow organizations to create fun interactive engaging Text voting campaigns. All incoming mobile number are recorded and available for future text message alerts. Use TXTImpact SMS polling service to make your live events more entertaining, and engaging. TxtImpact offers fully managed text voting application environment, you can create SMS Polls on the fly using our web based dashboard and watch live tally. How SMS polling or Text voting works? Watch the video: How to setup TXTImpact SMS polling or text voting campaign? Key Features: SMS Polling solution is available in following countries:

SMS voting and polls for mobile marketing. Offers Mobile Voting, SMS Voting, SMS Text Messaging for your mobile marketing campaigns. Leader in Mobile SMS Marketing. Instant Poll! What's Twitter Instant Polls?

Instant Poll!

TiPoll is a bot that picks up the the results of polls in twitter. To answer a poll question, follow tipoll, and after a little while, you can answer polls writing: @tipoll: Yes o @tipoll: 6-3 If you want to suggest a new poll topic, email or leave a comment somewhere in this site. Últimos comentarios JJ en Starting uprvr en Starting upJJ en Starting uprvr en Starting up Archivos Enlaces Estadísticas. Survey Software - Free Instant Poll Creator. SMS Poll. SMS Poll is a text message voting application that allows its customers to quickly and easily gather in-moment data from students, fans, customers, conference attendees, employees, or any other type of live audience.

SMS Poll

SMS Poll works by allowing a poll organiser to use a simple web interface to quickly create, customise, and share his/her poll online. The audience votes by sending an SMS to a local phone number or by browsing to a mobile friendly webpage, and the results for the poll update in real-time, right before the audience’s eyes. The poll organiser can then download all the results for the poll for further analysis. The SMS Poll service is currently available in Australia and the UK, with the company having launched its offering in early July, 2008. A live demonstration of SMS Poll can be seen here: SMS Poll has two features: Instead of using special hardware or clickers, audience members use their own mobile phones to vote on a poll. Recent Milestones. Text Message Audience Polling : SMS Poll. SurveyMonkey.

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