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Top 10 Reasons You Should Join the Global Read Aloud #GRA14. Every Problem in the World is a Result of the Stories We Tell Ourselves. What we do in this generation will determine the trajectory of life on this planet for the next ten thousand years. But this is no time for despair. Because with great crisis, comes great opportunity. Forget about solving climate change for a moment. Forget about all the problems we face. We need to ask ourselves: Who am I? No one man can cut down a whole forest or enslave a whole people. Stories affect the world because they are stories we are enacting. In discussing solutions, it is also clear that the stories we have been telling about the crises we face are not working. More and more people recently have been talking about this - pointing out how our narratives about these problems take for granted certain assumptions about the value of economic development and our human-centered, materialistic notions of progress.

Climate change is often framed as a problem in itself, while the true cause remains unaddressed. And therein lies the problem. It isn't about giving up things we want. Wonder: R. J. Palacio: 9780375869020: Books. Grown-ups. Big shot scholar Leonard Marcus interviews 21 Illustrators to get to the root of what makes a picture book. In addition to illustrating the cover, I am one of the subjects of this well-researched volume. Available May 8th at your favorite Indie, library, or here. Reading Revolution. Show them off There will be many occasions when these books can be shown to school visitors. School foyer... set up a display in the entrance. If you have time, this could be themed with a title-board made by the children, or something quick printed in colour from a school computer. The focus could be a particular class or it could be across different ages if there's a common subject, such as several year groups working on an environmental theme, or running a project on a particular author.

Parents' night... formal meetings with carers, such as on Parents' night, are perfect opportunities to bring out the hand-made books and celebrate the children's achievements. School website... Assembly.... take it in turns for each class to hold up their hand-made books for all to see in assembly. Get carers to take part Making hand-made books needs lots more pairs of hands!

If you send the books home to be completed, this can encourage carers to get creative too. Book-making advice. English: Wide Reading Sites. English: Literature Reading List.