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Behind the Scenes at Takamura Cutlery: Part 1- Heat Treating & Hammering. Behind the Scenes at Takamura Cutlery: Part 1- Heat Treating & Hammering. Knife Skills - Cutting Vegetables (Takamura Migaki R2 210mm Gyuto) The finishing stages of making a Takamura knife. Sharpening a TAKAMURA knife. Sharpening a TAKAMURA knife. Takamura Migaki R-2 210mm Gyuto. Konosuke Honyaki Aogami #2 240mm Gyuto. Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm. Posted By: Brian2 people found this review helpful Retired pro and avid home cook of 25 years.

Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm

I spent 6 years in the early 90's as a line cook. I learned my basic cooking & prep skills during that foray, and it has been a passion of mine ever since. Richmond Artifex Blue #2 Gyuto 240mm. Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE. Posted By: Varut4 people found this review helpful just got this thing in the mail right on time for father's day, and all i can say is wow. im pretty new to nice kitchen cutlery and knife sharpening, but i can easily see the difference in quality compared to my other two chef's knives, one being a knock-off sabatier and the other a cheapo brand. this thing came in pretty darn sharp, arm shaving sharp, and is light as can be. waaayy more nimble than my other two knives. it did come in slightly bent to the left from the handle, but i fixed it in literally 10 seconds. that would've been impossible with my sabatier, which still has a curve to it which i have not been able to get out due to the thickness of the blade. i haven't used it yet as i just got back from work, but i almost want to bring it into to work tomorrow before giving it to my dad just to check it out.

Richmond Artifex AEB-L Gyuto 240mm SALE

Richmond GT Artifex 210mm Wa-Gyuto. Fine Japanese Chef Knives. How do I know when to sharpen my knife?

Fine Japanese Chef Knives

There are 2 common causes why a fine Japanese knife will loose sharpness The first is using the wrong cutting surface. There must be some give to the cutting surface like a good wooden board like Hinoki or end grain maple. Cutting on glass, granite, slate, stainless and melamine will blunt or fold the knife edge over. The second is technique. Using a smooth slicing or rocking motion and not pounding straight down allows the edge to stay straight and aligned much longer.

Amazon. Amazon. Kuma 8" Chef Knife - Kuma Knives. Because You Deserve A Slice of Life – Are you tired of dull knives that cannot slice tomatoes without mashing them to pulp?

Kuma 8" Chef Knife - Kuma Knives

– Does that clunky knife you currently use feel too heavy to perform smoothly and comfortably? – Do you really need one knife for cutting your roast, another for delicately slicing vegetables, and a third for filleting fish? Introducing Your New Elegant Chef Knife by Kuma! – Elegant and razor sharp design. Dalstrong - High Performance Kitchen Knives. Kanso 8-in. Chef's Knife. The chef's knife is the one knife no cook can be without.

Kanso 8-in. Chef's Knife

So if you like the looks of Kanso, the Shun Kanso 8-inch Chef's Knife is a must-have. This all-purpose knife is ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks. The 8-inch length is perfect for preparing fruits, vegetables, proteins, and a wide variety of other foods. Miyabi Artisan 8" Chef's Knife. Masamoto VG chef knives, VG gyuto, VG series is Masamoto-Sohonten’s highest quality western line, made of high-carbon stainless steel with added Molybdenum and Vanadium.

Masamoto VG chef knives, VG gyuto,

This series has won high reputation over many years. It is popular among western professional chefs as one of the best chef knives. The blade is extremely sharp and hard. It has a longer lasting sharpness. Couteau d’office Evercut 9cm Furtif – Couteaux design TB. Couteau Evercut 11 cm Furtif – Couteaux design TB. Masakage Japanese Chef Knives - dedicated to bringing the finest handmade Japanese knives to the world.

Kuro Kuma – Chef's Armoury. Seattle Edge - Maintenance. Sharpening the Professional Edge Keeping your knives sharp and performing well at home is easy.

Seattle Edge - Maintenance

During normal use a knife edge can "roll over" so the cutting edge is no longer leading. This can cause a knife that still has a sharp edge to cut very poorly. In order to correct this and stand the knife edge back up, the two most common methods are honing and stropping. Honing "rods" or "steels" are not designed to sharpen knives; they are not significantly harder than the blade and don"t remove metal.

Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife. Your chef’s knife will probably be the most-used knife in your kitchen.

Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife

If you’re like most cooks, you’ll want to find the one that feels like an extension of your arm. The beautiful Shun Premier 8-in. Chef's Knife could be the one for you. This breathtaking knife is lightweight, agile, and offers an extremely comfortable grip. Couteau d’office Furtif 9 cm – Couteaux à lame noire. The Epicurean Edge: Japanese and European professional chefs knives. Maker: Yoshikane (click to see more by this maker) Price: $176.95 Item num: 85671 Blade length: 6.50 in.Total length: 12.00 in.Blade width: 1.95 in.Blade thickness: 0.20 in.Item weight: 5.04 oz.Shipment weight: 8.88 oz.Blade: San mai blade forged from SKD stainless steel surrounded by soft SUS-405 stainless steel, Hrc 64Handle: Ho wood with buffalo horn ferrule Description: The santoku is the traditional Japanese chef's knife.

The Epicurean Edge: Japanese and European professional chefs knives

This comfortable design is a fantastic multipurpose chopper. The Santoku style has quickly become the new favorite for chefs in the West. The blade is forged using the san mai technique - a hard steel forms the cutting edge and is sandwiched between softer layers of steel. This results in a strong knife with very long edge holding. The core steel is rust resistant SKD die steel, originally designed for cutting metal. SHIKI Damascus Limited Edition. Master Masui chose and established the brand name “SHIKI” 四季 (“Four Seasons”) because his goal was to make a collection of hand-made knives that were just as beautiful as the four seasons of Japan.

SHIKI Damascus Limited Edition

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; each season is beautiful and has its own distinct natural wonders, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, traditions and atmosphere. Here, we would like to introduce you to the SHIKISAI (色彩) series of knives, which expresses the core concept behind Master Masui’s “Shiki” brand: the beauty of the four seasons of Japan. JCK Original KAGAYAKI Aogami No.2 (Blue Steel) Clad Knife. JCK Original 輝 KAGAYAKI Aogami No.2 (Blue Steel No.2) Clad Series This is a new addition to our Original Brand KAGAYAKI, called “KAGAYAKI Aogami No.2 Clad Series” The Cladding blade knife has a standard design and simple looks, yet when you hold this knife in your hands for the first time, you will feel the craftsmen’s vision and passion for producing the knives.

The blade is beautifully hand polished and has a shiny appearance, blade spine and blade choils are also polished for better appearance and overall quality, fit& finish are beyond expectation for this price range. Takamura Migaki R2 Gyuto 210mm. Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Sushi Knife. Kitchen knife. 36000 Chef's 200mm 36000G Chef's 200mmwith ground hollow 36001 Santoku 165mm 36001G Santoku 165mmwith ground hollow 36002 Utility 120mm 36003 Paring 80mm 36005 Tomato 140mm 36006 Boning 150mm 36007 Slicing 180mm 36008 Bread 230mm 36009 Slicing 255mm 36010 Chef`s 255mm 36011 Meat slicing 230mm 36012 Santoku 125mm 36013 Steak 113mm 36014 RANFORK 160mm 36015 Flexible 160mm 36016 Slicing 150mm 36019 Chinese chef's 180mm 36026 Panini 150mm 36123 Flexible 230mm 36021 RAN SHARP WHITE.

About Steels,Japanese Knife,Japanese Kitchen Knife,Japanese Cutlery,Japanese Chef's Knives.Com. Carbon Steel As opposed to the Stainless Steel blade, Carbon Steel blade gets rust and discolor very easily. This is one of the big differences of Carbon Steel from Stainless Steel. Carbon Steel blade requires additional care and maintenance for avoiding the rust and discolor situation.

Miyabi Kaizen 8" Chef's Knife.