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5 Smart Social PR Campaigns to Learn From. Digital Marketing Blog - Commerce, Social & Mobile Trends, Insights & Tips for digital marketers. Have you ever wanted your own customized personal or portfolio website but were either not ready to pay someone to develop the site, or just too intimidated by the daunting task of learning code?

This guide will give you the knowledge to be able to set up a Wordpress theme and successfully customize the theme to fit your own unique style. Once you are finished you will have an efficient, professional looking, and fully functioning website that is easy to update on the fly. Advantages to starting with a pre-built Wordpress theme: Wordpress themes are usually professionally built and are only about $40 at or even for free across the web. Most of these themes already look great and have advanced functionality built in. Most themes are already responsive right out of the box, meaning they will adapt to different size monitors and devices. Read my old article to understand how to get started with Wordpress and install a new theme on your hosting.

What Is CSS? Internet Marketing Blog. The Web Week in Review It was an interesting week. As news of the debate over the possible bailout of the United States' struggling automakers captured the headlines and largely dictated the mood in the major financial markets around the world, newspaper titan Tribune Co. filed for bankruptcy and the Pulitzer Prize Board decided to fully embrace online journalism. Thanks for Downloading. Form Alert Interface in PSD and CSS Kim Petersen Nov 26th 2012 Tags: alert , form , interface This is a handy set of various interface elements — “alert” widgets for form responses, a form login panel with Login / Sign Up buttons, and various other elements.

As well as the PSD, we’re providing a fully coded CSS and HTML version to save you some time! Via Ad Packs PIXELS • DAILY is a collection of free and commercial resources for designers. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive the latest freebies in your inbox! Facebook Exclusive. Identity on Behance. Plywood Presents 2012 on Behance. Design of hand lettered identity and branding materials, illustration, video production, chalk art, website design and email marketing for Plywoo… Read More. Drawing is learning how to see. The Flawed Christian Understanding of “Being Saved”

From the Christian New Testament, the book of Matthew, chapter 1, verse 21: He will save his people from their sins.

The Flawed Christian Understanding of “Being Saved”

Interesting, huh? It was to me, at least. When you hear Christians throw around the word “saved,” besides just the cheesy Mandy Moore movie of the same name, we often think of something different than what this verse tells us. Graphic Design. It’s Spring! Time to “renew” your portfolio design. Spring Cleaning It’s spring (although still snowing here in New England)!

It’s Spring! Time to “renew” your portfolio design.

In the spirit of the season (ie: rebirth, renewal and regrowth) it may be time to think about a little “spring cleaning” for your portfolio. Or perhaps a total overhaul is needed. Jan V. White. Graphic Design. Preparing and Talking About Your Graphic Design Portfolio. As a graphic designer a portfolio is essential.

Preparing and Talking About Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Prestige Copy And Print » Estimate. Eye Catching Brand Identity for Photographer Jennifer Whitney. Photographer Jennifer Whitney‘s brand is eye-catching, distinct and memorable.

Eye Catching Brand Identity for Photographer Jennifer Whitney

A simplified shape, joined letterforms and of course a great color (love the purple!) Is all you need. Choose some paper with a little texture and you’ve done yourself proud. The color and typeface extend to Jennifer’s other marketing components unifying the whole “brand” package. Cool Logo, New Book for Photographer Luis Azevedo. Seniors, …it’s time. For all you college seniors out there – Congratulations!

Seniors, …it’s time.

You are almost done! With school that is. Projects. Your bitmarks. Afterglow - Free Photoshop Actions. Sorry for not posting any pictures for a long time, but I can now share why I haven't.

Afterglow - Free Photoshop Actions

Gap and Old Navy Make Mom Jeans. Wash Your Face... With Oil!??!? On a fairly regular basis, particularly when someone learns my age, I am asked how I keep my skin so young and healthy-looking.

Wash Your Face... With Oil!??!?

What's my secret, what products do I use? Since 2003, I have not put any soap, cleanser, or moisturizer on my face. Oils 101: Basic Skincare with Oils. Svea.

Oils 101: Basic Skincare with Oils

She’s got a sense of humour on top of her deluxe knowledge of oils. How To Cleanse The Skin With Oil. As a skin-smoothing topical treatment, almond oil traces it roots all the way back to ancient China, Ayurvedic practitioners and Greco-Persian schools of medicine.

How To Cleanse The Skin With Oil

Fast-forward to modern times, and you'll find that beauty aficionados still rely on almond oil -- an all-natural and sustainable resource -- to maintain soft, even and supple skin. Numerous scientific reports and beauty experts chime in on this age-old remedy's anti-aging properties, including its potential for reducing wrinkles. The natural components of almond oil offer skin-friendly benefits, lending it properties that may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This nut-derived oil packs plenty of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which fight wrinkles by countering the degradation of the skin's collagen fibers. Likewise, the oil features omega-3 fatty acids -- which encourage moisture, essential for battling wrinkles -- and skin-building proteins. Almond oil's benefits don't end with anti-aging and wrinkle reduction.

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Certified Poptastic 16: Random Loves & Wedding Salon Event Tickets Giveaway. Happy Sunday and welcome to another regular roundup of pretty things that caught my eye — and heart — this week.

Certified Poptastic 16: Random Loves & Wedding Salon Event Tickets Giveaway

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