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By Donna Scott As you prepare for a career as a librarian, you’re probably experimenting with all of the different ways you can reach out to your patrons and offer them cutting edge research assistance, particularly students conducting intense research as part of their bachelor degree program or master’s degree program requirements. Blogging is a valuable tool for cataloging library news, sharing research tips and book lists, and marketing your own library while highlighting special exhibits, new technology and special guests. If you want to start your own library blog, check out this list of 100 tips and tools. Basics 100 Terrific Tips and Tools for Blogging Librarians 100 Terrific Tips and Tools for Blogging Librarians
Stephens Lighthouse Awesome – every library with a makerspace should get a copy! “Leo the Maker Prince is a twee tale about a Brooklyn-based engineer-in-training named Diana, and Leo, a 3-D printer robot that transforms her drawings into functional objects. It’s a heartwarming story, equal parts The Little Prince and Bre Pettis, and it’s squarely aimed at the bedtime rotation of children with maker parents. What separates it from other stories is that kiddos can follow Diana’s lead and produce the characters and objects from the book on their own 3-D printers.”

Stephens Lighthouse