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Tradecraft: Less Is More. The Autumn of the Multitaskers. Neuroscience is confirming what we all suspect: Multitasking is dumbing us down and driving us crazy.

The Autumn of the Multitaskers

One man’s odyssey through the nightmare of infinite connectivity Illustrations by Istvan Banyai. Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic. How Do You Organize Your Data? Losing sleep undoes the rejuvenating effects new learning has on the brain. January 09, 2006As the pace of life quickens and it becomes harder to balance home and work, many people meet their obligations by getting less sleep.

Losing sleep undoes the rejuvenating effects new learning has on the brain

But sleep deprivation impairs spatial learning - including remembering how to get to a new destination. And now scientists are beginning to understand how that happens: Learning spatial tasks increases the production of new cells in an area of the brain involved with spatial memory called the hippocampus. Sleep plays a part in helping those new brain cells survive. Working Smart: Sentencing Application Software to Death Row. Productivity: Reading News The GTD Way. It seems you've asked for something that's not here.

Productivity: Reading News The GTD Way

There are two common reasons for this: You mistyped something (I'm hoping it's that simple). Please ensure that what you entered was correct.You asked for the right thing, but the content is either removed or renamed. My apologies. Go ahead and try searching for it as well: Productivity Tips For Avid Blog Readers. Information overload is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to deal with on the road to being more productive.

Productivity Tips For Avid Blog Readers

There is so much out there and it’s so damn easy to spend hours sorting through your favorite blogs and Web sites. I’ve always been pretty good in keeping my reading time under control, that is until I started really using NetNewsWire to subscribe to feeds. I went through a phase where I really felt overwhelmed by the amount of news coming in and amazingly huge number of unread items I’d have. Managing Your Blog Feeds. Take a feed, leave a feed I subscribe to a number of blog feeds via RSS, but I can’t possibly subscribe to all the interesting blogs out there.

Managing Your Blog Feeds

I quickly realized that if I kept subscribing to more feeds, I’d never keep up with them all. I figured out that 20 blog feeds would be a reasonable number of subscriptions for me, so whenever I add a new feed, I delete an old one. What have you done for me lately? Kinkless. Top 10 tips for effective blog reading - part 1. Ah… blogs - one of the best ways to waste lots of time.

Top 10 tips for effective blog reading - part 1

Here are the top 10 tips we’ve found for being more productive when reading blogs. Before going any further investigate different blog readers - if you’re going to spend time reading blogs, use the right tools for the job. 77 Goal-Setting Tips. Getting started with “Getting Things Done” This article was originally posted during the first week of 43 Folders' existence, and, pound for pound, it remains our most popular page on the site.

Getting started with “Getting Things Done”

Please be sure to also visit related pages, browse our GTD topic area, plus, of course you can search on GTD across our family of sites. I’ll be talking a lot here in coming weeks about Getting Things Done, a book by David Allen whose apt subtitle is “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.” You’ve probably heard about it around the Global Interweb or have been buttonholed by somebody in your office who swears by GTD. (It probably takes a backseat only to the Atkins Diet in terms of the number of enthusiastic evangelists: sorry about that.) Like I did the other day with Quicksilver, I wanted to provide a gentle, geek-centric introduction to Getting Things Done, so that you can think about whether it might be right for you.