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Why I Won't Hire You Why I Won’t Hire Youby Matt Wilcox There are many fine articles about applying for jobs and preparing for an interview. But if you have never served on a search committee, their inner workings can seem mysterious. Just what are they thinking about as they go through the process of filling a job and finding a colleague? Have no fear: I will let you in on a few of the secrets of what goes on behind the closed doors of the academic library search committee. Why I Won't Hire You

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We are happy to announce the online release of the findings from our three-year project. All of the researchers who have worked on this project will be writing up individual publications, but this report represents a synthesis of the findings across the 22 different case studies. It has been over three years in the making, and is the result of a truly collaborative joint effort with 28 researchers and research collaborators. I am super proud of my team for doing such a phenomenal job with their individual projects, and for their generosity in sharing their work with this collective effort. It's very rare for ethnographers to collaborate at this scale, and we see this project as testament to the fact that large scale collaboration and joint analysis is possible with qualitative work. Special thanks goes to the MacArthur Foundation who funded this work, and in particular to our program officer, Connie Yowell, who has been together with us in this journey every step of the way. Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media
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Sex in the Library: How Gender Differences Should Affect Practices and Programs Sex in the Library: How Gender Differences Should Affect Practices and Programs Apply the Research on Gender To Your School Library by Debbie Abilock Revised from an article published in Emergency Librarian vol. 24. no. 5 May/June, 1997: 17-18. While we are biologically male or female, our gender is socially constructed. Boys and girls are generally educated side-by-side in schools, yet their experiences are profoundly different.
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You’ve seen them in the news and you’ve most likely tried them on at one point or another. Paris Hilton even uses them in her favorite perfume. Pheromones. Otherwise known as nature’s hidden secret, pheromones are powerful chemicals or body secret to attract the opposite sex. In the animal world, attraction works on a chemical level. A gut instinct. InfoSpeak InfoSpeak
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