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What Successful Movements Have in Common. The declaration of surrender was touted as a triumph: “Microsoft Loves Linux,” the headline read, but just a decade earlier, the firm’s then CEO, Steve Ballmer, had called Linux a cancer.

What Successful Movements Have in Common

The all-powerful tech giant had lost and lost badly — to a ragtag band of revolutionaries, no less — but still seemed strangely upbeat. Overthrows like these are becoming increasingly common and not just in business. As Moisés Naím observed in his book, The End of Power, institutions of all types, from corporations and governments to traditional churches, charities, and militaries, are being disrupted. “Power has become easier to get, but harder to use or keep,” he writes. The truth is that it’s no longer enough to capture the trappings of power, because movements made up of small groups are able to synchronize their actions through networks.

Make Your Purpose Clear In a previous article about why some movements succeed and others fail, I compared the Occupy and Otpor movements. Let’s Clean Up the World! – clay forsberg. When I started the Community 3.0 project a few years ago my goals was to synthesize community civic empowerment with organic small business development.

Let’s Clean Up the World! – clay forsberg

In doing that I proposed the concept of turning locally owned businesses into a concept I termed “Front Porches.” A Front Porch was a hub for informal community gatherings designed to promote civic engagement through volunteerism. I created examples of twenty projects, or Solutions, a Front Porch could create to serve its community. These projects included both solving the problems that had fallen through the cracks or taking advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. The Solution that always seemed to gravitate to the front of my consciousness was“cleaning up the community.” Do you ever walk past that vacant lot and wonder what could be … what could be if someone did something, anything. Consider a building with a few broken windows. Let’s Do It! Let’s Do It! Be a Shepherd Director Community Empowerment Concierge (CEC)

What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs? A review of NationBuilder – Movements at the Station. NationBuilder is an online tool offering web, database, payment processing, and email functionality.

A review of NationBuilder – Movements at the Station

It seems to have found a toehold in Australia, at least amongst NGOs: Crikey reports on its uptake by “The Australian Council of Trade Unions, federal Labor and leading Greens”. In particular, it seems a popular option for the insurgent “micro-site”: see “Bust the Budget” or United Voice Victoria’s “We Are Crown“. I first used NationBuilder on the ACT Greens’ 2013 Federal Election Campaign, developing a sense of its strengths and shortcomings. Since, I’ve spoken with a number of organisations and individuals wondering whether NationBuilder is right for them. I thought it would be useful to publicise my thoughts, and provide information more openly about what NationBuilder can – and can’t – offer. NationBuilder isn’t “the best” – nothing is A caveat: the question “what system should I use?” But what are these benefits? NationBuilder makes Organising Natural NationBuilder is also proprietary. NationBuilder software features for governments.

“I want to hear from my constituents.

NationBuilder software features for governments

How can I figure out who cares about a particular issue so I can target communications to them? Mayor Dynamic profilesSocial matchingSocial share prompts “How do I make it easy for people to tell us what they care about so they can feel engaged by their government? NationBuilder software features for higher education. “We have alumni clubs all over the world.

NationBuilder software features for higher education

How can I encourage local activity while maintaining central oversight? Director of Alumni Relations Multiple databasesData sharingCustom permission sets “Participation in our Annual Fund is stagnant. What can I do to grow our donor base? Development Director CrowdfundingPersonal fundraising pagesFundraiser leaderboards “Is there an easier way to run my club’s website, publicize events, and grow our membership? NationBuilder software features for political campaigns. “How can I integrate voter data with other types of engagement to get a complete picture of our supporters, donors, and volunteers?

NationBuilder software features for political campaigns

Data Director “How can I use multiple streams of data to inform smart voter contact?

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