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REPEAT Whisky  – Hogggitup. “Love makes the world go round? Not at all; whisky makes it go round twice as fast.” The weekend is here and we know what we’re going to be doing: Drinking (no biggie there)! Whisky, in my opinion is a drink for the classes and not the masses. Only a true whisky lover gets the process of fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels.

We dived into brunch after a quick introduction about the brand and how it aims at repeating good times with the spirit (no guesses why the name REPEAT). Here’s what we tried: Repeat by the Bay: Garnished with a burnt curry leaf, this one almost had my jaw drop. Melon Julep: Muddled with mint, this one was absolutely refreshing, considering the scorching heat. Nutcracker: This one was a personal favorite. Whisk-Tea: Get over your chai and green teas; whisk tea is here to stay. Repeat your Spice: Definitely recommended for all spice lovers. Choco-Repeat: The bartender clearly left the best for the last! Keep hogging and chugging! Like this: Celebrate World Whisky Day with REPEAT. Which is the best brand of single malt Indian whisky in the market? « Raktim Dara Blog. Indian Scotch Whisky is every Indian’s alcohol delight. Here’s why! When it comes to whisky, many assume that it may not fairly good for them. But not many are well versed with the many health benefits that whisky offers.

Learn these simple cocktail recipes to add new skills to your life while also enjoying the immense benefits a whisky offers. Whisky is said to be one of the healthiest liquor consumable. Though anything consumed in large quantity can result in deterioration of health, moderate consumption of the same can be beneficial. Here are the varied health benefits from premium whisky and Indian Scotch Whisky. 1.

Whisky helps in weight loss. 2. 3. 4. 5. Whisky, in general, is a distilled alcoholic beverage made out of grain mash. Nutritional Value of Whisky: Whiskey contains low level of carbohydrates and extremely low levels of saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol. Though there are numerous health benefits to Whisky, it is always advised to consume optimally and not over dose. It’s Time to Switch Up Your Marketing Strategy to Incorporate Social Media. In face of the changing world of marketing, businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to embrace the power of social media and take on a new and dynamic social media marketing strategy.

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Download Tips & Toes Nail Studio - Case Study Transcript Fly UP. Stepathlon Website Casestudy. ::Sajag's Blog:: Chests of Drawers: Add Character and Storage to Your Home - With the New Year in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to update up our homes for the coming year – without redecorating an entire room! One of my favourite furniture items is the chest of drawers. Chests of drawers are a functional storage unit and ideal in many rooms. They provide storage and offer endless decorating potential. Chests of drawers are perfect in the hallway or foyer, setting the tone for decor in the rest of your home and providing a drop spot for keys, etc. Bring a 3 Drawers Shelving Storage into the dining room and it’s a server, housing dishes or display items. Chests of drawers are available in an amazing variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. What’s great about chests is that they stand alone – matching other furniture is not a big concern.

Decorating a chest really depends on where you plan to put it, of course, but a few principles apply anywhere. ? ? ? Practicality. A Buying Guide for L-Shaped Sofas. L-shaped Sofas are family-friendly sofas that provide enough seating for everyone. They fit neatly into a corner or can help break up a large space, such as a great room. Sectional sofas are typically found in two shapes: L-shaped and U-shaped with or without curved backs. Sofa Orientation When purchasing a sofa, you will often hear the phrases left-hand-facing and right-hand-facing, which can be a bit confusing. This is easy to determine for L-shaped sectionals, as it is whichever side the chaise is on. The orientation is always determined by the piece coming towards you when facing the widest dimension. L- Shaped Sofa Design Stationary These sofas can be found in any sort of configuration.

Reclining When a sofa is described as reclining, it means at least one or more of the seats recline. Modular Modular sectional sofas are made up of individual pieces that can be arranged and rearranged according to the desired layout. Convertible Sofas What to Consider When Shopping for a Sectional 1. 2. ::kalpesh's Blog:: Why We Indians Love Our Whiskey - The British Raj might have introduced us to the good old whisky, but there’s no doubt we have embraced the warm velvety potion and made it ours over the centuries! Thanks to some amazing Indian whisky brands, Indian Scotch whisky today is the epitome of fine taste (quite literally) and good times! Ever wondered why we love our whiskey so much?

Here are some reasons why Indians help themselves to a peg of rich premium grain whisky: Because that beautiful glass of golden Scotch represents class.Because celebrations in India are incomplete without relishing pegs of scotch while catching up with family and friends! Indians consider Scotch whisky to be the finest one created for mankind and brands have made that notion stronger by creating an ultra-smooth blend of Scotch and Indian malts to create a whisky so fine that you wouldn’t want to say anything but “repeat”! Blended Scotch & Indian Malt Whisky Brands.