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Propagation. HFU HF Underground - Index. Operating Information. Updated 12 June 2020 New Kiwi owners: Be sure to initially give your Kiwi a connection to the Internet and let it update to the latest software release.

Operating Information

This process can take up to 30 minutes. If you're using the software installed by the factory (v1.2) you may not hear audio due to recent browser changes preventing the autoplay of audio and video. This is especially true with Firefox. The software version is displayed on the "Stats" tab of the main control panel. The easiest way to update is to power-up or restart when a connection to the Internet is available on the local network.

If it is successfully updating you will get an "update in progress" message when attempting to connect. There is also an "Update" tab on the admin interface (see below) for controlling various aspects of the update process. Beagle root password: Did your Kiwi not have a Beagle/Linux root password set and now it's asking for one? Ionogram Information. Unless otherwise stated, all originally authored software on this site is licensed under the terms of GNU GPL version 3.

Ionogram Information

This static web site has no backend database. Hence, no personal data is collected and GDPR compliance is met. Moreover, this domain does not set any first party cookies. All Google ads shown on this web site are, irrespective of your location, restricted in data processing to meet compliance with the CCPA and GDPR. However, Google AdSense may set third party cookies for traffic analysis and use JavaScript to obtain a unique set of browser data. This page employs a server‑side script. On-Line HF Propagation Prediction. HF propagation prediction is a statistical science.

On-Line HF Propagation Prediction

The maximum usable frequency (MUF) is the highest frequency that, with a probability of 50% of the time, can be used for radio communication between two points at a specified distance (but not necessary in all directions) via refraction by the ionosphere.The optimum working frequency (OWF) is the highest frequency that, with a probability of 90% of the time, can be used for radio communication between two points at a specified distance (but not necessary in all directions) via refraction by the ionosphere. It can be estimated as: . Furthermore, when a sporadic E layer is present, its maximum usable frequency relates to its ordinary critical frequency approximatively as follows:2. Propagation Data and Tools. HF Underground Message Board - HF Underground Wiki - Radio Hobbyist Blog - DX ToolBox - MultiMode OSX - Sound Byte Blog AtmosFEAR Regular (non space) Weather discussions Current UTC time and date: 1118 31-05-2020 Dashboard X-Ray Flux These graphs show the solar x-ray flux levels for the past three days, as well as the past six hours.

Propagation Data and Tools

The X-ray flux level is also affected by the overall solar activity level due to sunspots, which can be see in the baseline (non flare) levels. QSO/SWL real time maps and lists. <b><span> You are missing the navigation menus and other features of this site because you have Javascript disabled in your browser.

QSO/SWL real time maps and lists

<a href="/enable_javascript.html">Please enable it. </a></span></b> NEW Version 3.1 of Proplab-Pro HF Radio Propagation Laboratory – Solar Terrestrial Dispatch. New Version 3.1 is Now Available for Windows 10!

NEW Version 3.1 of Proplab-Pro HF Radio Propagation Laboratory – Solar Terrestrial Dispatch

Proplab-Pro was one of the first ionospheric physics-based HF radio signal ray-tracing engines in the world for the PC, and has been maintained and developed for over 20 years. It continues to be used by research organizations, scientists, engineers, students, the military and amateur radio operators around the world. It is one of the only software packages to reliably predict ionospherically refracted HF radio signal behavior. It uses both three dimensional models of the ionosphere as well as three dimensional topographical data of the Earth to provide unprecedented detail in modeling HF radio signal propagation worldwide. Minimum System Requirements Windows 7, 8 or 10.256 megabytes (MB) of memory2.45 gigabytes (GB), or 2,450 MB of free hard-disk space1.0 GHz microprocessor (the faster, the better)Monitor capable of 1024 x 768 pixels Recommended System Requirements Download and Installation Procedure (IMPORTANT) Return Policy.

Software Define Radio, Ham Radio. International Beacon Project Beacon Controller. Most of the hardware for each beacon is standard commercial equipment, but the beacon controller is specially designed.

International Beacon Project Beacon Controller

The beacon controller includes an Intel 8748 microprocessor, so to understand how the beacon controller works, you may need to look at both the hardware and the software for the microprocessor. Both were designed by Bob Fabry, N6EK. It is improbable that anyone else would want to duplicate the beacon controller exactly. Substantial parts of the design deal with the precise timing of the transmissions needed for rapid frequency sharing and with the power stepping. NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center. Skip to main content NOAA Scales mini none Current Space Weather Conditions.

NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

Online HF Predictions. Earthquakes Prediction: 9 Methods to Predict Earthquake. 9 Methods to Predict Earthquake are 1.

Earthquakes Prediction: 9 Methods to Predict Earthquake RBN activity of DJ1YFK. Hours (in 365 days) with at least one RBN spot: 1295 (3.5h / day).

RBN activity of DJ1YFK

EU: 1291, NA: 281, AS: 83, SA: 1, AF: 55, OC: 11. Rank: 155. Sun & moon times today, Washington DC, USA. GeoLocator - swiss army knife of georeferencing & geotagging. GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info. KerberosSDR - 4x Coherent RTL-SDR. KerberosSDR Quickstart Guide. LOCAL RF-PROPAGATION – LIVE! – NORTH SHORE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. SWS - Radio and Space Services. Online Rec. P.533-13 Propagation Prediction Tool. Great Circle Maps By SM3GSJ. Welcome to my Homepage! N9SSA MPW Calculator V2.5. Home Page. DXplorer. Maidenhead Locator System. The Maidenhead Locator System is a geographic co-ordinate system used by amateur radio operators. Dr. John Morris, G4ANB, originally devised the system, and a group of VHF managers, meeting in Maidenhead, England in 1980, adopted it. HF Propagation and Solar-Terrestrial Data Website. PSK Reporter. Find Maidenhead locator or QTH grid square.