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How does non-profit marketing differ from for-profit marketing? - KBVIEWS. All businesses, irrespective of the industry they’re in, have a set objective of earning revenues.

How does non-profit marketing differ from for-profit marketing? - KBVIEWS

Based on this definition, you have either a non-profit or a for-profit business. Revenue generation is the difference between nonprofit and for-profit companies. One tries to earn many by selling a tangible product or service, and the other does the same by attracting donors to a cause. Both types of organizations need revenue, and for that to happen, they need to build a marketing strategy that is effective and fool-proof.

You’ve heard this saying a million times before – that your marketing approaches have to stand. Digital Marketing Channels to Focus On In 2021 - KBVIEWS. Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept incorporating several aspects of the digital ecosystem in one utility.

Digital Marketing Channels to Focus On In 2021 - KBVIEWS

Digital elements like artificial intelligence and voice search optimization were individually irrelevant concepts that bordered the impossible until innovative digital marketing trends prioritized. With businesses maintaining a competitive nature on the digital landscape, the evolution of digital marketing has taken an exponential growth rate over the last years. The digital marketing channels have taken up several trends and utilized the opportunities to make the most out of every trend to benefit several clients worldwide. We live in a world where it is difficult to predict consumer behaviour and interests, and digital marketing has taken over the fast-changing digital landscape. Marketers can no longer be ignorant about digital marketing trends and predict the behaviour and interests through educated guesses. Artificial Intelligence Programmatic Advertising.

What to do if Cooperative Bank Updates Wrong Information to CIBIL? - KBVIEWS. People are more attentive towards building a healthy credit report.

What to do if Cooperative Bank Updates Wrong Information to CIBIL? - KBVIEWS

Globally, the awareness of cibil reports and how they’re used is very widespread. In India, people are just beginning to understand what kind of value these reports have; there are morebureaus and emphasis that lenders place on such scores. So, what is a credit report all about? What is a Cibil Report? A CIBIL report is a credit report that gives lenders an idea about your credit score. Today, your credit report will constitute the following checkpoints: New creditAmounts or repayments owedPayment historyTypes of open or active creditLength of credit history So, this is why your cibil reports are very critical and why you have to maintain a clean credit record. Top Consumer Trends Expected to Gain Traction in 2021 - KBVIEWS. Last year, the pandemic started up and took over the world bringing everything to a standstill.

Top Consumer Trends Expected to Gain Traction in 2021 - KBVIEWS

It had altered the way we interact with each other in shopping, business, and our daily life. As a result, the buying and selling of products and services came to a standstill, forever altering the trends in consumer behaviour. Following the onset of COVID-19, manufacturers and marketers observed a change in the recent trends in consumer behaviour. They had also discovered that the service and products that enjoyed clear trajectories had changed for good. Last will be seen as the year that impacted regular consumer lifestyles pushing them to redesign school, work, office, and shopping too. Impact of Covid 19 on consumer habits Consumer trends had changed during the pandemic, as people wanted to play it safe while still being able to live a normal life. 1. Consumersare now expecting companies to focus on securing the interest and health of their consumers. 2.

Why one should opt for Non-profit Marketing Tactics for Business Growth - KBVIEWS. Non-profits begin with several essential elements like a proper mission and a reason for the company’s existence that is not just “selling items or services.”

Why one should opt for Non-profit Marketing Tactics for Business Growth - KBVIEWS

These items are often not present in the B2B and B2C marketers’ arsenal and cause a significant business issue. Having a clear purpose for existence provides the necessary foundation for the business to present its story that represents the seed to efficient business growth and non-profit content marketing campaigns. Although several non-profits also lack the necessities that most B2B and B2C marketers need to have for content marketing, i.e., staffing and budget, one can overcome these challenges. Non-profit content marketing success, big or small, can be possible with efficient steps and nurturing the marketing plan according to the requirements. The post-Covid scenario of the hospitality and tourism industry in India - KBVIEWS. At a time when most people seem wary of traveling, the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) has said that momentum in the tourism industry in India will likely pick up after the pandemic is over.

The post-Covid scenario of the hospitality and tourism industry in India - KBVIEWS

As of now, they state that loss in revenues in the coming year fall between Rs 72,000 crore to Rs 1.58 lakh. The main factor is a simple one – the pandemic and how it’s slowed down the tourism industry on a global scale. Interesting Indian Tourism Statistics. Discover The Power of Business Intelligence Reporting Tools - KBVIEWS.

A business intelligence tool is a form of digital device that helps you understand business trends and derive insights from your data to make tactical and strategic business decisions to improve your business.

Discover The Power of Business Intelligence Reporting Tools - KBVIEWS

Business intelligence reporting requires a quick, thorough, and straightforward approach for the best processing. There are several business intelligence tools available in the market. Still, not all the BI reporting software are at par with each other and do not provide the same functionalities range for their users. While some of the BI reporting tools are extraordinarily handy, others lack the technologies used.

Benefits of BI Reporting Tools. What happened with the old employees’ pension scheme after the privatization of the Bank? - kbviews. Public or nationalized banks in India have always played a crucial role in the financial inclusion and the development of social sectors in the country.

What happened with the old employees’ pension scheme after the privatization of the Bank? - kbviews

They are the backbone of the government’s socio-economic plan and have made a transformative impact on the development of the country’s landscape. Although the contributions are substantial, the bank employees’ efforts are not always taken under consideration, and the government has taken steps only to worsen the conditions of the service. Salary and Pension Provisions in Indian Banks Salaries in nationalized banks are less attractive than those of the private Bank; the only compensation a bank provides its employees in the public sector is their pension provision.

8 Reasons Why One Should Study in Canada? - kbviews. Canada is one of the famous countries in North America and this country has its features and characteristics.

8 Reasons Why One Should Study in Canada? - kbviews

A lot of people especially young students and fresh graduates like to get a good environment for study which can help them grow and shine in their life. Now the question is whether studying in Canada is a good option or not. Let’s have a look for the same. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE- Universities in Canada offer a high-quality of education and degrees obtained from any Canadian university acts as a mark of trust and excellence. There are lots of universities in Canada from where you can gain the best knowledge of your preferable subjects.

These are the reasons why you should select Canada for doing your study. Why Artificial Intelligence has the Best Career Scope in India - kbviews. After completing the 10th board exam students and their parents start thinking about the career.

Why Artificial Intelligence has the Best Career Scope in India - kbviews

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best courses in India you can opt for. If you are a parent then this article will help you a lot. Those who are a student they can also read this article. If you still have any doubts, my dear friend your each and every doubt will be cleared. In this article, you will know about artificial courses in India eligibility. The Best Marketing Strategy For COVID-19 - kbviews. `Though People are facing critical situations you need to select the best marketing strategy for COVID-19. Those who customer they don’t know anything. How the inside process is done. In this situation, you should do the best marketing during COVID-19. However, showcasing sits the focal point of the audience. Its moves reflected in each promotion mission, message, and channel. Employees need to get COVID-19 Vaccine In India - kbviews.

As COVID-19 vaccination manner has started. Employees do the frontline job, so the employees need to get Covid-19 Vaccine. Institutions anywhere have primary picks to make approximately their inoculation preparations. A Gartner survey of in extra of a hundred HR pioneers suggests that maximum will energize, now no longer command, immunization — but that isn’t with the aid of using any approach the most effective problem in question. “At final, your devices have to alter employee well being and authorities assistance, valid stipulations and operational contemplations,” says Joe Coyle, Director, Advisory, and Gartner.

“In any case, much like a full-size a part of the pandemic reaction, your association’s choices will transmit your characteristics and power your photograph as an enterprise, regardless.” Procedure to Neighborhood Employees need to get COVID-19 Vaccine Process To immunizations or now no longer. Digitalization of Tourism: COVID-19 Pandemic Effect - kbviews. The Tourism Industry is one of those industries that the COVID-19 Pandemic has been hit hard. This is the only reason tourism converted into Digitalization of Tourism. Is Vaccine Passport the Ultimate Solution for International Travel? - kbviews. With the rise in the number of people taking the vaccine, it is time for a review system to prove their inoculation when they want to cross international borders. The so-called “vaccine passports” have been developed over the past year and is starting to go through various trials and beta tests ever since.

Several vaccines have been developed, like the Moderna Vaccine and the Oxford Vaccine, and the vaccine passports need to register them for considerable verification. Travelers will use the passports to supplement their actual national passport and other border-crossing documents when they clear customs and immigration barriers. The objective is to have your vaccination documents so that it is acceptable and understood across different languages making vaccine passport the ultimate solution. COVID-19 is changing what we buy – and how we buy it - kbviews. Nowadays COVID becomes a threat for everyone. COVID- 19 is changing what we buy and how we buy. People become very cautious about related to safety. Everyone is maintaining social distancing, social gap. Everyone has changed the product. If you research the market properly you will see online shopping increased during COVID-19. Change Your Buying Process. Previously these markets are not so popular.

Trip to advanced: Digital reception across areas has expanded significantly in the previous few months. The Focusing Point in What We Buy and How We Buy Shut-in economy: Only about 33% of US buyers are participating in ordinary out-of-home exercises, and 80% state they’re concerned when they venture out from home. Online Shopping At Holidays Furnish purchasers with different alternatives to satisfy orders (e.g., purchasing on the web, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup). Conclusion. Employers’ Engagement in Vaccine Management - kbviews. TOP BUSINESS TRENDS IN 2021 – Grow Your Business - kbviews. KEEP AN EYE ON THESE SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS AND PREDICTION THIS YEAR. Solution For Disaster Recovery Trends 2020 - kbviews. Disaster recovery is the method of gaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or business disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are several disaster recovery trends 2020 that can help you strategize an effective disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery trends 2020 arrangements rely entirely upon replicating data on an off-premises server that can be safe from any damage due to disasters. Food Supply Chains and Covid-19 Impacts and Policy Lessons - kbviews. Budget 2021 India Expectations - Rebuilt Indian Growth - kbviews. Sanitizer Machine For Mobile Phone In India 2021 - kbviews. Doctors have repeatedly warned us about the germ infestations that our mobile devices and gadgets are prone to. 3D Printing can be an Opportunity in a CRISIS - kbviews. Worldwide pandemic has severely multiplied the possibilities of problems in the supply chain, especially in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. 3D printing can be an opportunity in all those problems. The spread of coronavirus has disrupted several plants, broken supply chains, and prevented the production of many industrial factories.

With changing technological use to maintain functionality in the industry, the companies have realized that 3D printing can be an opportunity in a crisis. Incorporating 3D printing software and 3D printing applications in the supply chain for manufacturing will help develop a smooth workflow. 3D printing designs are comfortable with most printers and take less time compared to other manufacturing processes. Impact of Digital Technology on Education - kbviews. The events of 2020 have forced a dependency on technology. Changing the education industry with a massive impact of digital technology on education. Education Digital Transformation in Education Center - kbviews. Impact of Digital Technology on Education - kbviews. Electronic Gadgets Sanitizer Spray in India - kbviews. In 2020 we learn many things. The major thing we learned to use electronic gadgets sanitizer spray.

Previously we heard and use spray and sanitizer to clean our hands before eating the food. This COVID-19 virus taught us to stay clean and maintain hygiene. While we are moving in this pandemic scenario sanitizer spray kit become our best friend. Balancing Individual Privacy with Public Safety during Covid-19 - kbviews. The best sealing automotive paint- Future scope - kbviews.