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The 5 Best Smart Home Devices for 2021 - KBVIEWS. Smart home devices are now essential products to own.

The 5 Best Smart Home Devices for 2021 - KBVIEWS

The devices give us the ability to control various aspects of our homes, offices via voice commands, phone apps, and computers. With a surge in demand, connected devices are a big part of tech brands operating in India. There are more affordable smart home device options in the market today that one can pick up to upgrade their life. They can even help you to work smarter, make so many things easier and safer as well. Smart devices don’t necessarily mean just AI virtual assistants, but other devices like coffee machines, refrigerators, door openers, and cameras make up your smart home integration.

Smart Speakers and Displays Smart speakers are voice-activated, wireless devices that use integrated virtual assistant software to obtain data about tasks or provide search results. What is the future of predictive automobile technology? - KBVIEWS. The technology revolution has touched base in the automobile industry.

What is the future of predictive automobile technology? - KBVIEWS

It has even formed the connection between drivers and their cars in the last decade. Today, most areas of a car contain some kind of technology – from engine configuration to dashboard panels, headlights and tires to braking systems. There’s a good reason for the same, as it promotes greater safety and greater fuel economy. It even provides access information to drivers like road conditions, real-time weather conditions, nearest gas stations, parking spaces, alternative routes, traffic cameras, and more.

Experts say that predictive automobile technology results from consumer values. The automobile industry is undergoing a technological transformation, with the integration of new advanced technologies to enhance car manufacturing and driving. Why the Global Sports Industry is Embracing Sports Technology? - KBVIEWS. The sports industry and the market it is catering to are undergoing a rapid transformation.

Why the Global Sports Industry is Embracing Sports Technology? - KBVIEWS

In Europe and North America, audiences don’t show interest in traditional sports programming. The ratings for sports shows on TV are also dwindling. It isn’t because fans aren’t eager to follow up on their favorite games but because they are switching over to new mediums. In fact, they are consuming even more sports-related shows and information but on every platform, other than TV. Their consumption habits are being influenced by something even greater – sports technology.

Am I eligible for gratuity payment before completing 5 years of service? - KBVIEWS. Top 7 Technology Trends and Solutions in the Automobile Industry - KBVIEWS. Technology has left its mark on the automobile industry.

Top 7 Technology Trends and Solutions in the Automobile Industry - KBVIEWS

The result is a lot of innovations, just like our smartphones that are capable of calls, browsing, and more. As a result, our cars can now do so much more. These are the top seven car technology trends. Predictive Automobile Technology Machine learning and artificial learning are technologies that we’ve heard of before. Many automobiles can now communicate or work with IoT gadgets. Why Governments are lowering their Education Budget after the pandemic? - KBVIEWS. In 2020 the spread of the coronavirus and its resulting impact has led to a global crisis of unprecedented reach and proportion.

Why Governments are lowering their Education Budget after the pandemic? - KBVIEWS

Many countries have sustained several changes and are still struggling to cope with the posed problems. For the same, the governments are trying to recover from the financial and medical problems. This is reflected majorly in the annual budgets of all countries. Hybrid retail experiences in the post-Covid era - KBVIEWS. People strolling in and out of stores a year ago couldn’t have imagined what lay ahead.

Hybrid retail experiences in the post-Covid era - KBVIEWS

The retail industry in the US had reported poor sales resulting in the closure of thousands of physical stores nationwide. Forbes picked out some details from a recent UBS Investment study, citing 75,000 brick-and-mortar store closures by 2026 end. Even with such numbers, around 88.6% of stores were still running in the fourth quarter in 2019. This explains why the pandemic resulted in a full-scale and unprecedented retail disruption. According to Industry analysts, if retail owners had moved to predominantly digital models in their marketing strategy, the setback wouldn’t have been all that bad.

There is some hope for the future of retail marketing strategy. Hybrid retail experiences The pandemic accelerating digital transformation and adoption making it easier to provide a digital store on devices. National Education Policy: Exposing Children to the Digital Era through NEP - KBVIEWS. In 2020, the union cabinet came forward with a revised education policy for the country.

National Education Policy: Exposing Children to the Digital Era through NEP - KBVIEWS

The several changes proposed by the cabinet are expected to have effects of exponential growth on the new generation with a focus on increasing employability for the nation. The National Education Policy of India is a much-anticipated step in response to the changing socio-economic conditions of the country. The NEP revision provides the education system with flexibility and autonomy for students. This might provide a complete environment for building new and in-demand skills.

Why Governments are lowering their Education Budget after the pandemic? - KBVIEWS. Purpose-driven Marketing – The New-age Business Mantra - KBVIEWS. In an Apple Shareholder meeting a few years back, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was being challenged with a question.

Purpose-driven Marketing – The New-age Business Mantra - KBVIEWS

He was asked whether his company’s business was a humanitarian purpose or not. To this, his response surprisingly summed up to a new-age purpose business branding. “Many a time, I don’t consider bloody ROI. Sales Enablement Trends and Benchmark Best Sales Practices for 2021 - KBVIEWS. The pandemic year 2020 witnessed the learning and also the downfall of the economy.

Sales Enablement Trends and Benchmark Best Sales Practices for 2021 - KBVIEWS

It impacted every aspect of life and every sector of work-life simultaneously; the balance and imbalance of energy was the plan of 2020. Hoping for a better 2021 and let the learning gears up than Covid-19. The fulfillment of the new demands in the market is what the enterprises learned. It was a significant part of sales enablement trends in 2021. Are there new normal patterns in media consumption? - KBVIEWS. The pandemic has introduced several changes in our lives.

Are there new normal patterns in media consumption? - KBVIEWS

But the biggest difference that most would agree to is in the media consumption pattern or the way we consume content. Indeed we are living in the digital age, where we use media a lot. But this consumption pattern increased tenfold when we had no other choice but to stay at home! So, we can say that there are new patterns of content consumption that have undergone dynamic changes. The content capacity has risen more than ever because we have moved a majority of our social lives online.

People turned to digital media to stay connected, communicate and carry on with life as usual. TV or Digital, Which Marketing Strategy to Opt For? - KBVIEWS. Advertisers are rushing to adapt their marketing strategy to fit the changes occurring in the TV landscape. Among various advertising media available, television is still a part of the marketing landscape. Surveys say 62% of people in the US still watch TV and subscribe to satellite services. Top 8 Famous Mumbai Attractions You Must Visit - KBVIEWS.

Mumbai is the city that fulfils the dreams of people, that’s why Mumbai is famous as “City of Dreams”. From the jam-packed railways to famous Dabbawalas, from the millionaire to the slums, from the brilliant Bollywood to the quintessential vada pav, bhel puri, and sev puri, the uniqueness of the city goes beyond words. If you plan to travel to Mumbai, make sure you visit these top 8 famous Mumbai attractions that will leave you mesmerized. To assist you, we have listed the top 8 incredible places in Mumbai that will keep you in love with this extravagant city. 1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park Extended over a 104sq area, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of Asia’s most frequently-visited national parks.

Another popular attraction here, particularly for children, is the toy train, Van Rani. What will be Your Strategy to Clear IELTS Exam in 2021 - KBVIEWS. IELTS is a delight for those candidates who want to relocate to an English-speaking country to pursue studies or work. There are two versions of the IELTS exam one is Academic and the second one is General Training. There are no failures in IELTS but a high band score is a deciding factor for the candidates to pursue admission in a reputed international university of an English-speaking country or renowned company to work. It is mandatory to understand the exam pattern and preparation strategy to score high band scores in the IELTS exam. In case you are planning to take IELTS Exam in 2021, it is necessary to plan a systematic study strategy before starting the exam preparation.

Let us discuss some significant tips to prepare proficiently for the language proficiency test. To know the latest exam pattern followed by IELTS. How to improve physical fitness during defense exam preparations? - KBVIEWS. The candidate preparing for any of the defense exams such as AFCAT, CDS, or NDA should possess good physical and mental health. Every aspirant is expected to be free from diseases or disabilities.

Diseases and disabilities are considered to be barriers to accomplish the work profile of the cadets. Defense exam aspirants prepare for the written exam which is conducted in the first phase. The physical tests are conducted after the aspirants qualify for the written exam. They must maintain their body and health while preparing for the written exam. Candidates join AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh but every institute does not impart physical training. Life Cycle and Psychosocial Characteristics of Unemployed Adults - KBVIEWS.

A life cycle represents evolutionary development, and we understand it through the process that occurs at every life stage that leads to continuity and change in the development patterns. We can see the development in irregular successions that stretch from one generation to another and can be small as a change in status or occupation. Psychosocial characteristics develop through several changes from changing environment to personal differences and can have chronic effects. The change process varies from person to person, depending on characteristics relevant to age.

Adult behaviour can be studied and marked by new family roles, unemployment, diseases or retirement. Adult development is highly dependent on individual personal experiences compared to the passage of time. Why Invest in Esports - Games Market Growth & Opportunities - KBVIEWS. Esports is a relatively new industry that is similar to other sports in many ways. The difference is that you watch professional players playvideo games like Fortnite, CSGO, Call of Duty, andLeague of Legends instead of traditional games like curling, hockey, soccer, baseball, etc.

ESPORTS PLATFORM: Why it is becoming popular? - KBVIEWS. In the last decade, eSports turned into a trending topic spurning a fast-growing global industry. eSports is a competition when gamers play against each other in teams. How does non-profit marketing differ from for-profit marketing? - KBVIEWS. Digital Marketing Channels to Focus On In 2021 - KBVIEWS. Digital marketing is a comprehensive concept incorporating several aspects of the digital ecosystem in one utility. Digital elements like artificial intelligence and voice search optimization were individually irrelevant concepts that bordered the impossible until innovative digital marketing trends prioritized. What to do if Cooperative Bank Updates Wrong Information to CIBIL? - KBVIEWS. People are more attentive towards building a healthy credit report. Globally, the awareness of cibil reports and how they’re used is very widespread. In India, people are just beginning to understand what kind of value these reports have; there are morebureaus and emphasis that lenders place on such scores.

So, what is a credit report all about? Top Consumer Trends Expected to Gain Traction in 2021 - KBVIEWS. Last year, the pandemic started up and took over the world bringing everything to a standstill. It had altered the way we interact with each other in shopping, business, and our daily life. As a result, the buying and selling of products and services came to a standstill, forever altering the trends in consumer behaviour. Why one should opt for Non-profit Marketing Tactics for Business Growth - KBVIEWS. Non-profits begin with several essential elements like a proper mission and a reason for the company’s existence that is not just “selling items or services.” These items are often not present in the B2B and B2C marketers’ arsenal and cause a significant business issue.

The post-Covid scenario of the hospitality and tourism industry in India - KBVIEWS. At a time when most people seem wary of traveling, the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) has said that momentum in the tourism industry in India will likely pick up after the pandemic is over. As of now, they state that loss in revenues in the coming year fall between Rs 72,000 crore to Rs 1.58 lakh. Discover The Power of Business Intelligence Reporting Tools - KBVIEWS. A business intelligence tool is a form of digital device that helps you understand business trends and derive insights from your data to make tactical and strategic business decisions to improve your business.

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Employers’ Engagement in Vaccine Management - kbviews. TOP BUSINESS TRENDS IN 2021 – Grow Your Business - kbviews. Solution For Disaster Recovery Trends 2020 - kbviews. Food Supply Chains and Covid-19 Impacts and Policy Lessons - kbviews. Budget 2021 India Expectations - Rebuilt Indian Growth - kbviews. Sanitizer Machine For Mobile Phone In India 2021 - kbviews. 3D Printing can be an Opportunity in a CRISIS - kbviews. Impact of Digital Technology on Education - kbviews. Education Digital Transformation in Education Center - kbviews. Impact of Digital Technology on Education - kbviews. Electronic Gadgets Sanitizer Spray in India - kbviews. Balancing Individual Privacy with Public Safety during Covid-19 - kbviews. The best sealing automotive paint- Future scope - kbviews.