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Technical Info | Cookies| Subject Map | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions©2015 CABI Selected records Search History Select: All / None. Improvement Works to Commence at Mullum Mullum Reserve. 10 June, 2015 As part of the Mullum Mullum Reserve Management Plan implementation, Manningham Council will be undertaking a range of works to improve reserve access, car parking, landscaping and connectivity to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail.

Improvement Works to Commence at Mullum Mullum Reserve

The works include: Reconfiguring and reline marking of the existing reserve carparkWidening and upgrading the entrances to the reserve at Springvale and Reynolds roadsMinor roadworks in the reserve, including the construction of a roundaboutConstruction of additional car parking spacesConstruction of new pedestrian and shared pedestrian and cyclist paths, including a new connection to the Mullum Mullum Creek TrailUpgrading of existing pedestrian paths to improve connectivity within the reserveUpgrading of public lighting throughout the reserve, including the Springvale and Reynolds road entrances, andLandscape improvements.

The works will also include the construction of innovative stormwater rain gardens, to treat carpark runoff. Waterway Quality - Maroondah City Council. Skip to this pages content | skip to site navigation Urban development in Maroondah and Melbourne has resulted in significant declines in the water quality of our waterways.

Waterway Quality - Maroondah City Council

All the stormwater from our streets washes into the underground stormwater system and then into our creeks. This stormwater contains a range of pollutants including: Commercial runoff, including oil, chemicals and waste General litter such as plastic bags and cigarette butts Sediment runoff from building sites Chemical runoff from industrial sites Fertiliser and pesticide runoff These pollutants impact on the quality of water in our creeks by: You can help to protect our waterways by making these simple actions: At Home Make sure all rubbish, including cigarette butts, is put in a bin Do not sweep leaves and green waste into the gutter.

Building Sites For more information on stormwater protection on building sites contact Council's Strategic Planning and Sustainability Unit on 1300 88 22 33. Waterwatch - Maroondah City Council. Skip to this pages content | skip to site navigation Waterwatch is a community education program that is available to volunteers from community groups and schools interested in learning about local waterways through hands on monitoring of the health of Maroondah's waterways.

Waterwatch - Maroondah City Council

Waterwatch delivers education programs for schools and training for environmental groups to undertake ongoing water quality testing of local waterways. Volunteers are involved in a range of biological and chemical testing measures that can provide a detailed indication of the health of waterways, these include monitoring of: Salinity pH levels Turbidity Dissolved oxygen Nitrogen and Phosphorus Macroinvertebrates To get involved in Waterwatch contact Trish Grant, Coordinator Healthy Waterways Waterwatch Program, on 0408 177 917 or email For further information on the program visit the Waterwatch website at Managing our stormwater - Maroondah City Council. Recent flooding Maroondah’s stormwater drains have been put to the test recently with significant storm events and high levels of rain inundating Maroondah since November 2010.

Managing our stormwater - Maroondah City Council

Council's underground stormwater drains have been designed to a capacity of a one in five year magnitude storm, which is consistent with the industry standard. However, these recent storms were in the magnitude of a 1 in 20 year and 1 in 50 year event, based on the Bureau of Meteorology’s statistical data. To have them occur so close to each other, and on such a large scale, raises concerns about how often we can expect these types of storms in the future. The severity and frequency of the storms highlights the need to change the way we design and manage our stormwater. Council’s role in stormwater drainage Council has a responsibility to property owners to ensure that the Council owned and operated drainage system is clear and functioning so it can capture any stormwater.

What Council is doing What you can do. Our Water - Maroondah City Council. Skip to this pages content | skip to site navigation Water is an essential component to the survival of all species on the planet.

Our Water - Maroondah City Council

Maintaining and improving the availability and quality of water is critical to ensuring this survival. There are numerous pressures on the quality of our waterways and water supply. Melbourne's growing population and climate change will result in less available water for more people. Urban development threatens the qualiy of water in our waterways from stormwater pollution such as oils, detergents, paints, building materials and litter. Yarra Valley Water. Managing our stormwater - Maroondah City Council.