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K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work. The Presentation Tools Shelf. Presentation Tools. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.

Presentation Tools

Get it on the web or iPad! Guest. 10 Social Media Skills for Every Modern Teacher [Infographic] Social media skills have an increasingly useful presence in modern classrooms.

10 Social Media Skills for Every Modern Teacher [Infographic]

Teachers and students alike use them to connect and to expand learning. Social media doesn’t have to be a distraction. Explainer: Creative Commons. The digital age has presented many and diverse challenges for copyright law.

Explainer: Creative Commons

The rapid uptake of digital, networked technologies led to widespread online distribution of content, as well as the emergence of new practices and technologies that enabled digital content to be shared, reused and remixed on an unprecedented scale. But while technology provided the capacity for sharing and reuse of content to occur on a vast scale, legal restrictions on the use of copyright material hampered its negotiability in the digital environment.

Creative Commons (CC) emerged as a direct response to the shortcomings of copyright laws and licensing practices in the dynamic, interactive and distributed internet environment. Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. VISIBLE LEARNING - Information About What Works Best For Learning. Johnhattie. Brokers of Expertise. Brokers of Expertise (@BoECommunity) California Classroom Science » CDE’s Brokers of Expertise. Goodbye, and Thank You – Hello, and Welcome Posted: Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 by Lisa Hegdahl On June 30th, the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) said, “Goodbye, and Thank You” to five of its dedicated Board members.

California Classroom Science » CDE’s Brokers of Expertise

On July 1st, we said, “Hello, and Welcome” to the five newly elected. Digital Chalkboard. Next Generation Science Standards. National Science Teachers Association.