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Kaz-type is an award-winning software with a unique multi-sensory touch typing course offering accelerated learning methods for touch typing aspirants to become a pro in no time.

ERGONOMICS - How to work safely. The word ergonomics is derived from the Greek words ‘ergon’ meaning work and ‘nomos’ meaning laws.

ERGONOMICS - How to work safely

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘it is relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment,' be it in an office environment or within the home. Simply defined, ergonomics is a science and is concerned with the design or arrangement of workplaces, equipment, furniture and systems, so that they suit the people who use them, enhancing their comfort, safety, efficiency and productivity. Poor ergonomics subjects the body to awkward posture, repetitive / sustained movement over a long period, localised pressure to a body part, forceful exertions or extreme temperature. These can all lead to numbness, tingling, cramp and pain of the hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, back, head, eyes and lower limbs, causing inflammation or irritation of tendons and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Graham Coath. Top 5 Tips to Touch Type Faster. Touch typing is an excellent skill to possess as it helps you be more effective in communication and finish computer based work quickly, efficiently and on time.

Top 5 Tips to Touch Type Faster

The learning process can be a little tasking as simply hitting the right keys isn’t quite enough. Even after learning the right typing techniques, you should still practice regularly to become better and more efficient with the keyboard. Follow these guidelines to improve your typing efficiency. Touch Typing - A Detailed Guide for Typing Faster on a Keyboard Learn the Basics You cannot type faster without clarity on the basic concepts of touch typing. Why You Should Bother With Typing Tests. If you are an employer then you need to ensure that your staff are competent, efficient, up to date with current practice and productive and all this just to maintain pace with the competition?

Why You Should Bother With Typing Tests

But how do we know if staffing is excessive, if you are top heavy or worse everyone isn’t pulling in the same direction? We should all be constantly looking for efficiency in working practice and we do this through regular training? We should not leave the training to other companies and a well trained workforce is not only efficient but grateful and duty bound to be more concerned within the company. After all if you look after your employees then logic dictates they will look after for you. Isn’t this the reason why so many of the worlds best companies goals are to get to the top and stay there. Commitment works both ways. To quote a spokesman for the UK’s Learndirect, “The most effective and cheapest training course on the market is also the most neglected.” So continuing … Why Learners of Touch Typing Must Learn About the Home Row Keys.

Simple Reasons Why Students Should Learn Touch Typing. Even with the ubiquity of smart mobile communication devices (cellphones and tablets) in the field of education, typing on a keyboard remains an essential skill for allstudents, whether researching or writing assignments.

Simple Reasons Why Students Should Learn Touch Typing

Slow and incorrect or improper typing can significantly set them back. Typing should ideally be as effortless and natural as writing.One should not need to search for the right keys to press on the keyboard to type sentences. This method of typing is popularly known as ‘hunt and peck’ typing and as the name implies, typically involves looking for the correct keys on the keyboard while typing with just one or two fingers of both hands. The better and more natural typing technique is called touch typing. This method uses all five fingers of both hands to identify keys by the sense of touchrather than by looking at the keyboard. Can you spare 90 minutes? What if I now told you it will save you a YEAR in your working life? If I asked you that question in general, you would immediately take notice but if I then told you it’s to teach you typing skills… you would probably respond; ‘I can type fine with 2 fingers’…’I’ve developed a method which is brill’…”My typing’s good enough”… Typing is a skill - just like driving.

Can you spare 90 minutes? What if I now told you it will save you a YEAR in your working life?

We are taught to drive. We have lessons, followed by a test to confirm proficiency. Every laptop, desktop, Chromebook is sold with an attached keyboard. How are we expected to be efficient on a computer, where many of us spend several hours per day, when we do not have proficiency using its keyboard? How a Structured and Engaging Typing Program can Help Kids to Learn Touch Typing Fast? How to Type Faster using a recognised Touch Typing Software. In today’s digital world, typing is a daily necessity.

How to Type Faster using a recognised Touch Typing Software

How to Become an Expert in Touch Typing - A Complete Guide. How Businesses Can Benefit from Using Touch Typing Software. The majority of businesses now use computers in some capacity, either in operations and/or maintenance.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Using Touch Typing Software

As a consequence, computer skills and software knowledge are becoming essential. Teaching the World to Type. Learn typing skills for Business. Teaching the World to Type. Through trials and feedback from special needs teachers across the world, it has been proven that touch typing and using a computer are formidable and even life changing tools that opens doors for neurodivergent individuals, as it presents a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating.

Teaching the World to Type

Are your students experiencing any of the following? Teaching them to type with KAZ’s specialised neurodiverse typing software may help, as it has been especially designed to help address these challenges. Available editions: Neurodiverse 16+(Download only)£39.95Buy Now City & Guilds (Online only)£75Buy Now Special DSA AT Bundle(Download + Online)£95Buy Now International pricing see below or click here Developed with advice and guidance from Dr. Visual disturbances can present themselves in many ways - that of white glare from background screens causing headaches, blurring, letters rotating, flipping, crowding and running into each other.

KAZ : Learn to Type Fast.