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Non-literacy apps for literacy purposes

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InDecision. Description Every day we are required to make decisions.


Whether they’re big or small, it can be tough to make the right choice. inDecision is here to help! InDecision simplifies choices through the use of pros and cons. Using an easy and intuitive interface, you enter factors and rate their importance. When you’re finished, watch your pros and cons come to life! The beauty of inDecision resides in its ability to visually display the factors of any choice, instead of having them float around unorganized in your mind. *** BrandThinking's App of The Week - "Sure, there are apps that will make decisions for you, but inDecision doesn’t do that. *** Connected Magazine's Best New Apps - "The app is intuitive, attractive and useful... *** AppAdvice calls it "A slick utility app that will help you work your way through any decision, big or small *** AddictiveTips says "What better place to get advice than the cold, calculated logic of your iOS device?

" *** OneDayOneApp's App of the Day *** SurveyBoy. Description SurveryBoy is your best buddy to conduct field surveys.


=> Features : - Quickly create surveys with our built in database with long list of questions and answers. - Manage number of surveys without any complexity. - View survey results in graphical pie chart view. - Get full reports as Email in Excel format to customize it according to your requirements from your PC. - Getting your own SurveyBoy with many other features is just one tap ahead! SurveyBoy says:Go! My Editing Buddy for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Side by Side (with Dropbox support) Description "The possibilities are endless here...

Side by Side (with Dropbox support)

How handy and convenient is that! " -- "It is so simple yet awesome! I love how easy it is to open up more windows and adjust the size of each. The best multitasking app for high productivity people. Side by Side is a multiple-window reader/browser with offline reading and note taking capabilities. You can browse webpages, download files, read documents, or take notes on each split screen. When reading something on the iPad, e.g. a webpage or a PDF document, you might often need some handy tools on the side, e.g. a dictionary, a notepad, your email inbox, your facebook updates, an IM tool to chat with your friends, or a youtube video with your favorite background music.

There are a lot more you can do with Side by Side. The start page in the bookmark list provides links to lots of interesting websites (e.g. games, tools) that nicely fit the split touch screen. ...More Customer Reviews. MomentDiary. Description Great news!


This is a private diary that makes notes with timestamps! You can take a short note and use it as a private diary, simple business note, diet record, food log, lifetime recording, cash flow record, jotting down what you watch on TV, song titles while you listen to radio...etc. Please feel free to ask any questions on below URL. (in English please!)