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Net overload 'sparks digital detox for millions of Britons' Image copyright Thinkstock Internet overload has led millions of people in the UK to take a "digital detox", according to research from regulator Ofcom.

Net overload 'sparks digital detox for millions of Britons'

The survey found 34% of internet users have taken a period of up to a month away from the web. Some 59% of those surveyed considered themselves hooked on their devices, with a third saying they found it difficult to disconnect. Half said that they spent longer online than originally intended each day. What is the future for sustainable materials in fashion? For an industry that revolves around seasons, two fibres are popular all year round.

What is the future for sustainable materials in fashion?

The first is cotton, a natural fibre with links to forced labour that is as thirsty as it is in demand, taking up to 2,700 litres of water to make one shirt. The second is polyester, a key driver of the man made fibre market, that depends on now-declining reserves of oil and gas. The increasingly obvious environmental impacts of both are leading entrepreneurs, designers and businesses to look to more sustainable alternatives like organic cotton and recycled polyester, but some are venturing even further out of the box. Meet the future stars of sustainable fashion.

A new breed of fashion designer is putting ethics at the heart of everything they do.

Meet the future stars of sustainable fashion

No longer is sustainability and social responsibility a token extra or cynical marketing ploy. The smartest brands are the ones taking full responsibility for every step of the process, from the supplier to the maker – and in some cases the aftercare of the product, too. Selfridges to Launch Bright New Things Talent Platform Focusing on Sustainability – WWD. ALL IS BRIGHT: Selfridges has partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion on a new project, Bright New Things, which will launch Jan. 7 and champion designers who use sustainable practices.

Selfridges to Launch Bright New Things Talent Platform Focusing on Sustainability – WWD

This is the fifth year that Selfridges will be investing in the talent platform. In past years, the retailer mentored young designers such as Simone Rocha, Astrid Andersen, Sadie Williams and Christopher Shannon through the platform, known at the time as Bright Young Things. Last January, the project also celebrated creatives who took much later turns in their careers, including Molly Parkin and Nick Wooster, by reinterpreting the project as Bright Old Things. By placing the focus on sustainability for 2016, British designers of all ages were chosen to participate, provided they could demonstrate their focus on environmentally friendly methods of production as well as innovative design. “The project gives us so much insight into the future of fashion. 15 Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Denim Brands You Should Know Exist. Ethics | Made in the USA, Sustainable Practices Location | USAWhere to Buy | Online Design | Men’s Denim Starting At | $140 The SOURCE M1501 is a light, comfortable raw denim jean that is classy enough to be worn in the office, and rugged enough to be worn while adventuring.

15 Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Denim Brands You Should Know Exist

SOURCE Denim was created with the mission to eliminate the harmful chemicals used in the denim dyeing process. They discovered that all indigo requires chemical fixing agents and treatments to dye denim blue, a lot of which ends up in surrounding water ecosystems. How Cotton Goes Beyond Fabric - Sustainably - Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit. Katie Jones: Waste Not. Thefinancialexpress-bd. 12 Retail trends and predictions to watch for. Retail pure-plays will disappear. A study by MasterCard found that eight out of 10 consumers now use a computer, smartphone, tablet, or in-store technology while shopping. Forrester also predicts that cross-channel retail sales with reach $1.8 trillion in the US by 2017.

Omnichannel is showing no signs of slowing down, and in order to keep up, retailers – whether they’ve started in brick & mortar or ecommerce – will need to merge their physical and digital systems to serve omnishoppers. Zara Just Launched a Sustainable Clothing Collection. Zara lovers, rejoice.

Zara Just Launched a Sustainable Clothing Collection

Following in the footsteps of fast-fashion brands like H&M, the retailer just launched a new sustainability initiative and ethical clothing line. Dubbed Zara’s #JoinLife initiative, the new collection, which is designed for “a woman who looks into a more sustainable future,” is made with materials aimed at reducing environmental impact, like organic cotton or recycled wool. Designer develops nonwoven material made from yarn for use in smart textile. 26th September 2016, Nottingham Sonia Reynolds, a designer and researcher, now undertaking a PhD at the Nottingham Trent University, has pioneered a new form of nonwoven material made from yarn.

Designer develops nonwoven material made from yarn for use in smart textile

According to the designer, the so-called space cloth has a strong potential for use as a smart textile due to its unique structure with space to encase copper wiring, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and more. Ms Reynolds brought the idea to Nottingham Trent University's Advanced Textile Research Group and is now undertaking a PhD in the subject to further develop the fabric's novel manufacturing process under the direction of Professor Tilak Dias and Dr Amanda Briggs-Goode, of the School of Art and Design. Sustainable Fashion: 6 Brands Delivering The Goods. Sustainability and eco-friendly are big buzzwords in today’s retail market.

Sustainable Fashion: 6 Brands Delivering The Goods

But when it comes to putting these core values into practice, many companies are all talk and little action. However, the following fashion brands do it better than most in the business, with a true commitment to ethical production and use of sustainable materials. Sustainable fashion is possible, and here are 6 brands offering it to the market. Stella McCartney. Why I'm Not Buying Any New Clothes for 12 Months - A Sustainable Fashion Challenge. How long has it been since your last high street shopping trip?

Why I'm Not Buying Any New Clothes for 12 Months - A Sustainable Fashion Challenge

After impulse buying a pinafore at the end of last year that I didn’t need and wasn’t sure even fit me properly, I started to really think about the impact my clothes were having. I realised that the cheaply made, mass produced, fast-fashion I was buying was promoting unethical working conditions, environmental destruction and costing me a fortune. I decided that something drastic needed to change and set myself a personal challenge - to simply stop buying for a year. Inspired by Virginia Woolf, Burberry Goes Gender Fluid for Fall. For a heritage brand, Burberry's always on the vanguard of modern movements.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf, Burberry Goes Gender Fluid for Fall

They were the first to offer see-now-buy-now (2010), cast Cara Delevingne (2011), and Snapchat their runway show (2015). Today in London, they pushed further into the future by showing a collection that was almost entirely unisex—and giving the entire cast the same makeup look, regardless of gender. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Inspired by Virginia Woolf's Orlando (a story in which the protagonist mysteriously changes from a man to a woman), Christopher Bailey's latest collection boasts printed silk pajamas, floral camouflage bombers, and long wool coats with drummer boy embroidery (plus the usual cinched trench coats and studded messenger bags, which were carried by both sexes on the catwalk).

The catch: unlike some "androgynous" collections, this one boasts layers and shapes that support—not subvert—curved hips and breasts. In pictures: Gender blending at London Fashion Week. Gender blending and unisex clothing is not a new phenomenon - from David Bowie to Cara Delevigne, men have worn women's clothes and vice versa. However, recently this has been increasingly more common, with brands such as Zara, Selfridges and Alexander Wang, to name a few, creating specific gender neutral lines. Is this just a trend or a larger cultural shift in society? We went to London Fashion Week to ask people their views. Can data shape the future of mental health support? If you’re experiencing a mental health issue, one of the people you probably least want to speak to about it is your employer.

Disclosing depression or anxiety has long been seen as the last workplace taboo, for fear of repercussions. This is despite the existence of the Equality Act 2010, which protects employees with physical and mental disabilities from discrimination. But just over a third of workers with a mental health condition discuss it with their employer, according to a survey of 1,388 employees carried out by Willis PMI Group, one of the UK’s largest providers of employee healthcare and risk management services. Student mental health 'lacks support' Women's mental health needs 'not considered adequately' The UK Sharing Economy: Deciphering the challenges and its long-term potential (edited) “I think every business needs to be able to raise money to keep going and to be able to be profitable,” said Jo Bertram, regional general manager of Northern Europe at Uber, which has to date raised $8.71bn from 72 different investors.

Speaking at the Sharing Economy Symposium, hosted by Sharing Economy UK, earlier today, Bertram touched on the challenges faced by early stage tech firms seeking to raise venture capital money. Giving Uber as an example, Bertram spoke about how raising cash could help firms capture the market share and customers needed to scale in the long-term. Q&A: Memrise co-founder talks diversity, mentorship and long-term plans Meeting demand “If we had five drivers in London, and 10 customers, consumers would likely be seeing estimated times of arrival of about 60 minutes.

Mapped: how the sharing economy is sweeping the world. Reflecting the UK's world-renowned financial technology, or fintech, community, 10 of the UK's sharing economy companies are peer-to-peer lending or financing start-ups, including Crowdcube, Seeders and Funding Circle. Crowdcube recently became the first equity-based crowdfunding platform to surpass £100m in raised capital. The UK is also home to four start-ups that allow users to rent out their spare rooms and three companies that enable users to outsource their chores.