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Animated Atrocities: Spider's Web: a Pig's Tale. The morality tale from hell Spark Plug Entertainment: 2006 We've talked about many a crappy animation company.

Animated Atrocities: Spider's Web: a Pig's Tale

From Dingo Pictures and their Disney ripping inanity, to "The Asylum of animated movies" Video Brinquedo, and their lack of originality, and their inate hatred of the Chinese. But for as bad as both those companies are, neither come close to the company that's given perhaps some of the most insipid, uninspired, and utterly retarded animated movies. That company is Spark Plug Entertainment. Unlike Brinquedo and Dingo, this company is actually based out of New York, and was founded by a man by the name of Michael Shelp. *groans* However, like Brinquedo and Dingo, this company likes to ride on the coat tails of more successful animated movies, and releases among the worst cartoons ever.

So, let's dive into this pig sty of a mess as we review this thing. From there we also get a wasp who speaks in what I can assume is Dexterese. Wow, a whole two stars! At the hotel, they run into... Animated Atrocities: Little Princess School. The Three R's: Rotten, Retched, Ripoff.

Animated Atrocities: Little Princess School

Video Brinquedo: 2007 Well, it's been a while since we've talked about our old friends the "Asylum of Animation", VIdeo Brinquedo. For those just coming in, Video Brinquedo is a Brazilian animation company best known for releasing mockbuster versions of hit animated movies, with terrible animation, destestable characters, and a dash of racism to boot.

Most of the time they try to be discreet in their plagiarism. But, in this occasion, they're just being cocky little freaks. Take a good look at the first pic in this induction. Here, take this copy of Don't Wake Daddy. Yep, Brinquedo unabashedly ripped off the designs for Disney's Princesses, and used them for their own DVD series "Little Princess School", which I can only assime is pseudo ripping off Winx Club. Animated Atrocities: Hammerman. Please Hammer, Stop Hurtin' Me Dic: 1991 Ah, the 1990's.

Animated Atrocities: Hammerman

When video games ruled, the term "Saturday Morning cartoon" wasn't just a relic of the past, and a guy in parachute pants was the biggest thing sine sliced bread. In the early 90's M.C Hammer became a household name, after his song "Can't Touch This" became not just a hit, but a monolithic hit. One that honestly sums up the early 90's in my opinion. And you know what happens when I say something's a success. And that was indeed the case in 1991, as ABC and our favorite DICheads gave us the cartoon starring, and I quote, "The first musical hero". Animated Atrocities: Thumbelina. Thumbs Down Warner Bros: 1994 Well, here we are.

Animated Atrocities: Thumbelina

After dealing with 3 of the infamously bad early 90's Bluth films, we're down to the last one. The animated adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson classic tale, Thumbelina. It features the voice talent of Ariel herself, Jodie Benson, as the titular Thumbelina, and has that really beautifully done Bluth style you know and love. Carol Channing? Charo? Gilbert Gottfried? Yeah, the cast isn't exactly what you call spectacular, but It has to have some great songs, right? Wait, it won a Razzie for "Worst Original Song? " Well, let's not waste any more time. We open to Paris, in the grand ol' year of once upon a time, as a bird flies around an early 90's CGI town. The story goes that a woman, unable to give birth on her own, gets a magic barleycorn from a witch.

Later on, Thumbelina asks her mother if there are any more tiny folk around, while wishing she were big. After their trip, Cornelius takes Thumbelina home. Oh shit. Jaquimo JaquiBlows. Animated Atrocities: Defenders of Dynatron City. An atomic bomb.

Animated Atrocities: Defenders of Dynatron City

Dic: 1992 There's no tried and tested cartoon idea that has worked better than that of the super hero team. From the established comic book heroes.. To the fresher takes.. There's just something awesome about a team of unique heroes who kick the ass of evil for the good of mankind. Defenders of Dynatron City made it's debut to the world as a videogame from Lucasfilm Games. So, let's dive into this dynamic dud. We open to the world of awful early 90's CGI, AKA Dynatron City, as a narrator tells us all about this wonderful place. Enjoy the refreshing taste of nuclear waste! No, literally. With his wife Oculous Orbus, and his son Charles and Mambo.