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Phone Pranks

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Crusty Doo Doo in Boxers Prank - OwnagePranks. Roy D. Mercer - Janitor (Prank Calls) Prank Call - Gay Bar. Ned calls police dept about changing black targets to blue. Ned calls the FCC. Crank Yankers-Wandy -Sykes-Impound Turd. Anon Calls Gamestop for April Fool's Day. Gamestop is Furious about mudkips. Screaming Customer Calls a Game Stop. Anonymous Pranks Gamestop, Lulz Ensues. Pissed off sausage guy prank call. QVC Caller on a Can Opener. Faye Gets Told To Suck D*ck On Live TV. Prank Phone Call to CNN.. vaginal fluid on the brain? Home Shopping Prank Call. Prank Calls Ft. Duke Nukem. 4 TF2 Prank Calls. Italian prank call. C-SPAN PRANK CALLS. Hank Hill prank call to secretary The best one!! Jewish Prank Call. Hank Hill prank calls Wal Mart!