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VelvetFlowingAura. From Encyclopedia Dramatica This person has Assburgers Syndrome , so you can't say anything bad! :-( Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck. Nothing says "I'm sorry" better than shitty giftart. You can tell he's not on dA for the art. Wattage. From Encyclopedia Dramatica He will always be in our hearts. Long ago , an unlikely hero came to ED , looking for lulz . In those days, he was simply known as Wattage , but by the end of his tenure here with us, he would come to be known as General Wattagecat.

Winner of the coveted Vox Dramatica award, scourge of YouTube , seasoned wiki-vandal, and all around troll-of-all-trades, he left his mark by cutting a swathe of destruction and butthurt on every website he visited. His magical giggle still echoes through these hallowed halls to this very day. Troll. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Successful Troll is Successful ! yIdbxahGSwc The only defense against a troll is this card. This troll is also a jew . Notice the bulbous nose, large ears, and use of candle to save moniez Trolls are the fucking winners of the internet. Emmy Rossum. From Encyclopedia Dramatica This vacant look is what made her famous! Emmy Rossum ✡ is a minor, mediocre talent in the entertainment world. And when we say minor, we mean that she has been in only one movie that wasn't shit .

That movie was Mystic River, and it wasn't shit because Emmy played a dead girl in it. She mysteriously rose from the sea last Thursday and has been attention whoring like you wouldn't believe since then. She is known to be fucking stupid , especially when it comes to researching her roles. In the Beginning... Katherine Marion. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Momma K teaching Kaelin the difference between good touch, bad touch, and please make it fucking stop. Momma loves her pubeless prince. Katherine Marion (also known as Momma K ) is 4chan 's 2011 nominee for mother of the year . Miss Marion's accomplishments include single-handedly raising a teenage boy on a diet of nothing but raw vegetables , breast milk, and love . In her free time, when she's not following her son around filming him poop, Marion works as an escort , kidnaps neighbor children , and runs a fake blog she set up while pretending to be her son.

Her hobbies include forcing her child to eat fertilizer, mocking her son's friends and their parents, uploading videos of Kaelin naked in the bathtub , dancing for her son while wearing little to nothing at all, and yelling at old people on their deathbed . Some have speculated that Momma is a raving lunatic who fucks her son like his cock contained the secret to eternal youth. Terri Schiavo. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Having finally triumphed in the courts, Michael inputs the appropriate secret code. Terri Schiavo at feeding time. "Daaaahhh... durrhh... uughnnmm!! " ~ Terry Schiavo, eloquent as always and DEFINITELY SENTIENT Terri Schiavo was a former ana / mia who went into a persistent vegetative state after a fit of thinspiration .

Schiavo had been a great source of lulz during March of 2005. Good ol' boy Jesse Jackson even piped in to get his face back in the national media. Glenn Beck Raped And Murdered A Young Girl In 1990. From Encyclopedia Dramatica It doesn't have to be true, just keep repeating it until everyone agrees Glenn Beck is Satan's mentally challenged younger brother. John Cooper II. From Encyclopedia Dramatica John Cooper II and friend at home John Cooper, II is an obscure "screenwriter", author, and mental institution escapee from Morehead, Kentucky or as he prefers to call himself " A Real American ", and his limited e-fame is mostly due to his prominent consumption of vore porn rather than his M*A*S*H fan-fiction GRAND RAPIDS O'REILLYS, which he published on the M*A*S*H fan site "Best Care Anywhere" and no where else.

A legend in his own lunch break, he capitalizes each and every every proper noun, and peppers his shit with words no one has ever used like "Groovy", "Y'all" and "Old Chap". It has been suggested he suffers from schizophrenia , multiple personality disorder -- on account of his posting comments under both John Cooper II and Tom "Mac" McMillan -- , or tourette's syndrome . He probably was also fed LSD when he was four and was a member of the Vienna Boys Chior. Johnny has his own fanclub on facebook . Sherry Shriner. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Time has not been kind to Sherry. At first glance one comes away with either one of two possibilities in trying to define the purpose of Sherry Shriner . Either she is ( A ) a completely batshit insane radio host who believes she is here to bring the masses together in their epic struggle against the " Giants of the Last Days ," or ( B ) she is really a secret government agent who uses her radio show to weed out all those who know about the secret "rulers" of society so they may be exterminated .

While the jury may still be out with regards to her purpose, we can get a clear definition of WHO Sherry Shriner is from her own lips: Time Cube. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Gene Ray poses with his Time Cube, which also doubles as a disco dance floor. Harnessing your toilet's 4 sides since 1986. Irrefutable proof that Time Cube is true. Bipolar Disorder. From Encyclopedia Dramatica ...then 3 seconds later, RAAAAGE !! Sephirothslave.

From Encyclopedia Dramatica Imagine Sephiroth giving hickeys to this girl. You will need a barf bag. It could be said that very few trolls,/b/tards, EDiots and Final Fantards have not heard of the infamous Sephirothslave, the unstable Sephiroth fangirl whose numerous outlandish claims began in a simple Blurty around 2003, when she was around 15 or 16 . Slowly writhing from the depths of the internet as Cthulhu rose from R'lyeh, her notoriety exploded once the chans got their hands on the journal entries in which, inbetween lame poetry and moans about her life, she claimed to speak with the villain of FFVII , Sephiroth , on the astral plane - ultimately announcing that she was his one and only bitch . Sephirothslave herself - whose real name is Julia - rivals other famous lolcows such as Littlecloud or Snapesnogger in her instability and excessive hyopcrisy.

But then a bomb is dropped. They were divorced under the scrutiny of Astral Paparazzi three days later. Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Snapesnogger. Rex Beowulf. From Encyclopedia Dramatica How DARE you question why I do with your money!! Rex Beowulf (AKA Michael Wolf, Michael Du'Lyea) is an insane furry drama whore who specializes in whining about those who disagree with him in any form on the intarwebs. His favorite word is "sociopath" which is often used just before or during threats to file charges for harassment with his local police department. He has threatened legal action repeatedly. He also left the furry fandom many times; but is still smarter than you could ever comprehend, you stupid human!

I am probably your savior. ——Rex Beowulf, Justifiable Genocide Rex would like you to know that posting in his LiveJournal constitutes HARASSMENT and is an Internet Crime. Rex writes sporadically and poorly. I am solely responsible for the worst natural catastrophe to plague mankind, even more devastating than the black plague, small pox, cholera, AIDS, or even nuclear bombs. Sacha Baron Cohen. From Encyclopedia Dramatica Sacha Baron Cohen ✡ , aka Borat , aka Ali G aka Brüno , is an unfunny jewish actor/comedian who has managed to induce a high number of footbullets and self-pwns due to his epic sockpuppet IRL trolling . Proof of his Judaism can be found in the name of Baron Cohen's production company which is called Four By Two which is Cockney rhyming slang for Jew. Borat at home with village rapist (left) and gypsy hunter (right).

Borat reports from the annual running of the Jews. "There you go kids, crush that Jew egg before it hatches. " Borat Sagdiyev is well respected Kazakh journalist with a deep love for Amur-i-ka . Typical of Jewish comedies in the style of Will and Grace, Borat's productions compensate for the absence of taste by an overflow of gay inuendo. Lately he has turned his focus from straight reporting to public awareness. Nuttymadam3575. From Encyclopedia Dramatica An artistic depiction of Emma. A better artistic depiction of Emma.

For fun, try to guess which one is rounder : Emma or the 500-pound M&M (hint: it's Emma ). Nuttymadam3575 (Emma Clark), also known as "Captain Ahab's WHITE WHALE! ", is an emo lolcow of titanic proportions . Nuttymadamn, due to her lack of a social life and actual friends, seems to have almost entirely lost her touch with reality , as her unnatural obsessions with her favorite vampire boooooook s, her profound hatred for critics of said books, her sexual fantasies about the main characters of these boooooooks, and her belief that what people say on the internet matters, clearly indicate. Apparently the poor girl has has been fat all her life , (possibly due to mass cheeseburger ingestion), but has only recently been attacked by peg-legged sailors with harpoons. Operation SyPhyllis. April Furs Day. Branca. The Biggest Loser. Chris-chan - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Chris-chan/thecrazypacer - Encyclopedia Dramatica.

The Rent Is Too Damn High - Encyclopedia Dramatica. File:Asperger King.gif - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Tourette's Guy - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Digimon Battle - Encyclopedia Dramatica. The McNugget Burgler - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Jerichoonly - Encyclopedia Dramatica. William J. Lashua - Encyclopedia Dramatica.