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Common Unavoidable Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Commit. Setting up a new business means a lot of responsibilities and one has to manage broad issues such as company formation, finance, market research, prototyping and so on. The list is so exhaustive that it is obvious to make mistakes. Many inexperienced and young entrepreneurs make mistakes when it comes to their first venture. Let’s take a look on a few of the examples of common mistakes that these young entrepreneurs commit with their remedies. Keeping the idea secret: It is a misconception that the startup ideas are everything and they should be kept as a top secret. If you share it with someone, then your business plan would be hacked and someone else would implement it. In real life, the idea has very little to do with success and growth in startups.

PayPal started as a security company, Sony started with rice cookers and so on. Ignore the cash flows: Most of the startups fail because they run out of cash in a short span of time. Decoding the dilemma whether to join or not to join a startup. Startup culture is the hottest topic among the job seekers these days and the companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Pepperfry with brilliant startup ideas provide excellent remunerations to the deserving candidates and moreover the work culture and the chances of growth are tremendous with the startup firms. However, there are certain limitations working with startup companies. In this article, we would be discussing the pros and cons of working at a startup. High risk: There is an old proverb that says” No risk, no gain”. This goes perfectly well with the startups as it is a bitter truth that about 70% of startups fail and there are numerous reasons behind the same.

Like a clash among the founders, running short of funds or the worst of them all; improper resources. Hence it is advised to join a startup that has at least completed product- market validation stage. Exciting and freedom: startup firms work in a rocket speed and fix the dents as early as possible. Relationship of Indian Mythology & Modern Business Decoded. Business or trade or commerce is something that has been in being since the primitive man was on this planet. It started with the barter system that involved exchange of the essential commodities.

Then gradually this process took a leap ahead with the invention of currency and since then the rest is the history. Indian mythology has been respected worldwide and not many of us know that the practices done in ancient times in our country have attracted the people from the different parts of the globe. Let’s explore how Indian mythology correlates to the modern day business. In ancient times, Indians use to do yagnas in order to please the deities. They made offerings to the fire and in return the chosen deities fulfilled their wishes. Deities have different faces in business as they may be your vendors, shareholders or investors, whatever their form may be, but the moral of the story is ‘ if you make them happy, they would make you happy. Attributes Of A Great Leader. Leaders are the ones who always stand apart from the crowd and make their mark by themselves. They also lead many others to the way of success. You can find leaders in all walks of life, be it politics, showbiz and leadership in business is even more important.

Take the example of any famous person and if you deeply analyze them, you woudl come to know about the leader hidden in them. There are a few of the qualities that are inherent in every leader. Ready To Embrace The Change: One of the very basic points of leadership traits and an entrepreneur. Excellent Communicators: Great leaders know the art of communication very well and they emphasize more on listening to the people around them rather than speaking. Always Keen to Coach their team: This is one of the most important leadership traits of an entrepreneur. Team builders: A single person cannot be a leader in himself or herself, but they need a committed team in order to reach their goals.

How Co-working space helps Grow Your Business? - TechTTalks. A new culture have just entered into the IT world – ‘A Co-working Space’. It is a relatively new concept in the business world. What is Co-working Space, exactly? It is about sharing your working space with other startups and offering a more flexible and accessible goal than ever before. People don’t want to work in tiny cubicles anymore. Working from home can be isolating – and coffee shops can be distracting. The reason behind this culture of co-working space getting popular is that it provides a huge range of benefits to the start-up businesses – especially to those who are looking forward to finding a community within which they can take their businesses to newer heights and nourish ideas that may revolutionize their businesses.

Trouble-free networkingMeet potential clientsLively and exciting work environmentLow investmentCost efficientMotivationIncubating the product. The Importance of Mobile Apps for the Media and Entertainment Industry - AppInventiv - Top Rated App Development Company. Media and entertainment is such as integral part of our lives that it becomes impossible to even live without it. The mobile apps from the entertainment app development company enables people to access games, movies and content, while on the go. The mobile apps makes it possible to get a flash of your favourite TV show or even the display of scores from your favourite matches. There is no longer any need to unnecessarily rush back home and get a glimpse of the favourite show. What is the Need for a Mobile App? Despite the fact that there are no lack of channels for displaying the entertainment industry news, the need for the mobile app rises because, with the advancement of the technology, there is a need for accessing the information, while on the go.

In fact, the introduction of unique mobile applications has created newer avenues of development for the entertainment and media sectors. What are the Benefits Accrued to the Entertainment Industry. Build Or Acquire? The buy-versus-build decision is always a tricky one. If your company is seeking to embark on an acquisition, here are a few considerations to keep in mind. Determine how it will impact your product, partners and people If you’re stuck on the buy-versus-build question, first realize that while there are challenges to integrating technology built by someone else, building it yourself is always a bigger effort than the engineers think it will be.

Ask yourself realistically: How long will it take us to get a product to where their product is today? It’s also important to seek input from your current customers and partners. We didn’t always do a good enough job explaining the “why” behind certain decisions, which caused some unnecessary turbulence. You also need to consider the logistics of the process and any potential delays in service or delivery that it may cause. Communicate, communicate, communicate One quarter later, we’re still working through it. Get things done. Are You Preparing App Submission for Apple Watch? Apple has always come up with something new that is a perfect example of future technology and has created a new chapter in terms of relationship between people and technology. With the announcement of Apple Watch, Apple has taken one step ahead to deliver innovative new experiences to its customers on their wrist. Apple watch will be available to its customers on April 24.

By announcing WatchKit, Apple has provided a path to take the app world even further by extending and enhancing their functionality on Apple Watch. How to optimize your WatchKit app? Just Update Xcode to the latest release of Xcode 6, which includes iOS 8.2 SDK with WatchKit. And, use the Apple’s guidelines and best practices to optimize your WatchKit app. Design : Get details and resources for designing a WatchKit app and follow the requirements mentioned in the Apple Watch Human Interface guidelines. Keywords : Apple has given word limit of 100 characters that are shared between the iPhone app and WatchKit app. Five Apps for Five-Day Diwali Puja. India is a land of celebrations. A wide assortment of festivals that are held throughout the year offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture.

Talking about festivals in this country, Diwali is one of the biggest festivals which is a long five-day commemoration that honors the victory of good over evil. The first day, Dhanteras shows the start of Diwali, whereas the second day is known as Naraka Chatudarshi or Choti Diwali. Third Day is the main day on which Festival of Lights is celebrated, fourth day is celebrated as Govardhan Puja and the last day is Bhai Dooj. Many interesting rituals as well as traditions have been attached to the celebrations of this five-day festival. However, if you are confused about the significance of any of the above-mentioned festive days or you are not sure about the proper method of conducting puja, then fret not as there are several apps, which helps you in understanding the significance of each day and tells you the right way of performing rituals.

Why To Choose A startup Over A Corporate Gig? You can see a number of startups springing all around. Most of the startups are tech based as the category is very broad and there is tremendous scope of growth. While most of the college grads dream to make it big in the most reputed MNCs, there is also a bunch of people who choose to work for best startups. Some do it because they have low grades while some love to take the road less traveled. Few of the points are mentioned below that give you the reason to work for startups.

Responsibility and impact: Working at startup means loads of responsibility and your work would put a huge impact on the organization. If you get your cards right, then sky is the limit and you would get recognition from the CEO and the top management. As in the case with big companies, it is very tough to get this kind of recognition. Generalist’s paradise: Generalists don’t perform well in big companies as these organizations are very domain specific and expect you to be extremely good in the specific domain. Tips to Ponder Upon For Coaching Your Employees to Success. Learning is an ongoing process and the day anyone stops learning, he or she stops living. Each and every successful entrepreneur swears by this principal and inculcates the same in his or her employees. We should pick up new ideas, skills and the viewpoints, each and every working day to increase employee engagement in an organization .

Training is very important part of any organization and hence it could not be ignored. Coaching and training new staff still remains a challenge for entrepreneurs. Here are few tips that would let you coach your employees in a hassle free ways: Hire outrageously excellent people: The first step is – Hiring not just great, but excellent people who believe in your company and share the same goals as you. It is said that employees are the reflection of the owner of the organization and thus, you should make the best possible efforts to train and motivate your teammates. 8 Signs that shows you’re meant to be an Entrepreneur. Many people think that they’re born to be an entrepreneur while many see it as a skill that anyone can learn. But, regardless of where you stand on this debate, you can’t contend with the fact that many people just know they’re meant for entrepreneurship. However, in both the cases entrepreneurship is all around us and there are a few of the qualities that are inherent in every entrepreneur.

And, if you aren’t sure whether you’re suited to the profession, here are 8 signs that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur: No risk, no gain: Starting your business is a risk in itself and all the entrepreneurs have the common mindset that they are never afraid of taking risks, but their risks are calculative. Lots and Lots of Patience: Good entrepreneurs always require the courage and perseverance to run the business. With a Huge Confidence: It takes a lot of confidence to go ahead and start a business.

Building new blocks: Building blocks don’t really mean accumulating wealth and assets. Ways To Hire Top Talent And Avoid Hiring Disasters. Friends, this write up is not about any other long and boring know how or how to hire great employees. In fact, today we would upraise your knowledge base about the current scenario of interviews . So stay with us and read the lines that follow. HR Managers and recruiters of best startups and even big companies face a hard time selecting the right candidate and very often, the job aspirants too are confused and astonished about the questions being asked by the recruiters. Here are some of the examples and their remedies.

Recruiters and interviewers need to read this !!! What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses????? Well, none is going to tell you that he or she loves to sleep, drink during the day time and loves to party all night!!! Describe Yourself In 3 words The only 3 magical words in the world are ‘ I Love You’ and certainly the job aspirant is not going to say this to you. Where Do You See Yourself Five Years Down The Line??? Why Should We Hire You? Ha ha ha!!!!

Hey HR!!!! Top 10 Custom Mobile Application Development Companies. Internet is full of articles on technology and related subjects. This time we have put our focus the best Mobile app development companies. The first week of 2015 was the biggest one, yet, for the iOS App Store – Apple stated. Apple revealed, on Jan 2015, that “the digital storefront saw billings rise 50 percent last year, generating over $10 billion in revenue for developers.” According to Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services – “This year is off to a tremendous start after a record-breaking year for the App Store and our developer community. We’re so proud of the creativity and innovation developers bring”. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. BACtrackSkyn: World’s First Wearable Alcohol Biosensor. The impact of technology on our everyday life has been enormous.

It all began in the early 1920’s with the introduction of the television set, a technological advancement like no other. Almost a century later, the world was introduced to the BACtrackSkyn, a wearable blood alcohol content measuring device which could bring an end to the old-fashioned instruments like the breathalyzers and other tedious procedures like blood tests for measuring alcohol levels in the blood. The Need: Owing to the success of several healthcare advancements like the Fitbit, BACtrack wanted to design their product in a way such that it not only had improvements on the technical front, but also carried a modern built enabling it to be worn like a wristband facilitating real-time monitoring of data. This would also make it look discreet, less bulky and would appeal better to the general public.

The Solution: How It Works: When consumed, a large percentage of the alcohol is processed by the body. Other Features: Google’s New Ads Launched to Make Shopping Easier for Smartphone Users. RocketSpace to Open Campus for Innovative Tech Startups. How Microsoft Hololens Will Re-Invent TableTop Gaming? New Mobile Payments API from Google to Make Android Pay More Accessible. Apple Reportedly Ventures into Electric Vehicles Market. Google’s Android Powered Daydream: The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming.