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Resources #2

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Why do people become entrepreneurs?
What are some characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?
Why do entrepreneurs fail?

Untitled. Forbes Welcome. 5 Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneurs. Episode 3: Anil Dilawri - Advice for Successful Presentations - | Strategic communications coach, Anil Dilawri (Managing Director of Save it like Sully), discusses the importance of presentations and how to make them successful. In this episode, you will learn: What presentation style to use as an entrepreneurThe major problems in entrepreneur presentationsHow to make your slides betterHow many slides to haveHow to create a ‘better than average’ presentationThe future of presentations4 key elements in a successful presentation: OrganizationSlidesDeliveryPreparation Links and Resources Mentioned: Additional Materials: The Sully Presentation Score How effective are your presentations? Categories: Podcast. Too Much Money is Worse than too Little. As a venture capitalist, I’ve seen on many occasions what happens when companies raise substantial capital.

It’s not pretty — in fact, my theory is that too much money is actually worse than too little. Here’s why. Expenses expand Funny how this works: companies create projections that use the money that they have. The availability of money makes them think of ways to spend it, so there’s less emphasis on doing the right things the right way. The logic becomes, ‘Our investors gave us this money to invest, not to collect interest in the bank. They want us to scale up and go for it, so we should spend it.’ False security Companies divide the amount of money that they have by their monthly expenses. Overrated talent When companies don’t have money, they hire unproven people who are young, inexperienced, cheap and smart. Expensive employees No matter what kind of people you hire, when companies have money, they use it to hire them.

Dependence on experts Serial expectations.