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Paul McGann stars in a 2004 Doctor Who fever dream. Recommended by bluehinter The GOP Intensifies Its Attacks On The National Science Foundation What's The Most Absurd Thing To Come Out Of 1990s Superhero Comics?

Paul McGann stars in a 2004 Doctor Who fever dream

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Classic Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor’s Essential Episodes. You think you know the meaning of the word daunting?

Classic Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor’s Essential Episodes

I assure you, you don’t—unless you, too, once pondered the Herculean task of whittling down the many, many worthy serials on the Fourth Doctor’s tenure to a mere five “essentials,” which would then go on to be judged (and doubtless found wanting) by a jury of your Whovian peers. The First Doctor—easy enough, he didn’t have too many serials remaining to him from which to choose.

Likewise The Second, and even the Third Doctor while harder, was doable. But this one was an assignment I feared might be my undoing... until I really looked at it objectively, and realised that it actually wasn’t that hard at all. Oh, sure, there are so many excellent stories that I had to exclude here, including personal favorites like Pyramids of Mars (I still think those face-like rock formations on Mars are man-made), The Ark in Space (Harry Sullivan’s finest hour) and The Horns of Nimon (“Weakling scum!”). By the way? 1. EXPLAINED! 2. EXPLAINED! 3. 4. 5. The Twelve Doctors of Christmas. The Rules of Whovians, The Rules of Whovians. Classic Doctor Who: The Third Doctor’s Essential Episodes. This is where things start getting tricky.

Classic Doctor Who: The Third Doctor’s Essential Episodes

After two seasons truncated by ruthless purges of the historical record, the Third Doctor is missing nary and episode—and, hey, he’s in color! (Though some of it is restored color, from black and white prints for export to countries that didn’t yet have the more advanced technology.) What this means for the purposes of this exercise is that distilling down his many adventures into a mere five essentials is... well, it’s damned hard.

Nevertheless, here I dare to make the bold declaration that the following fives serials are simply indispensible to the new Who viewer. Oh, sure, I would have loved to have counted The Carnival of Monsters in here, since it is hugely fun and I love it. So, what did make the grade? Companions: Given the numbers the previous two Doctors had run through, it is a lovely change of pace that in his 5 seasons, comprising 24 serials and 128 episodes, this version only gave his heart to three companions/assistants. List of Doctor Who serials. Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC.

List of Doctor Who serials

As of 25 December 2013, 800 individual episodes, including one television movie of Doctor Who, have been aired, encompassing 241 stories. Additionally, four charity specials and two animated serials have also been aired. The show's high episode count resulted in Doctor Who holding the world record for the highest number of episodes for a science-fiction programme.[1] For comparison, the Guinness World Record holder for the highest number of consecutive episodes, Smallville,[2] aired 218 episodes. The three-digit story numbers are not official designations but are merely to serve as a guide to where the story stands in the overall context of the programme. Series overview.

25 Defining Moments From 50 Years of Doctor Who. Classic Doctor Who: The First Doctor’s Essential Episodes. Ah, Classic Doctor Who. 42 years, 26 seasons, 8 leading men, 30 main cast, 695 episodes, 155 serials and one TV movie—plus two mid-60s theatrical releases.

Classic Doctor Who: The First Doctor’s Essential Episodes

Such a depth of history can be daunting for the newer Who fan, brought into this Gallifreyan exile’s adventures via Doctors Nine through Eleven, since the excellent 2005 reboot. Add in some natural reluctance resulting from the show’s early reputation for shoddy production values (and yes, the sets really do shake sometimes), an unfamiliar story-telling format (it’s just constant “To Be Continued” plot arcs, one after the other), as well as the inevitable confusion resulting from the legendary “Missing Episodes” (master tapes ruthlessly recycled by a thrifty BBC, back when they knew not what they did), and it’s really no wonder that many consider New Who to have granted them back story enough, and that the decades-spanning stories preceding it—many in black-and-white!

—are just not worth the effort. We start, of course, with: 1. 2. 3. Old-School Doctor Who Episodes That Everyone Should Watch. SExpand All in all, I think that's an excellent list, with the possible exception of Doctor Who and the Silurians, which does have many redeeming features... but being quick-paced is definitely not one of them.

Old-School Doctor Who Episodes That Everyone Should Watch

Personally, if I I had to choose the best possible way to expose Nu-Who fans to the first three Doctors, which tend to be the hardest to watch for people who didn't grow up with them, I'd go with: An Unearthly Child - Just the first episode. The Tribe of Gum is near the top of the list of most plodding Doctor Who stories ever, not to mention it might be a bit disheartening for modern fans to see ol' Billy try to bludgeon that poor caveman to death with a rock. 11 Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes for Fans of the Reboot. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The 11 Essential 'Doctor Who' Episodes.