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DCI Gift - Funkyfonic Scottie Dog Speaker. Align - A Minimal Pen with a Twist by Beyond Object. The second stretch goal reached !

Align - A Minimal Pen with a Twist by Beyond Object

Please check below for our new pledge levels £50 - Mirrored AlignOne Align pen in silver colour mirrored finish. We will work with our fabricator to produce a small batch of mirror polished version for Kickstarter. We haven't decide if this version will be put into production in the future, so this might be the only batch in mirror finish, don't miss it ! Keep Water Out. Keep Water Out. Product. Bragi. 声は聞こえて、騒音だけをカット!!「デジタル耳せん」MM1000| KING JIM. Popcord Keyring Charger for iPhone and Android. Rechargeable USB Travel Razor. Features Rechargeable USB Travel Razor The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet delivers a close, comfortable shave.

Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Third Man Stereoptic-Eye. S New USB Flash Drive Delivers 2-in-1 Functionality for Smartphone and Tablets Users. PARK RIDGE, N.J., Dec. 11, 2013 — Sony’s newest USB flash drive is a “2-in-1” device, with dual micro USB and USB 2.0 connectors for fast and easy back-up, sharing and storing of personal content.

s New USB Flash Drive Delivers 2-in-1 Functionality for Smartphone and Tablets Users

The new drive fits most Android* smartphones and tablets so mobile consumers can transfer and view photos and videos without using cables or Wi-Fi access. According to industry research, photo-taking is the third most common use for a smartphone, with viewing and sharing not far behind. Tablets are also finding similar use, increasing the need for multi-function devices. “Consumers want to let a friend see the photo they just took or share a video easily with as few steps as possible,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing, Sony Electronics. Electoronics. Key Keeper. Luxi. Luxi light meter adapter for iPhone.


Luxi turns your iPhone 5/5s into an incident light meter. Luxi is a small diffusion dome that fits securely over your iPhone’s front-facing camera. When attached and used with a light meter app, Luxi will help you determine the best settings for your DSLR or other camera so that you can take perfectly exposed pictures. With Luxi, your iPhone becomes a convenient and easy to use incident light meter. Professional light meters with the same features can cost several hundred dollars and require you to carry a whole separate device.

Download the Luxi app here. Maison on Behance. Gizmine : Gadget and Lifestyle Design Superstore. BatteryBot: The Fun Mobile Device Charger with Personality! by Evan Blaustein. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and sign up for the MimoCult newsletter!

BatteryBot: The Fun Mobile Device Charger with Personality! by Evan Blaustein

Mimoco®, The Art Toy meets Consumer Electronics Design Studio based in Boston, MA (and makers of MIMOBOT® character-based USB flash drives!) Is proud to introduce the new MimoPower line of mobile charging accessories. Kicking off the MimoPower line is BatteryBot, and we’re bringing it to Kickstarter first...because, well, we can’t do it without YOU! 10 Initial BatteryBot Designs! : To start off, we are committing to ten primary designs from our Animal Critterz and Core Series collections. Capacity: 5200mAh (minimum, may increase with stretch goals!) Compatible with Most 5V Devices powered via USB Apple: iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod... LifeLink by PlusUs – The World's Most Compact USB Charge Cable. WHAT'S NEW - WOMEN. Portable Power 2500 by Incase. About Go places, and keep going.

Portable Power 2500 by Incase

Carry a charged Portable Power 2500 and renew your USB-chargeable device’s power on the go. Compact, lightweight and powerful enough to fully recharge an iPhone, the Portable Power 2500 will take your devices further. Device charging proceeds quickly, indicating charge progress with a series of LED lights. Orange cable in the photo is for demonstration purposes and can be found in our Cable section. Features. BleepBleeps. The first voice-search, secure Bluetooth / USB drive that displays passwords and ID on the go.

Click Arcade Button Blue. The first voice-search, secure Bluetooth / USB drive that displays passwords and ID on the go. PowerShot II. The Powershot II is a portable power source for mobile devices such as smart phones, iPods, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players.

PowerShot II

Charge it using any USB port, stick it in your pocket or purse, and receive a shot of power whenever and wherever you need it. Useful – One Powershot II will give your mobile devices an emergency charge. Convenient – Charge it by using any USB port found on laptops, PCs, airplanes and newer vehicles. Small – So small it fits in your pocket Universal – Can be charged from any USB port anywhere in the world.

No need for special power adapters. There are no reviews for this product. Write Review. Click Arcade Button Blue. The Soundless Speaker. Electoronics. Electoronics. Moistly. Written by Katie on September 25, 2013.


Permalink I’m guilty of forgetting to water plants, how about you? With this gadget we can change our ways, as it beeps and blinks when a plant is thirsty. Just stick Moistly in the soil of your plant and go about your business, and know that when the time comes, you’ll be alerted before your leafy friend becomes too parched. The Coolest Things You Can Buy. DCI Gift - Robot USB Hub. StickNFind - Home of the StickNFind, StickNFind Pro, and MeterPlug. Olloclip 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens. Smart Sounds Megaphone Sound Amplifying iPhone 5 Case. Looper Voice Recorder. Robot nut cracker : Retro Wooden Robots Crack Tough Nuts.

Radius. The RADIUS v2 is not a bumper case, nor it is a snap case, it is not your conventional iPhone 5/5s case.


The profile of the case is so slim, it barely extends beyond the sleep and the volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone 5/5s. It’s very light, thin and, unlike many aluminum bumpers and cases, during our testing, we didn’t experience any signal loss. We gave a few prototypes to our teammates to use and we have a hard time gathering those back for the video shoot because they love it so much, they call it their iPhone bikini.

BiteMyApple recommend when installing the Radius it's best to snap the corners on instead of removing the corner modules. August Smart Lock. PLAiR. Hoodies Gadget Cover - Gadget Cover - Slam Design. Lollipop Speaker - Speaker - Molla Space. Boom - Mini Stereo Speaker Bag - Bag+Speakers - Fi-Hi. Tunes For Two Robot Headphone Splitter - Headphone Splitter - DCI. Bicycle Earbuds - Earbuds - DCI. Scottie Dog Speaker (White) - Speaker - DCI. FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox. Unless you're preparing an indulgent banquet each morning, complete with salt and pepper mills and a plethora of other exotic condiments, you really don't need a big bulky lunch box.

FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

Most of us are content with just a humble sandwich or baguette, so why do we let it rattle around in oversized tupperware? You may as well stick it in the washing machine. It's lunchtime suicide. Apparently the only alternative is wrapping it up in cling film and stuffing it in your bag, only to find that it's miraculously turned itself into an unsavoury bread ball. Thankfully the FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox is here to change the lunch-time landscape forever. This incredible slimline container has a highly elasticated silicone skin that hugs and maintains the shape of whatever is inside, so your beloved baguette will remain absolutely immaculate until you're ready to devour it. Disco Beep Egg Timer. Hi-Fun HFHiCALL-MBL Hi-Call Bluetooth Glove - Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Mens Black: Cell Phones & Accessories.

O!tool Battery - O!shop. Because Cats Mint iPhone 5/4/4s Case. Fancy it Fancy it Add to list Share Loading... Katyemilybella91 good Translate Comment. Kii Key Sync/Charge Connector for iPhone. The key to remaining energized and connected? Absolutely, insofar as charging up an iPhone, iPad or iPod, is concerned. This ultra-portable, cord-free solution is dual-sided: USB plug on one end and on the other an Apple connector—for the 30-pin or Lightning version (the latter for the iPhone 5).

Simply release from key head, connect it between iOS devices and get charging. With the 30-Pin model, the top half of the key head is released when the sides are pushed in; with the Lightening Kii, simply lift the switch on the key face. The Apple connector is protected by a self-locking mechanism, engineered to keep both parts in place—even as it dangles on a key chain. Abee Aluminum Hard Jacket for iPhone5 Type 5B01/Black, Made in Japan: Everything Else. Queen's Guard Driver USB Memory Stick. These jolly chaps have taken a break from guarding Buckingham Palace and can now keep watch over your PC!

Yes, with the Queen's Guard Driver in your USB slow, you won't have to worry about pesky intruders ever again! Looking just like the famous red uniformed soldiers from London, complete with tall furry black helmet, the USB sticks can store either 4GB or 8GB's worth of memory, plus also have fully moveable and flexible limbs -- meaning they function as marching toys as well! Choose which memory capacity you want and then have hours of fun at your desk playing with your new PC guard. The dongles are compatible with USB on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. MultiShare Jak USB Wireless Device. Web iPad Mini Case by Chet. Just Mobile Gum++™ - All.

Q: Is Gum++™ compatible with the iPhone 5C? A: Yes, you can use the original Apple lightning cable that came with the iPhone 5C. Q: Is Gum++™ compatible with the iPhone 5S? A: Yes, you can use the original Apple lightning cable that came with the iPhone 5S. Car 8GB USB Flashdrive. Fancy it Fancy it Add to list Share Loading... Smartphone Mount Astronauts: Cell Phones & Accessories. Snail Driver. Logical Art ESHOP. Moistly. Rayban Wayfarer Inspired Battery Powered Glow in by NeonNightlife.

Kii: Empowering your keychain. Fluxmob.