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Problem with file sharing in Skype. Skype is an instant messaging application which is used to make audio/video calls, chatting and for file sharing. Skype is based on the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and quite popular worldwide. Are you facing issues while sharing your favourite file with someone? Or can’t figure out why are you unable to share the file? Well! Don’t get puzzled as there are tips and tricks for you which can help you get rid of these incidents and problems. Unable to send/receive file: If you can’t send or receive file then might be the network connection isn’t stable. Latest Articles. Recover Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password. How can I restore lost emails in Yahoo Mail? Are you unable to find emails in Yahoo?

How can I restore lost emails in Yahoo Mail?

Or can’t find that important message sent by your colleague? If your answer is yes then stick to the article as you will see how to restore the lost emails in Yahoo? First of all, you will have to make sure that the email or message you are looking for has been deleted or not. Log on to the Yahoo Mail. On the search filter type a phrase or the sender’s email address and press the Enter or the Search icon. Don’t worry at all as you still have the luck to get the email back. 5 Tips Troubleshoot Error With Sending Mail In Roadrunner? How to Clear an HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Code. Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community.

How to Clear an HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Code

Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. LogoA click on the kiwibox Logo brings you back to the startpage. 5 Ways to Troubleshoot a Skype Call. Skype just work flawless; most of the time, when you have decent internet connection and latest Skype application.

5 Ways to Troubleshoot a Skype Call

Skype has so many features to use; Skype call is one of those features which you can use for your conversation. You can make voice call to your Skype contacts, if they are available. In fact, Skype offers you voice calling to mobile and landline phones, when you have enough Skype credit as it’s a paid service. Skype creates problem or when you find some issues with your Skype voice calling feature. You don’t need to be worried. 1. The rapid rise in the use of laptop and mobile devices at a workplace or a small home office is responsible for wireless printing.

The adoption of various technological improvements assures that you are utilizing your resources properly. When you are able to configure your wireless enabled printer; then it lets anyone print from a phone, tablet or PC from any desk or conference room in that particular network. Your HP Wireless printer also has this built in feature to get connected with your local network and you can take print from anywhere.

This helps you to save the cost of installing a different printer for different place. You can configure with your network and then devices connected with that wireless network can take print easily. Add-on Integration problem in Outlook - WorldNews. Epson Expression ET-2550 Multi-Functional Inkjet Printer. Epson L220 Printer Setup & Installation Know About Epson L220 Printer Epson L220 is a perfect printer for both home and office needs.

Epson Expression ET-2550 Multi-Functional Inkjet Printer

Coming from the house of Epson, quality and perfection are bound to be noticed in this new beautiful model. Integrated with Epson’s core Micro Piezo technology, the L220 is tough to beat when it comes to quality. It features a built-in ink tank, loaded with genuine ink to generate color-rich prints while making no compromise in speed. To keep things convenient, Epson has designed the L220 model in such a way that a user can easily set up and use it. The printer is compatible with Presentation Paper Matte (including Double Sided), Glossy paper, A4, A5, A6, B5 paper sizes and envelopes as well. Advantages of Epson L220 Great performance with an appealing design.Supports cloud and wireless printing.Color rich images with crisp text.Quick and easy to use.Epson mobile solution.Can Print, Scan, and Copy.

Lost contacts and email addresses in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail is one of the quite popular email service providers in the world.

Lost contacts and email addresses in Yahoo Mail

Despite having a couple of massive attacks Yahoo managed to secure a huge database of 2.5 billion worldwide. How to Fix Facebook Password Error. Epson Expression ET 2550 Setup & Installation. Epson Expression ET-2550 Multi-Functional Inkjet Printer Epson Expression ET 2550 Printer, a multi-functional inkjet printer, sets up instantly for quick printing.

Epson Expression ET 2550 Setup & Installation

It is an integrated printer useful for daily printing, scanning and copying requirements. The printer is designed to simplify the printing work with maximum efficiency through 9 ppm normal print speed. It has Contact Image Sensor (CIS) which enables high quality scanning with rich color reproduction. With a paper handling capacity of up to 100 pages; the Epson ET supports glossy paper, single/double-sided presentation paper matte, all paper sizes (A4, A5, A6 and B5) and envelopes. Features of Epson Expression ET 2550. 5 Tips to Remove Your IP from the Hotmail Blacklist. If you are not able to send emails to Hotmail or MSN email accounts, then most probably your IP address has been blacklisted.

5 Tips to Remove Your IP from the Hotmail Blacklist

There can be numerous reasons that would have lead to blacklisting of your account, but in order to remove your IP address from the Hotmail Blacklist, you can follow the below mentioned tips. 5 Tips to Remove Your IP from the Hotmail Blacklist- 1.) First of all, you need to make sure that your emails are not getting delivered in the Spam folder of the receiver’s Hotmail account. 2.) Trouble with Facebook games? How to Fix. The moment you get the Dell printer for your printing needs; you can be assured for a quality printing.

Trouble with Facebook games? How to Fix

Dell printers and peripherals are known for their excellence and quality. You will not experience any problem with Dell printers, but we cannot consider them an error-free printer. Dell printer could fail anytime due to some technical error, or operational errors. These are not in our control, yet we can fix most of the common problems with Dell printer. How to Clear an HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Code. Resolving Printing Issues with Your Dell Printer. How to fix Epson scanner-printer problems in windows 8. Published on: 30 Jun 2017 by moris Epson printer is known as popular manufacturers of printers and scanners in the globe.

How to fix Epson scanner-printer problems in windows 8

It is used by large number of users and many of them are quite satisfied with the printing quality of a scanner. While using it some of its users confront few printer troubles in Windows 8. Listed below are some of the common printer troubles in Windows 8: Three Steps To Managing Skype For Business Call Quality. Get Reliable Solution For Dell Printer Cartridge Issues. I needed to change Gmail password but it's not working good. Gmail is world famous among all the users who need mailing service. It is one brand which is at the top of success in its own field. There is probably not even one person left in this world who does not have any idea regarding the services of Gmail. If there is any problem regarding the services of Gmail, which the users are facing then the users need not worry regarding anything because all the problems of the users will be solved in absolutely no time at all.

If the users forget their passwords due to any reason, then it is possible to trace that also. The users need to click on the tab stating Gmail Account Recovery. If the users want to have a word with the users over the phone regarding the solutions of the problems of the Gmail brand, then even that is possible because the users can always give a call on the Gmail Helpline Service Number and speak with the staff of Gmail. Security Issues in Your Gmail Account. Google’s Gmail is the most popular email service today. Despite of the security services that Gmail offers, hackers sometimes become successful in getting into your inbox. Here are some ways through which you can handle the security issues in your Gmail account and protect it from hackers. 2-Step Verification Google has introduced an amazing security feature; two–step verification.

This adds an extra security layer to your account where you are send a security code to your phone number every time you try to log in to your account. To set up this feature, click on your user name’s initial icon on the top right corner. Send or receive files error attachments in Skype for Business. Here are some possible reasons and solutions for Error attachment file On Skype Customers may face problems while sending or receiving files through Skype because of slow Internet connection or problems related to band width.

There can be some other reasons which may cause problems in sending or receiving files through Skype which can be resolved by taking care of a few simple things. File transfer slows down while on a Skype call Skype prioritizes voice or video call over the file transfer. That is why when you are on a call the file transfer slows down. How To Fix Skype Recording Device Problem? Skype has really bridged the distance between us and our friends and family members living in other parts of this world. Apart from chat, Skype lets a user have both audio and video calls. Not only for the personal purpose, it is also considered very useful from a business perspective. I Cannot Access My Yahoo! How to fix outlook mail issues in windows. Unable to search contacts in skype.

How to recover Comcast email password - how to easily recover? How to share a link on Facebook with someone. Facebook is the easiest way to share anything with our loved ones, friends and colleagues. 5 Ways to Troubleshoot a Skype Call. How to enable or disable call forwarding from Skype. Comcast Xfinity Outgoing Email Problem. Creating a heather lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated however it does require commitment. Solution of Comcast email Not working on Iphone Problem : Customer Service. How do you solve Facebook signup problems? When you feel that you are the one who doesn’t have a Facebook account except others; you should create one.

This is not so common, to find people who don’t have a Facebook account. Facebook actually changed the way we used to see our social life. How to Secure E-mail Account? Steps to Fix Send/Receive message Error in Facebook. In case you are using a Facebook account on your computer system screen and met with few issues on your account like unable to change the password of an account, an issue in changing the username, trouble in sending a friend request and much more, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

These are the common issues which every user of an account has been facing on a frequent basis. Among these technical problems, if you are confronting an issue in sending or receiving messages or getting an error on Facebook you need to quickly find out the main cause of the problem. Unable To Receive Or Compose Mail On Yahoo? Yahoo Mail is widely used for both professional and personal use. 5 Troubleshooting Tips to assist MS Outlook Users. Google Email Helpdesk Service Available 24x7.

Prevent your Gmail from getting unresponsive and save your time – Support Number for Email Help. Many times, Gmail users complain of system errors that are preventing them from using their Gmail accounts fully. Often such errors and issues render the account ineffective and keep the users from fully realizing the potential of this great service. This problem is often categorized as unresponsive Gmail service. Due to this, many other problems occur such as inability to communicate on time if the user’s primary mode of communication is Gmail (many professionals use Gmail for primary business communication.

This may result in a loss for the user of Gmail. How to purchase additional storage in Gmail account. How to Fix Error 1638 on Skype. Skype is one of the well-known instant messaging applications which are widely used by users all across. Recover Yahoo account using an alternate email address. Get advice through Yahoo experts for email accounts. How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! Mail Password. Unable to Answer Security Questions in Gmail. How to Solve the Biggest Yahoo Mail Problems with Technical Support number - Blogs Celeste Network. What to do when Yahoo Password Resetting Steps are not working. Importance of Good Yahoo Technical Support Online Computer Peripherals.

Different Ways of Obtaining Instant Yahoo Customer Service Assistance. Yahoo support expert team provide you exact solution. How to Recover Deleted Emails and Contacts from Yahoo Mail Account. Dial Yahoo Customer Service Helpline Number for Solve Yahoo Account problem. How do I setup my SBCglobal email on my Android phone? Disable Comcast Xfinity WiFi Hotspot: - how to fix? How to Configure Email in Windows Live Mail (Outlook)? Need help signing in to Skype for Business? How Do I Purchase Skype Credit? How to Fix: Cannot Attach Files in Outlook Email?

Fix: Skype audio not working on Windows 10. Skype Conversations – A Quick Tip for Group Chats. How to change Notification Settings in Skype. Facebook Messenger won’t play sent music files. How-to-fix-file-attachment-issue-in-skype (GIF Image) How to Connect with Skype Customer Support? – Katy Perry – Medium. Tips to verified your yahoo account. Skype App Crashes Randomly on windows 10 - How to fix. Unable to Send and Receive Mails in Gmail – Email Customer Care. Customercare-email: How do you change settings on Facebook? How to Set Up Outlook 2007 to Send and Receive Email. How to Add New Contacts to Gmail Account. Avail toll free yahoo tech support to fix your account issues. How to Get Yahoo Support Number to Avoid Hurdles in Yahoo Account. Dial Technical Support Number to Prevent Yahoo Mail Account Issues. How to set up my Yahoo account. Do you want to recover yahoo account? How can we help with your lost or forgotten Gmail password? Manage Your Gmail Account Records.

How to Performance and setting up in Gmail. Make anti hacking outlook account. Configuration Process of Gmail Account. Reset a forgotten Password For Yahoo Mail. Do you want recover your msn password. How to Resolve the problem of Gmail Not working. Why you need the system? Customer Service Support For Technical Help. Resolve Your Gmail Issues By Gmail Expert. 5 tips to connect with Gmail Support Services. How to fix Yahoo temporary error 14. How to Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo Mail. How do i alternate add phone number and email on Yahoo mail. Yahoo customer care phone number Canada. Tips For Skype Account Security. Can Not Send Mail Using Comcast ? 4 Things You Should Check First When Skype Does Not Work. Cannot log into Facebook? How to fix the five most common Outlook errors. 5 Tips for Uploading Facebook Videos. How do you solve Facebook signup problems? How can I remove my Facebook password from the computer? Contact Skype Customer support service.