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Isolatedmix 11 – Tripswitch « astrangelyisolatedplace. I normally break into a cold sweat when listening to a mix without a tracklist.

isolatedmix 11 – Tripswitch « astrangelyisolatedplace

It’s one of those obsessive traits that forces me to shun potentially outstanding sets, the music geek in me cries in despair. But holding back wasn’t an option on this mix, for three reasons: One, the tracklist was coming (just not yet). Two, I’d already witnessed a tasty live set just weeks before. And three, Nick Brennans’s latest album hasn’t left my earphones for the past two weeks. 2005′s Circuit Breaker demonstrated Nick’s psychedelic and ethnic influences alongside his talent with a guitar – the signature piece within many of his productions. A five year hiatus and Tripswitch’s latest album, ‘Geometry’ finally sees light of day. Nick must have heard my despair at listening to his isolatedmix without a tracklist. After 80 awesome minutes, the inspiration behind his two albums is clear to see and just as easy to appreciate.

Download Tracklist and a few thoughts from Tripswitch: 18 – Twisted Air feat. French Movies. From Brigitte Bardot to Marion Cotillard, it’s safe to say the French movies are filled with gorgeous French women.

French Movies

Usually naked. Gotta love that European sensibility. Mais non, with the creation of French New Wave and cinema verite, France has pioneered some of the most influential film movements to date. Which is why Screen Junkies has compiled lists of the best French erotic movies and French lesbian movies, because French movies are not all about sex. Saturday, September 17 by George Castor Here are the 5 best romantic French movies that your girlfriend would love for you to watch with her.

Tuesday, September 13 by Georgina Spiggott There are 10 Best French Movie Quotes that make us toss our jaunty berets into the air and scream "Oui! " Monday, September 12 by Ergopotamo Today is all about the 10 best retro French movies. Wednesday, August 24 by Diana Exil Some of the best French movies of 2008 possess the romantic charm which have enthralled us through the ages. Watch french movies online movie downloads for free. Wir wissen auch nicht, was mit Movie2k passiert ist.

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