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Behance. Martian Child - Fucking Young! Cenon Norial III and Maverick Bernardo photographed by Paolo Crodua and styled by Willar Mateo with pieces from Salad Day’s new capsule collection, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

Martian Child - Fucking Young!

Online. Make-up and grooming by Nikki Betos. Salad Day’s new pieces revolve around its aesthetics of being young and playful, and the upcoming rainy season of the Philippines. This collection may also be referred to as the ‘monsoon collection.’ The Color Moral by Set Design Linda Szurdi. Lindsey Wixson by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia January 2012 - NOIR FAÇADE - The place for fashion editorials. Nishimura Meibutsu 2015 Summer/handhandhand. De la moda y otros demonios.: Life in plastic... Behance. Miss Vogue: Barbie X Hype Collaboration. BOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook - Fucking Young! A dialogue of a social phenomenon, BOYPLAIN steers its attention towards questioning the boundaries of freedom of speech in present days and a point of view on political correctness that causes quite a mental hullabaloo and frustration.

BOYPLAIN Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook - Fucking Young!

The whimsical encounters of such daily endless pet-peeves as provocative hate speeches and arguments, politicians’ covert propaganda, misleading statements and whatnot appear to be alarmingly pervasive and wearisome. Drawing on inspiration from this quirky motif in sarcastic celebration of such banal circumstances, BOYPLAIN reimagines the exclusively designed “Wordy Wordier”. The collection’s core juxtaposes the idea of how powerful words can be with the remarks on how irritating and destructive they can, on the contrary, become as well.

From Kiev, With Love - Style Bubble. There’s a strange feeling of disconnect that takes over when fashion month is on.

From Kiev, With Love - Style Bubble

On a daily basis for a little over a month, you’re consumed by shows, schedules, flights and appointments that essentially all revolve around… well, a rail of frocks. You forget to read the Guardian for a few days. You don’t switch on the news channels because you need to concentrate on filing. Whilst Paris fashion week was drawing to a climactic end, events in Ukraine were escalating to the point where there was potential talk of war as Russian troops took control of Crimea. Maayan Ben Gal & Hannah Wiersma's New Pop Art.

Stylist Hannah Wiersma and photographer Maayan Ben Gal, who are based in Amsterdam, paired up recently for this still life photo series.

Maayan Ben Gal & Hannah Wiersma's New Pop Art

Using an assortment of textures, textiles, and props to create a delightful composition, they show the power behind color and pattern combination schemes. In Wiersma’s own words, she explains the photography to be “a pop art inspired series with a very bright, graphic, cute and colorful feel to it.” Cute and bright it is indeed! For more information of Photgrapher Maayan Ben Gal, click here. James Rawson Paintings are a Pop Culture Explosion. Young British artist James Rawson is revisiting the pop culture of the last 50 years by painting explosive, busy and ultra colorful scenes filled with iconic references to movies, brands, characters and objects.

James Rawson Paintings are a Pop Culture Explosion

James’ work blurs the boundaries between collage and painting, using preparatory paper collages as reference for his larger paintings. He aims to reflect the multi-layered visual experience we all live in. Appropriating the very images that have become implicit in our society, James’ work disturbs our sense of reality and confuses our perception of popular culture. James’ work addresses some of the most important issues of the last 50 years; overconsumption, greed, inequality and life as a spectacle. Tony Futura Serves Us a Taste of Pop-Culture with a Twist. Becky Kemp's Kokeshi Dolls. Russh Magazine June/July 2014 She's Got Game. Louis Gabriel Nouchi 2013. Sass & Bide Resort 2015. Olivia da Costa's photography. World's First Selfie Hat. A collaboration between Acer UK and Central Saint Martins fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis has made it easier to take a selfie as they recently launched the world’s first selfie-hat.

World's First Selfie Hat

The hat spins 360-degrees and has an integrated tablet, which is supposed to help struggling selfie takers find their very best angle. Cowan-Sanluis, who has already created outfits for Lady Gaga and Rita Ora, made the hat sparkly pink just as his A/W 2014 collection. Taking a selfie has never looked better. To see more visit Capsule Collections by Mosaert. Mosaert is a Belgian creative label, encompassing five different but complementary areas: video, graphic design, music (home to TL favorite Stromae), photography and fashion.

Capsule Collections by Mosaert

On a joint effort of several fronts they produce capsule collections along with a charming editorial photoshoots portraying their products with a theatrical feel, while displaying their products as straightforwardly as ever. The first collection is set on a family portrait setting, with all the seminal elements, from the central role of the mother & father with each kin on the side and the seniors on top. A vibrant collection with contrasting pieces, thanks to the African wax colors. The second collection takes on the much loved, or hated, class photo; with the proud teachers and students lined up. Pari dust. A Photographic Study in Blue. Paint Job by FakedCandid.

The Blow UP - Fashion x Web x Magazine. "The Colors of Love by Nicole L. Hill. Photographer Nicole Hill brought model Jennifer McManis, and her team, to the legendary Salvation Mountain in Niland, California for this editorial for Ben Trovata.

"The Colors of Love by Nicole L. Hill

Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knights, the artist who created Salvation Mountain, were actually Nicole’s two main sources of inspiration while planning and shooting the story. “Leonard’s hope in building Salvation Mountain was to spread the message of love. He wanted the world to see this message so that people everywhere would show more love and compassion for their fellow man. He did whatever he could to spread that message. His strength really sparked something in me and inspired me to shoot this story.”

“It’s about a girl who is bold, strong, courageous, colorful and free.” Carl E. Smith Fashion Mixed Media Collages. Marynn Fashion Illustrations. PokeXFashion: Pokemons Everywhere with Pokemon Fashion Tumblr. Aleksandra Kingo Still Life Photography. Bright Ideas Editorial for Harper's Bazaar by Daniel Riera. Michal Pudelka: Capturing The Abstract Side of Fashion. Top 10 finalist of the 2009 Hasselblad Master Awards. Bubblicicous Editorial by Craig McDean for W Magazine. Julia Noni Photgraphy. Velwyn Yossy's NEW Fashion Illustrations. Chromat Lookbook S/S 2015. Bijou Karman Fashion Illustrations. Escándalo: a Cruise 2014 Fashion Film by Karla Colletto.

Jamie Nelson Fashion Photography. Jeremy Liebman Fashion Geometry photography. Guy Bourdin : Desire & Death in Photo. Guy Bourdin was born in Paris on the 2nd of December 1928.

Guy Bourdin : Desire & Death in Photo

His father was Spanish and his mother Belgium. His parents separated when he was still an infant and his father still only 18. He went to live with his paternal grandparents who had a house in Normandy and a restaurant in Paris named Brasserie Bourdin. His father remarried and Guy moved back with him and his step-siblings. Under the Guise of doing his homework he would sketch on the napkins. BOURDIN who died in March of 1991, at the age of sixty-two is, unlike his contemporaries Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, scarcely known to the general public; within the worlds of photography and fashion, however, he is something of a legend. When Bourdin was at his best, as in the pages of French Vogue or in his many campaigns for Charles Jourdan shoes, he managed to imbue photographs intended for selling clothing, cosmetics, and perfume with the preternatural vividness of dreams, and he did so with stunning technical virtuosity.

Jenny Liz Rome Fashion Illustrations. The Taable: A Look at the Visual Culture of Today. Devon Aoki in Vogue Nippon June 2009. Nikki Farquharson Mix Media Illustrations. Viviane Sassen : In And Out Of Fashion. As a fine art, fashion and photography graduate of Arnhem’s Royal Academy, it is easy to see why Viviane Sassen‘s work is some of the best in the business.

Viviane Sassen : In And Out Of Fashion

Her inspiration is everywhere. She is renowned for her work with some major hitters, such as Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney. The placement of her camera and of the models, their bodies bending, her camera capturing, seems like a simple enough task however she sometimes uses up to 40 assistants at a time.

Ace Norton's Fashion Crime Scene for Jenni Kayne. Anna Pogossova's Still Life Photography. Russian born, Australia based still life photographer, Anna Pogossova sent us a taste of her work the other day and left us hungry for more. Browsing through her entire portfolio we discovered so much cool work that was just had to reconnect with her to ask a few questions. TL: You have a very distinct style and even palette, how did you come to develop your work in this way? AP: I was painting at first, and dabbling in graphic design.

I later went on to study Fine Art at university, whilst earning a living as a commercial retouch artist. I was particularly interested in Surrealism, Old Masters paintings, installation, contemporary photography and psychoanalysis. I think my style was born out of the intersection of all those elements; fine art conventions and emerging technologies. David Benoliel Beauty Photography. Qiu Yang Photography. Jamie Nelson for Fashion Magazine Canada March 2013. Charlie Engman Photography. Elena Koycheva. 【Kor/Chn/Eng韓中英歌詞】Lyrics~《역도요정 김복주》(Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo舉重妖精金福珠)OST part.2~《앞으로》-김민승. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. How to Do a Breakeven Analysis - Fixed & Variable Costs. Definition: A breakeven analysis is used to determine how much sales volume your business needs to start making a profit. 微信朋友圈广告怎么打?要多少钱?-搜狐.

Fixed cost(固定成本) variable cost(变动成本), indirect cost(间接成本) direct cost(直接成本)_百度知道. Social and Media Networks - China - 2016 : Consumer market research report. “China’s consumers are actively using social and media networks. To accurately reach target consumers, online interest communities can be effective market communication channels. Public accounts of opinion leaders may help brands to boost awareness, and offering promotions via public accounts may boost consumer engagement.”– Terra Xu, Senior Research Analyst This report examines the following areas: Leveraging the power of opinion leadersHow can brands use their public accounts?

Marketing via online interest communities Social and media networks have become an essential part of Chinese consumers’ daily lives. However, Chinese consumers are also willing to join online interest communities, where they can obtain information and interact with other people who share similar interests. Via public accounts, companies and brands can effectively boost their brand awareness, and offering promotions can drive engagement. The Importance of Brands in Technology - China - 2016 : Consumer market research report. ‘Chinese consumers are willing to pay premium prices for the technology brands they like. Breakeven_Analysis 模板_百度文库. Break-Even Point Analysis. Break-even point analysis is a measurement system that calculates the margin of safety by comparing the amount of revenues or units that must be sold to cover fixed and variable costs associated with making the sales. The Formula for a Breakeven Analysis. China Luxury Report 2016.

Bain & Company's 2015 China Luxury Market Study finds that luxury brands need flexible pricing, a strong digital strategy and greater focus on fashion to win with Chinese consumers at home Shanghai – Jan. 20, 2016 – In 2015, mainland Chinese consumers continued to indulge themselves with luxury purchases, accelerating their purchases abroad. Using Baidu: China's Largest Search Engine. China's main search engine Baidu sees first ever revenue drop. The Importance of Brands in Technology - China - 2016 : Consumer market research report. Uk.businessinsider. What Is Weibo Anyway? - MoneyBeat - WSJ. Get Ready For Generation Z. An error has occurred - Birmingham City University.

‘Millennials on Steroids’: Is Your Brand Ready for Generation Z? 10 New Findings About The Millennial Consumer. 渔牌_百度搜索. 渔牌_百度百科. SHUSHU/TONG女装品牌_设计师品牌_中国时尚品牌网. 对话SHUSHU/TONG:上身好看的想法才是好设计-搜狐!!! “叛逆酷女孩”SHUSHU/TONG,一眼就被惊艳到的本土独立设计师品牌-搜狐. 优酷的贴片广告怎么算价格?_百度知道. 定位明确 高街品牌Cos以谨慎态度迎接全球扩张_新闻中心_赢商网. 优酷的贴片广告怎么算价格?_百度知道. Alibaba: What exactly does it do? 独立设计师女装品牌介绍 小众的选择_资讯_中国时尚品牌网. 不可不知的国内独立设计师品牌|发现杂志室Vol.138-搜狐!!! 不吹也不黑,聊聊我偏爱的10个独立设计师品牌-搜狐!!! BoF Exclusive, News & Analysis.

Arket Launch Is Smart, but H&M Must Get Core Brand Marching Again. New technology can turn TV shows into sophisticated adverts. China's Youku and Tudou's shareholders back merger plan. Businessinsider. What Is Youku-Tudo Really Worth? Fast Fashion - China - 2016 : Consumer market research report. Winning the Race for Digital Commerce. China GDP: Aiming for around 6.5 percent economic growth in 2017. No time to eat for China's busy couriers. Online shopping to grow by £320bn in three years. Singles Day: Alibaba breaks record sales total. Falling in love with online shopping carnival on singles' day in China: An uses and Gratifications perspective - IEEE Xplore Document. Shoppable video - Is this the future of online retail? Shoppable video is the next big marketing opportunity - Marketing Tech News. Here’s how shoppable video will (finally) work.