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Katya Akuma is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on using ubiquitous, overlooked, cultural-rich materials, to explore questions of identity and belonging drawing upon her personal experience as an immigrant who has lived and worked in several countries

Vantage Point Sharjah: a showcase of 30 photographers from around the world. Vantage Point Sharjah, an annual photography exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation, has returned for its eighth instalment, with more than 30 photographers from 20 countries taking part.

Vantage Point Sharjah: a showcase of 30 photographers from around the world

The photographers were selected through an international open call, a recent development in the Vantage Point Sharjah initiative, which only accepted GCC applicants until last year. The foundation has not only extended Vantage Point’s geographical reach, it has also broadened its thematic criteria, allowing applicants to submit their own styles. VPS8 marks the second time the exhibition has opened up to photographers from around the world, attracting 290 applicants. Images.khaleejtimes. Sharjah - The eighth edition of Vantage Point Sharjah, an annual photography exhibition dedicated to the medium of photography, is scheduled to take place at Al Hamriyah Studios from August 29 to November 28.


Featuring the work of over 30 photographers and artists selected through an international open call, the exhibition presents a variety of approaches including collage, analogue photography and digital manipulation. Exhibitions - Sharjah Art Foundation. Vantage Point Sharjah is back. Katya Akuma. Vantage Point Sharjah 8. Artist Katya Akuma on Recycling and Refugee Reform. Share Tweet Email Whether through her nonprofit organization, the Council for Fashion and Social Change or at the art studio, Katya Akuma continuously contributes to social reform and rehabilitation.

Artist Katya Akuma on Recycling and Refugee Reform

As an artist and activist, her work is always backed by social responsibility. Her philosophy is social change through creation and collaborations that bring awareness to problems and people. Embedded in her designs is the ethos of recycling and upcycling to ensure sustainable and economically creative output. “I utilize ubiquitous and overlooked objects in my artworks. Depicting portraits with discarded leather scraps, Akuma brings to life the faces of strong and striking women in her collection called “Mothers”. Hammering into her designs, are permanent expressions of a legacy of women, stamped with nails on wood outlining their faces and shades of complexion.

What’s Trending Today. Katya Akuma on Supporting Emerging Designers. The Fashion Director and designer is an effortless influencer who makes her way on the best-dressed lists each season during her rounds on the streets of the fashion capitals.

Katya Akuma on Supporting Emerging Designers

We sit down with the style maven to explore how her style sports and supports emerging talent. Editor-in-Chief of 4TO4U Akuma who is the Editor-in-Chief of 4TO4U, a photo agency and archive, frequents the fashion circuit covering the shows with her father, renowned fashion photographer Artur Koff. “Even though I love going to established designers who have bigger shows, my personal interest is in the emerging designers,” says Akuma.

Sitting in the front row at the most renowned runway shows, she makes it a point to schedule emerging designer’s presentations and visits their showrooms. Much like LFW – Much like London Fashion Week, Akuma is dedicated to supporting emerging designers and uses the streets as an outlet to promote design graduates. Has become an inspiration for change. The Dynamic Duo Behind 4TO4U. A father-daughter duo to top, the full-service photography agency was established in 2005 in collaboration with her father, renowned Fashion Photographer, Artur Koff.

The Dynamic Duo Behind 4TO4U

Katya Akuma Delegates Talent for MoMA PopRally x The Bronx. The appointment to the role comes after her track record in connecting talent through the Council for Fashion and Social Change (CFSC).

Katya Akuma Delegates Talent for MoMA PopRally x The Bronx

Founder of CFSC, Akuma is on a mission to inspire the fashion industry to engage in projects that have a positive social impact on communities, the nonprofit organization focuses on creating impact through design. Creating meaningful opportunities, CFSC facilitates the partnership between new talent and established enterprises, allowing them to team up to develop collections for a collective social cause. MoMa PopRally x The Bronz As Fashion Director for MoMA PopRally x The Bronx, Akuma selected emerging fashion designers for “Beauteous”, delegating the talent space at the Andrew Freedom Home. Ulyana Sergeenko S/S 2012 Lookbook. Ulyana Sergeenko’s sense of style is impeccable.

Ulyana Sergeenko S/S 2012 Lookbook

Her personal style is so beautiful and vintage-inspired without being a gimmick, and it really shows through in the curve-flattering pieces in the collections of her eponymous fashion label. Below are some of my favorites from her Spring 2012 collection: Nonoo Stretch Crepe Culotte Pants - Navy Wide Pants - ShopBAZAAR. Fashion. Mentoring A Movement, Katya Akuma Continues to Make a Social Change.

Founder, Katya Akuma, Drives Social Change within CFSC. Katya Akuma - Wikitia. Katya Akuma (born 4 November 1985) is a Russian-American creative director, designer, and artist.[1][2][3] She is the founder of the Council for Fashion and Social Change (CFSC), a non-profit organization that works on revolutionizing society via the fashion and design industry.[4] Akuma is the co-founder of 4TO4U, a photography and digital imaging agency.[5][6][7][8]

Katya Akuma - Wikitia

Parsons Alumna, Katya Akuma on Design Habilitation in Haiti. With the help of Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation and members of the Parsons community, Haitian artisans received modern design training and access to state-of-the-art machinery needed to compete in the global marketplace.

Parsons Alumna, Katya Akuma on Design Habilitation in Haiti

An incubator for Haiti’s artisan community, the Design Organization Training (D.O.T) center, enables them to scale up production while preserving their unique cultural practices. Fostering innovation, providing resources and materials, graduates including Akuma trained Haitian artisans to refine their products and processes in the summer of 2015 and continued in the fall. Led workshops for the artisans. Katya Akuma, Shaping Social Change via Social Media. Akuma joined brands to bring awareness to causes such as refugee recovery, recycling, sustainability in fashion, and women empowerment to her 150,000 Instagram followers.

Katya Akuma, Shaping Social Change via Social Media

Her Instagram account, @katyaakuma, is just one of the ways she promotes the work to perpetuate permanent social change. Using her platforms as a form of power and influence, she has stood behind causes as an activist and advocate. Her social media game is using her standing to raise awareness for other initiatives outside of her efforts as founder of The Council of Fashion for Social Change.

Here are six times the influencer showed her support for great causes: Donating to refugee survivors Supporting the campaign by denim brand Citizens for Humanity, Akuma posted a photograph of herself wearing a white shirt with the words “Humanity” emblazed across her chest. Supporting sustainability in fashion Supporting woman empowerment Supporting sustainability & recycling in fashion Stopping child labor trafficking.

Katya Akuma, an International Exhibitor - Entertainment, Celebrity News, Pop Culture. Artist, Katya Akuma, stood out as one of the 30 photographers selected from an international open call to exhibit their work at Vantage Point Sharjah. The eighth iteration of the Sharjah Art Foundation represented photographers from more than 20 countries. The annual initiative aims to foster the development and creativity of photographers. Selected for her thematic self-portraiture, Akuma tells an overlooked story of personal experience and community life. In a tug of war with identity, the portraits express euphoria and defeat reflecting scenes of the human condition in search of themselves and a place of belonging.

Katya Akuma - How To Support Small Fashion Businesses During COVID-19. A Day in the Life of Fashion Director, Katya Akuma. Multitalented, this Parsons alumna juggles a nonprofit organization, designs, and still manages to run a digital agency, 4TO4U. As the Fashion Director, Akuma attends the fashion week circuit covering New York, London, Milan, and Paris every season. The Instagram influencer is often invited to VIP events to celebrate the reveal of new collections, sitting front row at the most sought-after brands. It’s 8:30 am and it’s thirty minutes to the first fashion show of the morning, Ralph Lauren. Akuma’s Uber is outside waiting to chauffeur her around the city, making sure she gets to all her appointments in style as part of their women empowerment campaign #Whereto.

Fashion. Fashion. Fashion :) FASHION. Fashion. Fashion. Fashion fashion fashion. Fashion fashion fashion. Fashion. Fashion. Blog 2 — KATYA AKUMA. About 1 — KATYA AKUMA. About Katya Akuma is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on using ubiquitous, overlooked, cultural-rich materials, to explore questions of identity and belonging drawing upon her personal experience as an immigrant who has lived and worked in several countries. Katya has developed a unique storytelling technique involving densely layered discarded leather and found objects that often depict themes of history, collective memory and nostalgia. Through her use of recycled medium, she seeks to highlight the creative potential of repurposed materials while inviting the audience to reconsider the environmental impact of their consumption and disposal.

Katya Akuma is a founder of Council for Fashion and Social Change , that focuses on helping other non-profit organizations raise funding through collaborations with established brands while providing young emerging designers and artists with a platform to showcase their talent. Akuma is currently an Artist in Residence at Andrew Freedman Home.