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Owning a Dog

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Raised Right - Human-Grade Pet Food. Mix four simple ingredients together to... - Dr. Karen Becker. Calc. Brookline, MA - Official Website. Beware of Entities Charging a Fee for Service Animal/Emotional Support Animal “Certification” This post is part of our series on service animals.

Beware of Entities Charging a Fee for Service Animal/Emotional Support Animal “Certification”

MOD often hears from people with disabilities who have paid a fee in order to obtain a “certification” or “registration” for their service animal or emotional support animal in order to get permission to have the animal in housing or other places that do not allow animals. We thought it would be helpful to clarify the status of these so-called certifying bodies and explain what would be considered sufficient documentation that an animal is needed because of a disability. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the corresponding Massachusetts law on service animals, Massachusetts General Law c. 272, § 98A, places of public accommodation, i.e. any place that is open to the public may not require any documentation, certification, registration, or license in order to permit a service animal.

Emotional support animals do not have the right to go wherever the public is allowed to go. Comments. Turn A Plain Old Dog Crate Into A Double-Duty End Table. Dr. Becker: 10 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash. By Dr.

Dr. Becker: 10 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

Becker A retractable leash is not so much a leash as it is a length of thin cord wound around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle. The handles of most retractable leashes are designed to fit comfortably in a human hand. A button on the handle controls how much of the cord is extended. Retractable leashes are popular primarily because they aren't as confining as regular leashes, allowing dogs more freedom to sniff and poke around on walks. 1. 2.

Welcome - Merwin Memorial Free Clinic For Animals, Inc. Jax n Daisy dog shampoo and dog lotion – Jax N Daisy, Inc. How Cold is too Cold for Your Dog? Jennifer Coates, DVM We all know that exercise and the mental stimulation being outdoors play are key to keeping our dogs healthy and happy, but what should we do when it’s cold outside?

How Cold is too Cold for Your Dog?

When do the risks of spending time in the cold outweigh the benefits of being outdoors? Let’s take a look at the dangers associated with winter weather and how we can still safely enjoy the great outdoors with our dogs. All Dogs Aren’t Created Equal Dogs are individuals. Coat type – Dogs with thick, double-layered coats tend to be the most cold-tolerant (think Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, or Samoyeds). Coat color – On a clear day, black, brown, or other dark-coated dogs can absorb significant amounts of heat from sunlight, keeping them warmer in comparison to their light-coated brethren. Mobile - PetMD SlideShows. Best Dog Food: The Search By Lorie Huston, DVM Feeding your dog a high-quality well-balanced food is one of the best things that you, as a pet owner, can do to keep your dog healthy.

Mobile - PetMD SlideShows

A good food will keep your dog’s hair coat shiny and sleek. It will strengthen his immune system. It will keep his digestive system in good health. Know What’s in the Best Dog Food The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established guidelines for regulators to govern claims a pet food company can make on its label. If the food is said to contain a single ingredient, it must contain at least 95% of that ingredient, not including water.

Phrases like dinner, platter and entrée means the foods must contain at least 25% of the named ingredient. Read Ingredients. Mobile - PetMD SlideShows. Image: chaoss / via Shutterstock Dangerous Foods By Jessica Remitz While we may consider dogs to be members of our family, treating them as such at mealtimes can cause more injury to them than just spoiling their dinners.

Mobile - PetMD SlideShows

Here’s a look at the five most dangerous foods for your dog, how they affect their bodies, and what to do in case of an emergency. 1. Unlike their feline friends, most dogs don’t have an “off” button when it comes to finding food, says Dr. Healthy Ways to Treat Your Dog. By Amanda Baltazar Many of us are guilty of providing our dogs with more pet treats than they can chew.

Healthy Ways to Treat Your Dog

But too much snacking, while seemingly pleasant for our dogs, may not be the best thing for their health. In fact, an overly fed pet can quickly develop heart disease, arthritis, obesity, stroke, or even cancer. Puppy Checklist: Getting off to a Great Start. By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM Few events are as exciting in life as the addition of a new furry friend.

Puppy Checklist: Getting off to a Great Start

With a new pet comes great responsibility, and great mountains of puppy supplies. Preparation is the key to a successful transition — having some of the items you know you will need ready to go before Fido arrives will make the process go much more easily! Make sure you have these puppy checklist items on hand before you’re distracted by a licking, happy ball of fur in the house.

Tips for Caring for Senior Dogs. By Lorie Huston, DVM Senior dogs have different care requirements than those of a younger dog.

Tips for Caring for Senior Dogs

This fact probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But how do you know when your dog is considered to be a senior? It really depends on the individual dog. In general, giant breed dogs age faster than smaller breed dogs. 5 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy. By Lorie Huston, DVM A senior dog has different health requirements than a younger dog.

5 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Here are some tips to help you keep your senior pet healthy. 1. Don't Forget the Health Check-ups. 15 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Dog. Dogs are mealtime opportunists.

15 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Dog

You’re finishing your dinner, and Sparky thinks it’s his turn to chow down on whatever table scraps are left on your plate. Or you’re grabbing a quick snack, and you look down to see Spot looking up at you with those big, begging eyes. When it comes to snagging a bite, there’s no bad handout in your dog’s opinion. However, there are some foods that shouldn’t become treats for your dog, no matter how much they beg.