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We have successfully helped enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey by building proof of concepts for incorporating AI and Machine Learning in their business.

COVID 19 Pandemic - Katpro. Here at Katpro Technologies Inc, we are committed to being a reliable software technology partner.

COVID 19 Pandemic - Katpro

We work on custom software development, mobile app development, web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more for companies of all shapes and sizes! Today we want to give a special highlight to the small businesses that we work with, helping them with digital transformation, process efficiency and automation. We support businesses both in the United States and in India.

In India, small businesses drive local economies. The favorable business environment and fantastic staff allows small businesses like us to excel here in Bengaluru! One way that you can assist small businesses across India is to leave them a rating or review on their online platform of choice! is the entrepreneur and small business’ best friend as it helps you to connect with other businesses.

We’re honored to be listed amongst the top firms on Clutch, with a stellar 4.8-star average! TELEHEALTH IN COVID-19 - Katpro. After dealing with the COVID-19 for approximately three months now, one obvious thing is the fact that isolation is the best and only prevention method for it.


This forced isolation pushed the trend of technologies a little upward with now everyone interacting with the internet some way or the other. The major part of the population is relying on technological innovations for their daily necessities like groceries, entertainment and most importantly, medication. In the following article, we will be highlighting how telehealth is playing a saviour amid covid-19 epidemic emergency conditions; the benefits people are availing by using it, it’s limitations, areas of telehealth where we need to improve and what its future scope is. What is telehealth? As defined by the Health Resource Services Administration, when we use telecommunication technology and digital information to cater to the medical needs of people, it is termed as telehealth.

Cloud for Accounting Firms - Katpro. Brief Overview of Cloud Accounting Cloud Accounting is simply a way to offer accounting capabilities in a way similar as SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Cloud for Accounting Firms - Katpro

The data is sent to the cloud, processed there, and then returned to the operator’s terminal. With such a broad range of cloud accounting solutions in the market, it is very easy for accounting firms and CPAs to manage and track everything with just a few clicks and all this in one place. The upgrade in accuracy and efficiency is enormous with very less time consumption, making more and more labels to adopt the technology without delay. One other advanced capability cloud accounting offer is its ability to integrate the data seamlessly with any other cloud-based service or application at any part of the network, or we can say any part of the world. REMOTE ACCESS AND DESKTOP - Katpro. How this all works To date, many people are confused by all these contemporary technologies flooding the market and budding businesses adopting it swiftly, bringing a wave of change worldwide.


In the purest form, the cloud is a fully outsourced platform for firms to operate and store their data utilizing the resources provided by the vendor, where users pay according to the number of resources they consume and maintenance of the cloud is the provider’s responsibility. Now, as the data is not localized, it can be used by the operators anywhere, and anytime provided, they have the access key.

This feature is known as remote access as the operator needs not to be at the office desktop to have access; they can remotely access it from anywhere. Remote work from a virtual office is the growing trend these days. Sharepoint Legal Document Management - Katpro. SharePoint Project Management System - Katpro. SharePoint Consulting Services. SharePoint Maintenance Support - Katpro. Microsoft’s SharePoint has turned into a common choice for most business organizations that are looking for a reliable or dependable collaborative web platform.

SharePoint Maintenance Support - Katpro

But one thing that entrepreneurs should remember is that simply implementing SharePoint forum won’t offer you the desired results. Proper maintenance and support of the environment are essential and this can be a challenging task. We at KatPro Technologies have been working on various SharePoint projects and so we confidently offer SharePoint support services to several clients located globally.

Our team of highly exceptionally qualified experts is able to handle any SharePoint related issues so that you can attain a successful and quick resolution of any issues. Regardless of whether it is SharePoint support and maintenance service or development support, our professional experts have intense knowledge and expertise in using cutting-edge solutions and offer the best services to quicken your pace of work on a priority basis.

Sharepoint Implementation Guide - Katpro. Sharepoint Consulting Firms - Katpro. SharePoint out of the box is feature rich.

Sharepoint Consulting Firms - Katpro

No two organizations or companies have exactly the same set of requirements. There is always a need to customize SharePoint’s native behavior to meet your particular requirements. These requirements could range from custom SharePoint work processes to streamline your business forms, Business Intelligence dashboards, Custom web parts, integration with your different business applications etc. SharePoint on installation and configuration requires highly specialized skills to ensure SharePoint has been configured as per Microsoft best practices and industry standards.

This is the initial step towards SharePoint role within the organization and you certainly would prefer not to mess it up. Every association or organization requires a remarkable unique look and feel for its SharePoint, according to its brand identity, to make sure their clients feel at home while using the company intranet. Microsoft Powerapps Development & Consulting - Katpro. The Digitization Of China And Opportunities For Open-Source Collaboration - Katpro. Azure Architects Tampa - Katpro. Legacy Application Moderization Services - Katpro. AI Consulting - Katpro. RPA Robotic Process Automation - Katpro. Teams App Development Services - Katpro. Sharepoint Consulting Firms - Katpro. Client Portal Development. Sharepoint Implementation Guide - Katpro. SharePoint Consulting in Tampa Florida - Katpro. Product Engineering Services - Katpro. Microsoft Powerapps Development & Consulting - Katpro. Cloud Managed Services - Katpro. 19 May Read More.

Cloud Managed Services - Katpro

SharePoint Consultants Tampa Florida - Katpro. Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint, individuals can share ideas and expertise, make custom answers for particular needs, and locate the correct business data to make better choices.

SharePoint Consultants Tampa Florida - Katpro

Our SharePoint consulting services in Tampa gives SharePoint improvement, development, implementation, consulting, and support services for an organization of all sizes in Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, Dallas, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Raleigh, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City and Tampa. Schedule Your Free Consultation Now. For each project, regardless of size, we make a project team that can consist of a single consultant or our entire team. We then appoint a project manager who serves as your main point of contact and guides you through every step of the process or procedure. Our group utilizes set up and demonstrated a strategy for arranging and executing SharePoint implementations, taking into account the expertise of your staff.

Azure Cloud Migration Services - Katpro. Azure Remote Support - Katpro. Azure Migration Services - Katpro. Office 365 Migration Services. Azure Managed Services Provider. Conversational AI For Healthcare. Managed Windows Virtual Desktop. Contact Tracing for Employers. Covid self declaration form template.